Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girl Toys...

Poor Carter...He has very Limited Boy toys...he is learning to make do and learning how to be a good husband..playing kitchen and pushing babies for sister...Don't worry he does have a few big trucks thanks to Grammy!!

Watermelon FUN!

Carter Had his first Bite of watermelon...As you can see he loved it!
I love his chubby little fingers!

I know..I know..he needs a haircut...but there is something to be said about cutting your "baby's" hair for the first time. Not going to happen for awhile..

who doesn't?

who doesn't love a girl

in a tutu Bikini??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

Thanks for the reminder Tiffani!! I needed it! Sorry it is sweet short and to the point. I will post some pictures of camping and sunny days soon! Have a great night. Tomorrow is to be 80 degrees! Bring it I am loving the vitamin d and all the outside fun.

I am thankful for:

A very safe trip for Jeremy!! He is home!! The sunny days and a camping trip that turned out great!

I am listening to: Carter Pushing the baby/dolly stroller around the back and the Arthur show.

I am looking forward to: Going to dinner with the girls! Bring it on! No body whining..nobody telling me this and that with a whining tone.

What's for dinner Tonight: Scrambled eggs, toast and watermelon

Missing: Well, no Boy Scout Shirt found in I guess I will keep looking!!

I am refusing..

Dear Mr. 12 year old son of mine,

I am refusing to buy bananas anymore. You see every morning I stumble out of bed and hit the coffee pot. It is going to be a long day of picking up toys, changing diapers, feeding kids, wiping noses and butts. My day will consist at some point of trying to find my keys by looking in the heater registers, the freezer, the toilet and my shoes. What I don't want my day to consist of is finding your stinking , brown banana peels all over. Yesterday I fould one on the couch, today one on my computer desk and last week one on my hearth in my bedroom.
I am so happy you LOVE bananas but I am not so happy when I find them everywhere...the multiply like the darn candy wrappers stuffed in the couch cushions.
Now, My son, I know you read this so I am just giving you an advanced warning...If I find apple cores around the house I will hurt you.

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lands End Giveaways!!

The blog world seems to be full of giveaways! Beth at I should be Folding Laundry is having another Awesome giveaway!! All the giveaways in the bloggy world are very easy to win. You just leave a comment all from the comforts of your own home!

I would buy robe for myself and Carter new shoes. What would you get if you won the 100 bucks??

Thanks Mama Sass for hooking me up with all the giveaways...maybe one of us will win and we can split it!

Jon & Kate

Yes, I was one o the 10 million that tuned into the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Show last night on TLC and I was just sad for them. They have 8 kids and they looked like complete strangers at the birthday party. I could tell Jon was withdrawn and Kate was sad that her life was falling apart. Nobody but them knows what is true and what is not true. I believe the are ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances. I believe that they both have good intentions that have some how got lost. Kate seems to blame Jon know for the Paparazzi due to his " poor choices" Others say that Kate should not be shocked by the amount of press. She has book deals and tv shows..What did she think would happen?? Jon is just like any stay at home parent..well, almost like any stay at home parent, he does have 8 kid. He is lonely, feels like he has no purpose. Was this the life he had planned , probably not. Did Kate think she was going to have to fly around the country to work? Probably not. Did these 8 children think that their family would fall apart?? No.

Reports say they get 75,000.00 per episode. That is crazy. Could money have clouded there beliefs and principles? Why don't they just take a year off? Why don't they sign up for a Family Life Marriage seminar?? They need it!! Hello!?? We have a couple on the verge of divorce who cares if they have a tv show...they need help!

We have all watched the good,bad and the darn ugly. Don't we all have ugly? I mean really? Are we perfect? Do we say things to the ones we love that we REGRET right after we say them? Do they each have personal struggles? Don't we all struggle?

I don't know, that is just my take on it. I really think the priority is Kids first and in reality it needs to be marriage first. I saw sadness , despair and hurt in both of them, I think they should keep the show about the kids and not them...leaving them a bit more privacy to deal with the good the bad and the ugly.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear daddy

Olivia sent Jeremy a letter in his suitcase when he left, He hung it up on his Bathroom mirror. She was so excited to see that he had her letter.
Here is the letter in Olivia's words....
dear daddy,
you are my favorite. happy mothers day. please forgive me. tell Jesus hi on the crosswalk. i won't cut my princess hair. you can call me if you want.

Pictures Take 4

In all the years I have been with Jeremy I have never seen him paint. I was So excited to see that he went out and started helping paint a church! I am very proud of him!! In his email he told me just because there are pictures doesn't mean he can "paint" I think that was his way of asking me not to put painting on his Honey do list!

They have been working on this church for the past few days.

Pictures Take 3

How cool are these pictures!! what an experience!

