Tuesday, June 30, 2009

keys and nerves

My nerves are shot. Maybe because I lost my keys or should I say carter did but I did let him play with them just so I could have my 30 minute morning computer time with out him screaming for me. I take full responsibility. Blah.

Lets just say this is not the first time. One time Matthew lost them in the sandbox for 2 years and the remote still worked when we found them during our move. One time I was late for work looking for my keys then had to call in for missing keys. I was a waitress then. I felt so bad. I remember begging Matthew to tell me where he put them. Finally 7 hours later and much prayer and tears I found them in the Heater register. But this my folks is my 3rd kid. I should know better, sigh.

When I bought my van Hinton's made me 6 sets. Enough said.

I have so much to do this week. Miss America is staying with her cousin for a few days. Every time I think I can get something done ( okay paint her room) I am to busy. Sucks.
It is very quiet here with out her. I do love it around bedtime when I can put Carter in his Crib. I do get sad when I know someone else is tucking her in. I do love that part. Only the first 2 times after that I turn into a raging lunatic trying to scare her back into bed 3,874 times.

Carter my sweet baby ( and he knows it) goes in for his Ultrasound. I am scared for him, I have never had to take a baby in for anything. Miss America was sick when she was born staying 10 days in the NICU but she was a newborn and I was full of postpartum (depression, ha!) so I could cry right along side of her when they would do all the crazy nurse stuff. Now, I am not so sure the technicians want to see me bawling my eyes out like a big -overgrown -maybe should be on Valium-mom. Ya think??

My nerves are shot. My house is quiet, Carter is in his own room and in the crib. House is quiet and yes, as I type this I keep waiting for the pitter patter of feet wanting to know where her sheepy and snowman took off to and if I can get my flash light and look under her bed for them.

Prayers for Carter, please.
and mom and the keys.