Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

You know every time I go to post Friday Facts and I pause to think of what I am thankful for family pops in my head...this week I would have to say has been a rough one..starting out on Sunday when Carter broke his grandma's center piece candle holder. I got to talking and thought Matthew had it under control...I thought wrong. Broken glass everywhere..not to mention it was really my fault..Sorry Mom.

Then as the week progresses FULL SPEED ahead I realized that turning my back on kids is a huge mistake. I now either wake up before them and shower and if I don't they both must join me in our shower. If that means I have tonka trucks, barbies, rubic cubes, and 3 of us crammed into a shower then that's what it means.

I am thankful for each new morning. I am thankful that when I make the "ugly face"
(as Miss America would call my " your really going to get it! I can't believe you guys just did that look!") They forget about it the next day. How do I know this?? They repeat the same behavior so either they forgot about my "ugly face" or it just not that ugly to make a lasting impression.

I am also Thankful for finding jeans that fit Miss America..she has not worn jeans in 2 years it was exciting for me to have her try them on last night without hearing how tight they where and how she hated them..

I found 2.28 cent twin sheets, 6.00 king sheets and 2pack pillow cases for 2 48 at Target. SCORE!!

Thanks Tiffani for the tip!

Listening To: The hum of the dishwasher...both kids are still sleeping. Perfect morning.

What's For Dinner: well, I am going to a 3 days women's I am sure I will pop open a can of spaghetti'O's add a fruit and call it dinner. I did make Jeremy good dinners all week so he had left overs and he LOVES that.

Looking Forward To:

Sleeping through the night...Carter finally moved into a crib...and has great medication for his tummy so he is only waking up 2 times a night if that.. So this weekend I am going to savor each Minute of precious sleep.

Carter turns 2 on Wednesday!! { enter sad mommy face here}

and just aside note: NOT looking forward to: Paying taxes that are due Sunday..Buzz kill right there.

I am needing or wanting:

Nothing really. I would like to go to a warm place for a few days.


The days I used to feel good. The pain free days. This week if I would have felt better I think I could have handled the crazy life of 2 kids, or maybe not.

Quote of The Week:

MOM!!!!!!! { really loud in a whiny,tattling tone}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and tomorrow...

I get to wake up to a brand new day...3 posts on how I am so OVER today...

So Carter is deciding he wants to potty trained and has no fear of carrying his load to me in his hands. Gross.

Olivia decided to take the dog for a walk, however the dog took her for a walk..down the stairs and into a she has a big fat lip and a bruised knee.

I stepped on a matchbox car. Not fun and always a scene when I get hurt.

I made it the doctors with 2 minutes to spare. I left the doctors with a another back surgery scheduled.

Now onto class that is if I don't crawl into bed after a few shots of Vodka.

Scratch That

I am not surviving..I am crying..or I feel like crying.

I fell like I go from one mess to another. One argument to another. One time out to the next. One chore to another one.

Carter has dumped a cereal bowl all over my carpet. Emptied a whole 9.00 bottle of medicine on the counter and the floor. He has emptied the dogs water bowl all of over the kitchen floor.

Olivia thought it would be funny to let him have a pen. Lets just say I found it NOT so funny.

They find it amusing to WHINE and not talk.

They both have successfully beat each other up over a toy.

They have both decided that no matter what room I have cleaned they will find away to mess up it up.
Pulling out the crafts leads to fight.." I WANTED THAT ONE"
Pulling out a game leads to Carter eating the pieces and Miss America Screaming that he is ruining it..

Dress then up send them out side has led to fighting.

That has led to me wanting to beat them...that is why I am taking a timeout to blog..I want to go find a another job..
from the pictures I found...looks like it will never end.

Family Review

Carter is STILL sleeping { it is 10am} I don't want to do anymore chores for the fear of waking him up. So here I am filling you in on the happenings at our house..

Matthew LOVES snowboarding and everything Mt. Baker has to offer. Jeremy went skiing with him last week and they both where so tired the fell asleep in the chair and on the couch. Jeremy has not been skiing in 20 years!! I was so proud of him for going and when you lose 150 pounds I think you can do anything!!

Matthew is preparing to go one his first Missions trip with our church up to Vancouver for the Olympics. This Missions is a trip of a lifetime but it did come with 4 years of hard work . He is also taken on a new role as the Boy Scout Troop Chaplin's Aide. Way to go!!

