Monday, June 1, 2009

Half Over

Can you believe that is June Already??? I swear it was just New Years Day..Snow on the ground and aimless days of sitting in the house trying to be creative. Days when Miss America would nap now, not so much.

How come looking back you wish they would stay small but in the middle of it all you are tired and wishing they would learn quickly how to wipe , how to get a cup, pick up toys and not eat everything?

I am not sure where this year went. The days drug on and on for me. They where long, they where tiring but Now it is JUNE!!?? HOLY MOLY!!

I have Birthdays around the corner..I will have a teenager. YIKES! He will be driving in a few short years...and this is where you want to seize the day..stop time and don't let them grow up. Well, at least some days..other days you just want them to shower without having to be reminded like an adult.

Well, I thought I would give you a quick post..days are consistent of messy floors, Popsicle grins, sunblock and lots of smiles....Hope all your days are just as SUNNY!

** Notice the Red Tutu Bikini..I just had to get one in each color. :)

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