I am not quite sure what this place is but I do Believe it is Jericho from his email.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Today was the roughest day by far. Started out great! Woke up early, showered, cleaned the house and had a friend over. I even set limits on this darn computer so I could feel accomplished.


The kids seem to know that I am a PUSHOVER, I missed Jeremy's Instant messages 3 times and on the day I needed him the most. One of the boys was very naughty and the other one is sporting a new attitude like a brand new outfit. Miss America is busy...not naughty just busy. Carter has to be getting teeth. that would be the only explanation for such orneriness.

I used to be able to take on the world. I could accomplish all my to do's...when Jer was on the road for not so much. As I type this Mr. Attitude is learning to fluff flower beds the RIGHT way. I am not backing down. It is a simple chore. Not hard but when you spend 3 hours looking for something else to do other then your chore and then do your chore and it takes you 10 minutes I will march your butt back there and make you do it more push over..HAHHAHA ...right!

So here it is...I don't have much time..I need to do something uplifting. Good thing Gods Mercy and Grace is new each morning. I need it!

I am Thankful for....

Simple things, my husbands hand to hold. The smile of my children and a wonderful life. I do have a good life. If there where things to change I would but I need to remember God is control and I can only do so much.

I'm listening to...

Carter crying...he wants me to put on Matthew's shoes. Olivia and the neighbor boy playing and Matthew Huffing and puffing his way through the flower beds.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Mickey Mouse chicken Nuggets..Hey, I had that last Thursday!! Scrambled eggs and strawberries..what a combo!!

Missing....My husband. *Sigh*

...and that Boy scout shirt

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crockpot 101

I love my crockpot. I think it is Rad that I can prep dinner in the early afternoons or at nap time. Everyone knows that the after school hours are Hectic! I use it about 3 times a week.

My new thing is Meatballs! I never thought about doing meatballs at dinner but it has been a fantastic find for me!
You can get them for 4.98 a bag at Walmart. I add a different sauce each time. Monday I did meatballs, 1 jar sauce (1.00 at Walmart) fresh garlic and 1 onion diced. Made the noodles (only 78 cents at Walmart) then the left overs I mixed and put into a 9x13 added another jar of sauce and 1/2 cup sour cream 1 cup cheese mixed it and then added cheese on top and waited for the next night to bake it! I love the fact I made dinner the night before !!

I know you can purchase meatballs at Costco ,I just haven't yet. I heard they are really good.

Here are a few easy meatball dinners that we make here. I know people that add grated carrot, mushrooms, olives to the sauces.

Meatballs, BBQ sauce, onion and green peppers cook and serve on Hoggie rolls

Meatballs, Sweet and sour sauce 1 can pineapple ( the kids favorite!)

I just picked up a Caribbean jerk sauce from Deals Only. I think that will be good with pineapple.
Anyways, I am not a gourmet cook...just a mom looking at ways to cut corners.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Craigslist scammers

Dear Scammers,

Your check looked real and I am glad I made you go through the hassle of shipping it here. I am glad I kept stringing you along thinking that I was going to cash it and wire the money for the shipping of a grandfather clock from Lynden to Bellingham ( 20miles ) for 1350.00 dollars. I mean really who would pay 1350 .00 dollars?? Only you would Mr. Scammer Guy.

I am sorry you got so angry with me. I knew you where waiting for the money everyday at the same Western Union but I got busy. I had to wash my hair , feed my kids and take time to smell the flowers. I know I told you that in the last email but you got really upset with me. Sorry.

I love how you sign all your emails God Bless. You really think I can't see through this? I think you can think of something a bit more clever to build trust but nope scammers don't think.

Your check looks so real! I bet the Police won't fall for it. They like to deal with fraudulent affairs. I am sure you won't be caught but hey if I can keep you hanging on to my scheme then you will not be spending all your time focusing on ripping others off.

Here in America we are taught that anytime you wire money it is a scam and when your name is Linwood Leroy it is definitely a scam. Who's mom would really name their child that?

Well, Tomorrow will be better..tomorrow I will change up western Union Locations and tell you some big long story on why your money has been delayed for 6 weeks. Hope you believe me!

Wasting your time and mine for the better,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heartburn and rambles

For 2 nights I have not felt good. A have been fighting a sore throat for about 3 weeks. I am not sure if I have an ulcer (Like I worry) or just bad indigestion, Nothing else with it. Since I had the lap band I have not gotten heartburn at all (one time with Carter's pregnancy) but last night I was up all night. My dear friend Julie brought me over tums and pepto so I am hoping that does the trick.

I have Jury duty this week. I almost forgot! I was reading an article yesterday and it was about Jury duty, good thing I read the article...I could have went to Jail, I mean mini vacation.

I think I hsould plant flowers but that would give Olivia some more bouquets to bring me. You can't even tell I planted some already.

