Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Days

I couldn't really get out and play with the Kids this year so I didn't get to many pictures.......Olivia loved the snow and would go outside to " dig for treasure" Matthew taught her how to throw snowballs at dad so she was just getting ready to make her first one of the day....She eats it more then anything.

what do you get when your 11 year old gets a hold of your camera........................

Eyes are not shut but Mouth is open.............Still learning how to pose.

She is so ready! She got this fancy snow siut from her cousin and loves it! It was not even 8:30am and she convinced her dad to put it on!
Brother is not excited for his picture but SOOOOOO happy school was cancelled!

and...................Daddy's Girl.


Notice how the sign says good to go.....................

The pictures are uploading and we are still waiting for a baby so I thought while I wait , I will post.........

Little Girls........

Our Niece Jada came over to visit a few weeks ago and her & Olivia started to play dress up ( An everyday event) they play so well together and they both enjoy the spotlight. Jada Loves to pose and Olivia is still learning what that means. Her eyes are closed in 95% of the pictures and Her mouth is open for the majority.
Olivia Loves Cinderella ( Rellie) and is learning the names of all the Disney Princess's. Everyday we refer to each other as Snow white or Bell or Ariel! So many People said girls where fun when I had her and I can truly say they are!

Olivia & Jada both love purses and Fingernail polish ! It will be intresting what the next 15 years brings us!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No pictures

I have been trying to blog for about 2 weeks and I can't seem to get my pictures to uploaded....Pictures will have to wait.

We are getting really close to having the baby! I go into the doctor tomorrow to get things started! I am 38.5 week however because we really thought we would of had this baby by now and The Dr. Decided to go on a trip and leaves Friday so that is why we are getting things started.

What a long 9 months this has been. Having had 2 kids before and delivering both early this is my longest pregnancy and I am so excited to meet him. I am nervous about the delivery and his health but Gods Loving Hands has been on us the whole time. It seems just like yesterday we where prepared to lose him and to make it this far is such a Blessing!

Well I will keep trying to get the pictures uploaded.......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

We all know that Children are a product of their Enviroment. Olivia thought she had found such a great way to drink her milk. She had reached on to the counter and got the milk and when I turned around I had to laugh.....Had she NOT llearned this from other No name sources who live in the home I probably would of given her the talk on how we really don't do that. Instead I grabbed the camera and then gave her the just because "_______" Does it does not mean you can too. I also had to chuckle at her shirt " Dad's Little Rebel" seems so fitting.

Having an 11 year old in the house we are completely aware of habits that we don't want our children to learn however we do fall short of remembering we are parents and always looked at as role Models...remembering everyday how to show proper ways of dealing with emotions. how to have good personal hygine and all the other stuff that comes with being a good role model & Parent.....there are habits ( eating ice-cream after9) that we try to hide and sometimes we get Busted! Guilty Little pleasures.......