Friday, June 12, 2009

6th grade drama

Today I went to he skating rink with Matthew. Last day of school and energy was high. So was the smell of stinky boys. It was nasty but I gagged my way through it. If you are a people watcher like myself there is something to be said about watching little kids who think they are SOOO grown up. I watched girls awkwardly flip their hair, girls who where to shy to skate and boys and girls who love drama.
You know the drama of who is going out with who and who held hands at couples skate. I did witness a bad break up today. The girl was heartbroken, sobbing and all the other girls where hugging her , as all the other boys where around the boy who did the dumping. Their where girls yelling a this certain boy that he was so mean. Why did he do it on the last day school? What if she did that to him? Other girls wondering why their boyfriend was being so mean and cheering for the dumper boy.

Her first heartbreak...sad, life changing and never to be forgotten.

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Heather D

That smell of 6th grade boys. And skating rinks. And heartbreak.
It's all coming back to me.