Olivia is getting ready to yell surprise for her dad when he comes home tonight, yep, thinks it is tonight. I must break it to her again. She yells at me that she doesn't like her dad leaving and then proceeds to cry for her grammy Karen (who is on a trip too)...oh, the joys.

Carter walks around the house yelling dadda...I had to move his work truck out of sight so he couldn't see it. I had to move it to the driveway but I am sure the busybody neighbor will call the police again on me. SUCKS!

Our driveway is actually part of the sidewalk. Don't ask me how come but it is. We are grandfathered in due to the fact the garage was built like 50 years ago. The sidewalk ends on our street and for 3 blocks there is NO almost all of the walkers, joggers, bikers and mommies just stay on the road. We do get the occasional walker on the sidewalk we try to keep the van over enough that they can just go around the bumper without entering the road. This week we had to move the trailer so the canopy, our love bug and my van fill the driveway. So I can't get over that far thus leaving the walkers to go off the curb. This is not something we do alot out of respect for the walkers. I try to keep a good clearing.

Why don't I park in the garage? Well, as the police officer told me "I can't fit in his garage why should he make me?" I don't fit either. That is whole nother story on the fact we have Stuff.

Why don't I move the bug? Well, I need a screwdriver to start it and well, that is so not me and the lack of brakes. Why don't I park on the street? Well, we have 4 vehicles and that would take up the parking and block my neighbor's parking. The road is very very unsafe. No white or yellow lines, cars fly down the road all day so to unload, load anything with 2 small kids they are bound to get hit.

So my neighbor ( the cop told me the one) moved in about a year ago, I have lived her 5 years. She is not the friendliest neighbor. Sigh. I wish she was. I wish she would talk to me. My other neighbor said to put a sign out that says " no trespassing Private property " I don't want to get that carried away. It just bugs me when I get the cops called on me! I keep my yard and I keep all the toys in the back for the fear of others thinking I am a mence to the neighborhood between all the kids and the escaping dog. Maybe I am a menace..but my other neighbors love me!! I bring the goodies at least once a month. Maybe I should bring her a Bree Vandekamp basket like on Desperate Housewives. Who knows, I know I just hate the cops ringing my door bell.

Well, off to help Miss america plan the party.

Take 2

I am so lucky that he has been able to call home and load pictures for me. He was able to go to the place where Moses spoke to Jesus. We read about the stories but to be able to see the places?!? Awesome!

Jeremy was asked to share his testimony to the church over there. He was nervous and called me as soon as he was done...that being 5:00 am our time to tell me that he did it. I love his story and I am sure he did wonderfully.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures Take One

Jeremy was able to call me from the host home today. YIPPPEEE SKIPPPEEE
They have Vonage phones so it is free to call here!! I was so Happy to hear is voice..even though I thought it was a telemarketer and wasn't going to answer..

They spent the day helping in the fields. Tomorrow they will be going to church and having a day of worship.

Planting Olive trees To help with Kids camp...

The team

Helping Hands

These are the pots that they use over there in the nursery.

This is the Global Hope Office

Not the best picture but this is the front of the hotel.

Not much...

I am so happy to be home today. I have had such a busy week!! I had bunko with the gals last night. It is always so much fun and they are a great group of women!

Not much to blog about...Jeremy was able to Instant Message me a few times. He did some farm work today and was going to try and send me pictures after dinner. He said it was very nice there and he got to work by a camel. The hotel is nice and the food is okay. He will try later to Skype so I can see him. I am so amazed at all the technology there is to keep in contact with him. I didn't think I would be able to. Such a blessing.

Olivia is still missing her dad. Crying for him about every 2 hours. I am hoping this ends soon. I quick hug and an a small explanation will keep her emotions re-directed. She knows that he is doing Gods work and he is going to where Jesus was born. She wants to go see Jesus with her dad and see Jesus on the "crosswalk" that is what she thinks and believes...kinda sweet that she has a desire to see Jesus.

I need to plant flowers and do yard work but everytime I think I can schedule it in life happens..
So today I think I will focus on Laundry and staying in my pajamas. Hopefully today I can get some pictures up of his trip for all of you who are following his grand adventure.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I like being us

Two people are better then one,for they can help each other succeed.
If one person fails , the other can reach out and help.
But , if you are alone you are in real trouble.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Tears slid down my eyes last night..I wept quietly as I finally laid all the kids in bed at 10pm. Late night for us. I wasn't sure why. I am capable of handling all the kids. I think in some aspects it will be good. No dinner for the man of the house, no 'other" schedule, one less laundry pile and so forth. I wept because I already missed him. They where tears of gratitude, tears of disappointment that I was home and he was gone, tears of amazement.

I woke up to an email from him. sent at 5:31 am our time..He was in London on his lay over. In the subject line it read "miss ya" He let me know that traveling with out me was just as hard on him as it was me. He told me he loved me. I wept again. We are best friends. We fight like an old married couple and sometimes pass in the hallways like brothers and sisters , But nothing beats having him as my best friend, my husband, the love of my life.

