Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is the Life

Miss happy with all the girlie things in life. Toes polished, Purses, tutu's, umpteen million outfit changes in a day. She needs a morning, mid-afternoon, afternoon, mid evening, evening and bedtime outfit.
Her new favorite saying is " this is the life"

She Loves band-aids...when we potty trained her she got band aids as as a reward. We have Barbie, Dora, sponge bob, Hello Kitty, Diego and princess band-aids. Every time she would go potty she got 2 Band-aids... So good Ole Band Aids have been a huge part of our house for over a Year Now..almost 2! So imagine how many band-aids I have purchased..I should purchase stock in Johnson & Johnson...and Duracell.
Now when she is really good on an outing she can pick a prize and low and behold it is a box of Band-Aids every time...last time she really wanted a box of crazy straws and when she drinks out of them she tells me " Awww mom! This is the life!"

I can see her on the beach in about 20 years...a fancy schmancy drink with fun straws, toe nails painted and maybe a few band-aids on her???

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