Olivia had her first dance class last week and lets just say LOVED it is an understatement. She is still sassy pants and keeps me on my toes in the coaching/disciplining area. She loves her preschool and her church group on Wednesday nights. She still changes her clothes 6-10 times a day.

Carter will be 2 in 2 weeks! He has reached the throwing a fit for everything in life phase. He has been battling 3cold in 3 months..I don't understand why he gets every cold that goes around. He loves to tackle his sister and that has carried into the nursery at church with the other kids..I went in to the nursery with him last week just to make sure I didn't make any enemies.

Well I hear him calling my name...

oh, and I am Surviving!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children..

ALL of the children of the world.....

Today I went to the funeral for baby Case..a baby who I know is with Jesus. I know Jesus Loves his children.

My Dear sweet Children,

As each one of you where developing in me I could not wait to see your face, count your toes and hold you in my aching arms. I was in love with each wiggle I felt inside of me. it was just me and you for 30+ weeks...

Each one of you has brought to me such joy and heartache as we have navigated our way through parenthood.

I want each one of you to know that I adore you. I adore every expression , every Innocent thought, gesture and hug.

life will not be perfect. It will be hard and you will feel alone and defeated and as your mom I can never take away the pain. Jesus can and he will. He will walk with you through each phase of your life, never forsaking you.

As I sit here I can't help but tell you that houses, cars, clothes, status will NOT make you better people. Yes, some days I think how can I provide for all of you but I know that each one of you are a blessing and not a burden. You are blessing to me and your dad. Our lives are better with all 3 of you in it.

The way Jesus loves you is the same way I love you...


Your mom

Monday, January 18, 2010

I loved it

every single breathe of fresh air I took while on my 2 hour outing.

I signed Miss America up for dance last week. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased her ballet slippers, tights and her leotard. I picked up stuff to make a few tutu's...

They are darling. I am so excited to have her in something!! Matthew started Karate at 3 and I loved every minute of that...I have to say I am loving the whole get out and do something part of my life. This is the what I love about being a mom.

I gave the "I feel your pain" look to many moms today and smiled with sympathy....inside I relished the thought of NO whining, no begging, no pleading was around me personally...

Now on to mom duties..Carter slept for 30 minutes until throwing up everywhere..Miss America is on the verge of a serious melt down ...

Punishment..I swear...

Are they trying to tell me not to take an afternoon off?

To will not work.

Selfish and proud of it

No School today so that means no 6 am alarm clock being thrown what wakes me up. No pressing errands well, Old Navy is having huge sale so that is a bit pressing. Tried to say No in my head but seriously, it is the 50% off 50% off sale.

Saying No to taking my kids with me. I don't care if they stand by the back door , turn on the waterworks and act like I am the biggest meanie ever..they are not going.

Saying No to Costco...not making this an errand day.

Say yes to...

turning up the radio very loud.

Ordering a coffee without a 4year old trying to place her order and then fighting with said 4 year old about how there can only be one coffee drinker in the House.

To finding super good deals for my kids..buying clothes for next year...25 cents hats & Gloves?

Do I feel guilty that I am taking a few hours off? not taking a to-list with me?

Nope. Not at all.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Facts

I have not done a Friday Fact since November.


This week in review has been an emotional one. Last Friday I spent a wonderful evening with all my friends and a great date night with my hubby. News that family has only been given a short time with us, a family is in suffering over the loss of there 6month old baby and the devastation in Haiti . Days seemed to be filled with extreme highs & lows.

Thankful For:

My family and friends. The girls are coming over today to bake breads. A good thing considering the frozen bananas are falling out of my freezer every time I open it.

I get to see the doctor next week and after having seeing another specialist yesterday I think we may have to do a fusion on my back. I know that would Be the best for me but rods and screws in my back and me being down for MONTHS not days or weeks might be a it challenging.

Matthew made it through his first snowboarding lesson and he is loving going to the mountain every week.

Listening To:

Tigger & Pooh on TV and the wind outside. Where did that come from??

What's For Dinner:

Not sure. I have Bunko tonight so I will be super mom and make scrambled eggs and toast.

Looking Forward To:

A family wedding, 3 day women's conference, Carter's 2nd Birthday and 6pm when hubby walks through the door...