Sometimes you are to tired to talk at the end of the day. Sometimes I want him to hush while I watch my shows..but lost night I wanted him here to make fun of me while I cried during Grey's Anatomy. I could hear his words...I could hear him saying.."Aww..honey, this is why I love cry at everything!"

I like being us. I like being Jeremy and Tiffiny. You only get one Jeremy and Tiffiny and I am happy with that being us.

I really didn't think this would be hard...He is on trip. Many, many husbands travel for week at a time but it is harder then I thought. It was a combo of things. From Olivia crying all night for her dad, waking up at 3:30 am for her dad to hug her "sheepy' ( a stuffed Rhino she calls sheepy and sleeps with every night) to Matthew asking me if there was any dad duties he could do, that made it just a tad bit emotional.

The count down is on...

You have to be kidding me!?!?

On Tuesday I had to go in for a back procedure. It is a series of diagnostic testing on your Nerves and discs. It requires and Epidural feeling down your leg , IV and Scans...I couldn't walk for 16 hours and then for the next day had kinda a lame leg but know I am back to my normal.

During the scans the doctor mentioned I should really be concerned about my IUD. He could see it on the scan. It was pushed up to the right side and backwards. He was hoping that I wouldn't need surgery to remove it. As I lay on the table...I am thinking " You have to be kidding me!?" My luck I will have baby number 4 on the way.

I bring the image into my regular doctor who then wants me to get in right away. He also told me he must do a pregnancy test on me. This is where I think I really need anti-Anxiety medication. Good thing it was negative I might of had to be committed right then and there.

.he does the wonderful exam and finds that it doesn't appear to be in and danger but I need to do an ultrasound next week and then we can go from there. If they need to remove It..Jeremy told me that he is getting a vasectomy!!

This is SO the story of my life!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A bit of information....

Here is some information on Jeremy's trip...

This trip is the culmination of 8 months of training and discipleship through Dream Realization School through North County Christ the King church. Through the lessons taught, my understanding of scripture and spiritual freedom has deepened. In learning about other religions, I've come to appreciate what God has done to restore us to a relationship with him so much more.

While all other religions are based on works with man reaching out to an impersonal God, Christianity is the only religion where God has reached down to man and wants to be so personal, He calls us his kids and his friends.

On this trip we will be:

* Meeting with pastors from around the region to encourage them.
* Helping deliver food parcels and pray with refugees.
* Getting to know and understand the customs, culture and spiritual history of Jordan and the Middle East.
* Worshiping with believers in their church, as well as under the desert stars.
* Visiting two orphanages and a deaf school.
* Using drama to communicate, and teaching English.
* Help with farming.
* Doing some home repair, painting and other practical help.
* Working with and praying for the sick in a medical clinic.
* We'll be taking toys, backpacks, fabric for sewing, and other useful items.

Thanks Becky :0)...Safe travels to you!

Thursday's with Tiffiny

What a crazy week already and it doesn't look like a full day home in my jammies is anywhere in sight...That's okay..last week I was home for 5 days straight...So this week it really keeps my mind and body moving...I kinda like it at times. I don't think I could work full-time right now. I would be a nutcase. Laundry is backed up, dishes, suitcases, toys, blankets and such piled everywhere. The fridge needs a good wipe down but those are small compared to the fact that My husband is leaving for 10 days to follow Jesus. Exciting!! He is visiting 2 orphanages...I found that out yesterday...Awesome!! I think that if I ever go on missions trip I would be all over the orphanage's...I would then want to bring all the babies home. It would break my heart. I can't go to the dog pound without crying. One day ...I truly beileve that we will get to visit Orphanages together and hold the babies..blow bubbles with them and pray for them and with them. Oh, how my heart melts just thinking of it!!

I am Thankful for.. I am still in awe over the fact that so many of you supported Jeremy's trip. We are amazed a God's faithfulness to see this journey through. We took a leap of faith and knew that if we where doing God's work he would provide and he did!! We are so grateful to everyone of you who sent cards with inspirational testimonies and others who are praying for us and for me as I go at it by myself for 11 days. He loved getting all the phone calls last night from family wishing him all the best and telling him how much they loved him. This has to be my favorite part!! I am big on showing people how much I love them and what they mean to me and to see the support coming our way was a genuine blessing.

I'm listening to... Little bear in the background and carter stirring from his bed. It is peaceful right now. If I could type this during the most hectic time of day you would be me and not with me

What's for Dinner Tonight... I have no idea...I will be lucky to survive the day!! Maybe Mickey Mouse chicken Nuggets and ???

