Friday, June 12, 2009

a starting point

I am not one on seeking advice on the blogging world but I know many of you are talented and possess skills that I wish I had. So I am going to utilize you.

We have made the decision to home School Matthew this upcoming year. This is not up for debate. I have weighed all the pros and cons of this decision Not an easy one but it is in the BEST interest of our child. The child that we know and love to pieces. The child who we have watched day in and day out come home from school in tears. Our child who's self-esteem has taken a beating. A child who does not want to fight back. A child with a courageous heart. A heart of pure goodness. We as his parents can no longer sit back and wait for it to change. We need to help him, mold him and support him RIGHT now. We feel as though a small private school or home school would be the best option for him.

I have my own fears and concern that is why I am looking for advice.

1) where do I begin?
2) what curriculum do you use?
3) Do you love it?
4) Struggles?
5) websites to visit?

Thanks in advance!!

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J5 Farms

I'm so excited for you!


Go with the homeschool or the private school. I asked my mom to send me a link to a home school curriculum that I had seen once, so I will forward that to you soon. It was a Christian based curriculum and everything is already planned out for you. Looked great. I also have a lot of friends that homeschool and love it, they participate in something called MP3. I will see if I can find the link to that one as well for you.

Sara Joy

Big Hugs, Wish I had some sort of advice. Kids can be so harsh.... it breaks my heart. Way to step up for him!!! He's lucky to have you guys :}


Good decision. I'll pop you an email.

mama of 13


ok here is the one someone recommended to me...

Brenda C.

I know there is a program through Meridian and Lynden. The one in Lynden is called Lynden Academy, you do some hours in a classroom and then some at home.
I believe each child is unique, so good for you for doing what is best for him! Blessings on your new endevear! (Treasa is going to homeschool Matthew this year)

Vodka Mom

As a public school teacher, of course I support public school. However, I also LOVE that parents have choices, and we all know that each child is different and has different needs.

I applaud your decision, and wish you well. I am SURE you will get the best curriculum without much effort.

The Kingsborough Queen

you will do great. and, you are doing this for all the right reasons. lanie is on year 3 i believe, and she has found a ton of great ideas and fun ways to "school" them. plus, they love that school really only takes about 2-3 hours a day. you should give her a call. regardless of if this is for one year or until graduation this will be something you all look back on fondly. ross and i have awesome memories of the year my parents homeschooled us. some of the things you "learn" along the way couldn't have ever been discovered had you not had this season of your life!


I don't home school, but I have friends who do and swear by it! Best of luck - it sounds like the best solution for your son right now.

Ross and Taya

hey tiffiny- make sure to check out the home school program through the public school (i think it's called the lynden lifestyles program). the benefit of it is that they provide the curriculum so you don't have to pay for it and also extra curricular activities that matthew's would be involved in (and he would get credit for it). i know one girl who takes horse back riding lessons and the state pays for it. definitely worth looking into.