Missing.... I will be missing my husband. I will miss his smile, his helping hands, his calmness and willing helpful spirit. I am full of mixed emotions. I am happy for him but at the same time nervous and scared. I am looking forward to seeing him after his trip, maybe he will find a Boy scout shirt on his travels!

** Happy travels Jeremy!! I love you and I am very proud of you!! I can't wait for the updates! (Hint, Hint!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I am still here.....Just had a weird and busy week...Jeremy is getting packed. He leaves tomorrow!! He still needs a tetanus shot and well, a few more IMPORTANT things he is waiting to do!! How can I get him to be more stressed out???!! I mean what I am saying is sometimes I want him to be like Kate from Jon and Kate plus know the crazy screaming I need to get stuff done Kate??

Oh, I don't have much time to share with you what a week it has been...I wish I did. Hang on for a ton of posts coming your way!!

And THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came by or mailed checks to support the trip!! We made our Goal!! I also packed Bubbles, tootsie pops, toothbrushes and paste along with some soccer balls!! Many, Many blessing to all of you!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

You can google ANYTHING!!

okay, So I maybe a bit slow to this whole computer world..but how jazzy is this!!?? You can put ANYTHING into google..I put in "packing list for Jordan missions trip" and BAM!! I got like 3 good lists! I find this whole thing AWESOME!! I have so many things to google...

* how to get pen off my couch, walls, clothes, blankets, tubs

* How to cut your children's hair from home

*how to raise a 12 year old

* how to tell if your child is in a gang (HA!! JOKING!)

* How to be the bestest friend

* How to twinkle your nose and land a cleaning fairy

Oh, the endless possibilities.......What will you google!?!?

I can see clearly now the rain is

still here..and I have just gotten better at seeing.

Seriously. Will this rain ever go away? Makes me grumpy.Tired.Blah. I went to bed at 9 last in bed at 7 and they are still sleeping! NICE! So I am hoping that today is productive...after the much needed rest.

Hope you all had a great Mother's day. I did. I got to fit everyone who mothers us into our weekend. I even pulled off 5 loads of laundry. Now that earns me the mother of the year award! they have clean clothes.

Nothing to exciting to blog about. I am getting ready to prepare for 10 days of pure bliss...I mean chaos. I have lots to do. I swear every time he (that being Mr. Perfect) opens his mouth it is in regards for me to do something for him. Urgh..He is almost to laid back for me. Never makes plans and waits last minute for EVERYTHING!! Um...who's Passport just arrived Saturday? Who still need 1 shot before leaving? Hello!?! Your leaving in like 3 days!!! I give up trying to help him plan anything. Vacations, over nighters, dinner...nothing in his life is planned..drives me CrazY!! and yes, I still love him..So for all of you out there who thinks I am bashing my spouse..I am. :0) Good thing he doesn't read this. But if by chance he does...I love you honey. I really do.

I am not looking forward to the 10 days. I have mixed emotions about him leaving. I am Excited for him to have such a life changing event but what if something happens to him? What ifs cross my mind frequently. I know God is complete control. I really do know that. I know he has the perfect plan for us not so perfect people.

Olivia is sick. This crud really needs to stop floating around the house. Seriously, I have sprayed every thing down...killing 99.9% of bacteria with my Lysol. I have armed all the door handle's,phones, counters, and toys with Lysol...I have even reminded everyone to wash their hands over and, we don't have the swine flu..just a nasty cold.

Well, my fellow stalkers...I am off to get something done. Maybe I should have Jeremy take the computer to work with him...then I could concentrate on doing stuff. Naw, that would be torture.

Have a great week!!

** The reactions on each post is simple way for you to leave quick feedback on the posts...If you Love it, like it or want me to shut-up...your choice :) Just click on the box that you agree with....Matthew..if your reading this..I so know your the Shut-up clicker!! HA!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Many Blessing's to me...

As I write this...Carter is sleeping and the house is quiet. I should be getting in the shower or cleaning the kitchen. I should really tidy up the house but I am savoring the quiet. Jeremy took the 3 older kids camping I don't have any chaos right now. I can hear the hum of the washer, the trickle of the fish tank and the birds chirping.

I am not the perfect mother. I make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. I get irritated quickly when the house is not tidy at all times. I know that the family doesn't care. They want the fun. playful, happy mom...I have realized this over the last few months. They really don't care that the finger prints are all over the doors, the floors have last night dinner on them. They care is I sit on the couch and have my lap open for them.

After many prayers over and over on how to not be so impatient It came to me that my children and the work load are not a burden. They are a blessing. There are days I forget such a thing. I can't see past the dirt, mess, the loading and unloading of the diaper bags, dishwasher, wash machine or laundry baskets. I can't get them to stop fighting or picking on each other. I try to control every moment but I can't...

I am not a huge Dr. Phil lover but the one thing Jeremy and I ask each other when we are facing a brick wall and we seem to think that our method is right, our thinking process is right on...we ask " how is this working for you?" It wasn' wasn't working for us. That's when we had to change our views...they are a blessing not a burden...and that seems to be working for us!!

Knowing that I don't have very many years left with Matthew to show him everything I can..makes me sad...18 and college will be here very very soon. I want him to remember that he was such a blessing in our lives...and with all of them...I want them to understand that having siblings is a blessing...they will get to be an aunt or an Uncle some day...and nobody will love them they way they love each other.

I love my blessing's!! All 4 of them!!

They have all earned me the honor of receiving Mom of the year ....

Click here to see my award....

Happy Mother's day !!

** Thanks Michelle for the award!! They even spelled my name right!! Love you!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My other mom...

I have another mom...She has been my "other mom" for over 10 years and I love her more and more with each passing day. She is an incredible woman. How do I know she is incredible!?! Well, she loves me and she isn't afraid to show it. She takes care of me and protects me when needed. She calls me at least once a week to see how I am.

She is supportive even if we make the wrong choices. She helps us learn from our mistakes and celebrates each victory with us. She is an incredible realtor even earning the title of Realtor of the year a few years ago....she has a busy schedule but never to busy when we need her!!

My friends remind me all the time how lucky I am to have the best mother-in-law. They don't have to remind me...I know how lucky I am. I know what a great woman-mom she is...I married her son. She must have done something right because think he is just as amazing as her....

Pure Motherhood...

I am a mom. How exciting is that!?
What a blessing. What a joy. What heartache. What overwhelming emotions.

My life is a journey of pure motherhood right now. My story is consumed by 4 kids at this time. My life is consumed by mommy thoughts...
"how did that get there!?!", "Don't play in the toilet" , "Play nice or your not playing at all" You want me to give you something to cry about?" I am the mom and I said so" "wait till your dad gets home!" Don't bite, hit or kick your brother-sister!"

I spent the day with my mom yesterday. Took her to get her haircut. 16 inches of hair cut off !! she also got it colored. I love my mom. Yes, growing up was very hard. I was the oldest. I had to protect her. I had to help her. I had to take care of her. She did the best she could and I love her for that and admire her deeply now that I am a mom. One thing ( I have many things)I love about my mom is she never put herself first. She never really thought she was worth it. She had to work 3 jobs to put food on the table. She had 3 kids at home, all 10 months apart. She lost a baby after me, I have watched her struggle with the grief. Something I can not relate to. It has taken me years to understand she did do her best...and that is why I love her. She never gave up and I am sure there where times she wanted to.

I love when she is over here. She still gives me advice all day long. Some I just nod and smile at and other times I listen. She still parents me.... and that is okay. One day I will only have the memories of her on Mother's day...and all her advice.

* Your giving Carter to big of bites.
* You need to water your flowers
* fold your laundry this way and you can fit more in the drawer
* Your being to hard on Matthew
* I wouldn't change that color
* you need to keep her in a time out..don't give in!
* don't worry
* If you mop your floors at night it will be easier then now.
* I made you come home right after school

I wouldn't change any of this for anything....

I have been following this families story...It will make you cry and melt your heart.

Happy Mother's day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This deserves its own post

After re-reading my earlier post I couldn't help but think that this praise deserves its very own post. We are forever grateful to all of you who have step up and helped contributed to us serving God. We are excited to pack small tokens for the kids and Jeremy is working on getting a whole bunch of balls ( he can take the air out for travel and fill them up when he arrives) for the kids to play with.

He is nervous but I keep encouraging him that it will be wonderful! Life changing!! yes, I am so very proud that he is listening to God's calling for him. I would be a wreck...wait I am wreck just thinking of him leaving.


** THANK YOU! to everyone who gave what they could to help cover the cost of this missions trip. We are 360.00 away from reaching our goal. We know that God is faithful and will provide everything we need during this time. Thank you for everyone who has been praying for him and for us. We ask that you continue to pray for God's protection and wisdom as he shares God's Divine Love for them and for us. Once again...THANK YOU to every family member and friend who supported us. Much love!!

call me old

They taunt me...they make fun of me...even my best friend does for sporting this pink shower cap. They call me old..they tease me.
I love it!! I don't always have time to wash,dry and style my hair ( I need to BLOG!!) so I use a shower cap. My good friend Emily actually left this here and I am forever grateful she did and I am looking at finding a cooler one...Miss America thinks one with butterflies would be cool.

Liv loves to wear it because she hates her hair makes her "shibber' when she is done with her 1 hour bath...i try to tell her it is the hour old bath water that is no longer hot that makes her cold but when she gets in the tub there is no getting her out. Her Grammy has neat tub and that is one of her favorite things to do when she goes over there. She still has not caught on to the fact they have a hot tub, I am sure she will be packing the shower cap when she finds that out.

Last weekend I got away with the girls and when I was leaving I noticed they had a shower cap in the hotel , I took it home for Liv and to say she was excited was an understatement...She was jumping around and doing a dance! I know what I am looking for her birthday...a shower cap with Butterflies.

I can tell you have ALOT of kids...

Carter's idea of breaking into the bathroom to play with Olivia's toys...he throws everything in the toilet...there is no pee in there...just toilet paper from Carter John himself.

she hides herself in there with her friends so he won't bug her. She calls him little bother...if you watch the Olivia show you know where she got that.
She hides her clothes form Carter and all her treasures...this is classic for her. I have stashes of stuff everywhere.

Her secret playhouse...the bathroom...Good thing we have 3 bathrooms!!
I can Tell you have alot of kids

Yes, that was a statement form my best friend as she came over to crash my house yesterday. She noticed the pink scarf wrapped around the thermostat, the barbie horse on the mantle, the pencil stuck in my house plant, the Knick knacks arranged by a 3 year old, the mounting pile of shoes, the stickers on our light switch cover, barbie with out her legs, barbie legs sticking out of the printer and the pure chaos.

I can tell I have a lot of kids when I made out my Costco list and 8 gallons of milk was 2nd to 2 big boxes of goldfish crackers, 6 loafs of bread, and about 300.00 worth of food that does NOT include wal-mart and produce shopping. I can tell I have alot of kids when my dishwasher runs 3 times a day. I never have enough hot water when It comes to my shower...I can tell I have alot of kids when I must have detailed Christmas list for the fear of hurt feelings. I also get a ton of hugs, lots of slobbery kisses and 3 blessings that hopefully will never allow me to go a nursing home. The chances of one of them taking care of me is pretty good!!

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Wow!! Another week has flown by. I can't believe we are in May already. It seems just like we just had snow. Time goes by so fast. My days are long. VERY long...maybe it is because I have not left the house since Sunday....I am sure that is why my days run into each other. I am sure that is why I feel tired. Tired from what!?! That my friends is the million dollar question. I mean really, what do I do all day that makes it so I feel drained? Oh, well one day they will all move out and I will be wanting them to call me or come by and they will be busy and tired. So everyday I get to hug them...well not the older boys..they run and hide, until they want money.

So here it is..........Thursday's with me!

I am Thankful for...

My kids. I know...I know..I complain alot about the mundane tasks of taking care of them everyday...all day with very little me time. I could not imagine what it would be like to go through Mother's day and not have them. I could not imagine the pain I would feel if I could have not gotten pregnant. Many, many women out there are trying. Trying to bring a life into this world and they can't. They long for the love of a child. They long for chaos and the blessing that each child brings. Some mom's have lost their child while others maybe don't know where their child is. I could not imagine the grief they are going through. I have a heavy heart just thinking of those moms. My prayer's are for all those women who when Mother's day rolls around they don't have the same joy or blessing's that so many of us get.

I'm listening to... Carter yelling from his bed...he doesn't want ot have a morning nap. I really need him to. He is walking crabby teething disaster...He only has 4 teeth so I can see 2 more coming through along with back ones.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Taco's...every is easy and cheap and I always have the stuff on hand.

Missing.... I am not missing anything right now...well maybe my mind!! Jeremy is leaving for his missions trip very soon. I am sure I will miss him along with the kids. 10 days is a very long time for a child and a mom! I am not sure how it will go with him gone. probably just fine. I worry. I worry about him and his safety. My mind wonders....He will be traveling for 20 hours!! I hope in all of his travels he finds that missing Boy Scout Shirt.

** THANK YOU! to everyone who gave what they could to help cover the cost of this missons trip. We are 360.00 away from reaching our goal. We know that God is faithful and will provide everything we need during this time. Thank you for everyone who has been praying for him and for us. We ask that you continue to pray for God's protection and wisdom as he shares God's Divine Love for them and for us. Once again...THANK YOU to every family member and friend who supported us. Much love!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things we have not said...

in 15 months....

honey, quit reading...your light is bothering me...

Let's crawl in bed and watch the 10 o'clock news

you can watch what you want out here and I will watch my show in the bedroom

can you flip the light on?

Until tonight my friends we have had a "bedroom guest" in our room. A cute, sweet loving little boy who pokes his head up every morning and yells "maaammama" !

Our bedroom guest is trying out being a guest with Miss America. Lets hope she isn't practicing her singing I meant screaming tonight.

Off to bed, where I will flip on my light and more crawling under the covers with a magazine and a flash light....don't laugh!! I really do that!


A few months ago I was watching the news, Yes, I actually got to sit down and watch tv! Yipee for me! Anyways, They where going on about how much the stay at home mom should make if she was ever paid. I though it was quite intriguing. I mean really you can price all our skills!?!

Some moms will obviously make more then others. I mean I am not going to get paid for being a seamstress when I don't even own a a needle and thread. I can't be at top of the pay scale in the laundry attendant column, I don't own an iron. I am not a dog walker and quite frankly suck at the whole accounting bill paying thing...and well, because I let me children eat cold cereal at least 2 times aweek the pay for this chef will be at the bottom of the pay scale.

I have to say I have owned 2 businesses. managed a retail store along with 35 employees. The ones who call in sick every other day, whines to me because their co-worker looked at them wrong, I have had deadlines, quota's, hiring, firing and a very big to do list but nothing is as hard as staying home.

When I had a "job" I had to have dedication, self-discipline( for the days I felt like smacking the employee chump who got in a fist fight with a customer) humor, focused and many other skills...but nothing still can compete with what it is like to stay home not only are you to have all the same skills but everyday is different, everyday is well a new day.
I have to have all my skills ready at all times. I must always have a sense of humor and be prepared for just about anything. From diaper blow outs to 6th grade bullying to 3 year old melt downs.
I don't think you can ever really put a price on moms....I truly believe our job is priceless and if they think of firing you...they will never ever find anyone like mom...

And they could never afford to replace me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is the story of my life


I wonder what it will be like when my kids get older? what will Mother's day bring? Will they all be living close or will they call from miles away? Will they miss me? Will they send a real card or will I get a an email? What will it really be like? I am excited just thinking of it...and all these mother's days I think the same is this family going to grow?

I was thinking last night that every mother's day I feel stretched to go and visit my mom, my mom in law, and do something for myself. It can be a very wearing weekend. I stopped thinking that last night. I want to honor my mom and my mother in law. They are to very important people in my life. They love me , they love my husband and they love my kids. They walked the floors many nights for us. They changed our diapers, disciplined us , loved us, comforted us and supported us and worry about us.

So as of right now I feel as though I don't NEED a fancy mother's day. I don't WANT a fancy mother's day. I get Mother's day all year long. I get my kids living with me and being with me everyday. What will happen when they leave?

What I want to do Is take the day and Honor the moms in my life and the moms in my kids life. They have put more years into this Job then I have. They have stayed awake worrying about us, praying for us, crying for us and laughing with us.

Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I work hard all year. I just think the biggest gift I can give my children to to honor your grandparents, our moms because you will never understand my love for you until you have kids of your own and I believe that this day is just as important to to them as it is to me and to think of it any other way is kinda selfish on my part.

Humor me...

Dad: Matthew get our feet off the will break them

Matthew: I am just touching them...I won't hurt them

Dad: Matthew I mean it, if you break them I will be really upset

Matthew: I will pay for them

Dad: No, you won't

Matthew: I know, It sounded good.

Mom: Olivia Mother's day is coming up!!

Olivia: what do I get?

Mom: You get to go with dad and get mommy something.

Olivia: Like a pretty dress for me? or new shoes?

Mom: No Olivia, you must be a mom to get a gift

Olivia: That is not fair, someday I will be a mom

Mom: Yes, Olivia you will be...goodnight

Olivia: goodnight mom

3 seconds later...................yelling from bed

Olivia: DAD!!! mom said you have to buy me something for mother's day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning gift giving...

When Jeremy and I started dating he was really into the gift giving...he has always been cheap and very, very, very practical. You know like if the gift can serve to purposes then he should but it.

Matthew's first Birthday we go the mall to get him a gift. We get to Target I head to the toy department ,he tells me he is going to see what he can find at Sears fro Matthew. I should have known that when we had to pull up through merchandise pick-up before leaving that my he had purchased something for himself..sure enough a brand new computer....12 years ago those things where EXPENSIVE! and Jeremy told me that he needed a smart son, nothing like starting him out early.

Christmas...Matthew and I get a 6 disc surround sound home theater contraption. After 12 years Matthew does have the speakers and receiver in his room.

Jeremy likes practical gift. If they do not serve a need then he won't buy them. He is very simple. We don't spend anything on Valentines day and on our birthday's we are content with hanging out with family. Christmas, I for the most part buy my own gifts a wrap them. Does this mean he loves me any less? I don't think so..Sometime I wish he would surprise me....and I am not talking about the time he bought me a necklace and I though it was real gold till it turned my neck green!! I was way to naive...another reason I would never want to repeat my 20's.

So Why am I blogging about gift giving? Well, I am trying really hard to teach my son how to give GOOD Practical gifts. Gifts from the heart that can be made or purchased. To really understand the recipient of the gift.

So Last night...Matthew comes to me to tell me that he has thought long and hard over what to get for me and he thinks my own room with an espresso maker would be a good thing...I did hug him and tell him that he was very thoughtful in his ideas...he really knows me and I love that.

Now, I told him I would settle for a decorated room and a mocha.