I am needing or wanting:

I am needing motivation to finish Liv's room so I can do Carter's..

Missing: 5 acres so my kids can with sticks and build forts..plants pumpkin's and a garden...oh, wait I never had that..just dreaming..

Quote of The Day:



Love & Hate

I love the sound of belly laughs.

I hate the sound of breaking glass, that means they are into something they should not be.

I love the sound of their sweet little voices.
...if any of you have a puberty stricken boy in your house you also will love the voice changing part, I know I shouldn't laugh.

I hate the words " mommy, look what I drew for you on your masterpiece"

I love the learning of talking and all the first words.

I love the fact they learn to put on their own clothes

I hate the fact they pick up clean folded laundry and re-enter into the dirty clothes.

I Love the fact they still never outgrow hugs.

I hate the fact they spill everything.

I love the fact they love their grandparents.

I hate the fact my mom is always telling me I am to harsh.

I love the fact she is protective of them.

I hate that they want a dog and tell me they will take care of it and never do.

I love how they are excited for simple things, blankets, daddy and tickles.

I hate the fingerprints all over my slider door.

Love the fact the bang on the door when daddy pulls up after work.

I hate how much water gets on the floor at bath.

I Love how a bath can wipe away any tear.

Love & Hate.

what are yours?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can't imagine..

I was called yesterday with some really sad news...a family had lost their 6 month old baby.


All day today I could not shake that heavy heart feeling. I tried many times to talk myself out of crying. You know saying things to your self like God had a plan, God is in control and then I became mad...I cried in my van on the way home , bawled.

I know that we can't see God's plan and that is where faith comes into play but as with anything we are tested time and time again...these parents, these precious people and all the extended family and heart hurts for you.

My 'stuff' seems so small in comparison to what they are feeling.

I do not know the depth of losing a child. I do not know the depth of losing a nephew or a grandson.

I spoke softer today to my children. Hugged my 13year old as he came home 1 hour late ( he is never late) then scolded him..I sat on the couch and quit cleaning and facecracking and actually watched a cheesy show with my kids..

I didn't complain about cooking for 3 very hungry children....because I have 3 children.

I prayed harder then I have in sometime....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taylor Swift

So I am trying to blog everyday as long is doesn't interfere with my Facecrack Family.

I am listening to Matthew record Miss America singing Taylor Swift songs. Good thing I have a very smart 13 year old in the house. He has showed me how to record , upload to YouTube and now working on the posting part so you can see the next Taylor Swift in action. Seriously, everyday I must endure 66 minutes of pure torture as she watches the DVD of her beloved Taylor Swift...then I must hear 3 songs repeated, repeated and repeated.


Good thing Miss America is cute.

So I am really thinking that my blog will go private. Not a big deal I will send out an email and then you will be added to the list of readers. Very easy.

What is not very easy? Having people stalk you and then talk about you and then the next thing you know...Bam, your deleted from their friends list on MySpace. Pathetic. Really when you know both these girls for over 10 years.

So there is the reason behind going private. Please don't hesitate to ask for an invite.

I enjoy blogging and find it therapeutic.

I don't enjoy the drama.

Monday, January 11, 2010

where are you going?


Clean up everything from the weekend. Do the 7 piles of laundry that accumulated from the weekend. run the dish washer 3 times and maybe 4 after dinner is done.

I enjoy bringing Miss America to preschool on Mondays. It really is a great way to start the week. I have no idea what I will be doing for preschool next year. Still not sure if I will be switching preschools or staying with same one. We shall see.

My heart is heavy today for a family member who was given only weeks before she is called to be with Jesus. My thoughts always go back to Jesus. She gets to rejoice with him and be given a heavenly without pain. I know when I die I will be with Jesus. What about you? Do you know where your going? Just for the non believers out there...ask yourself..what do have to gain or lose by believing? I think you have everything to gain. Say if Heaven and hell are real ( i believe they are) where do you want to spend ETERNITY? In a fire pit full of evil and pain or in heaven, with joy and happiness? Where do you want your family to go? What about your children?

This week I shall embark on a new budget. Yikes..after tracking my spending for the last week I have a better idea on how it should know 200 a month for coffee and 10 bucks for groceries. HA...You get the idea...Lots of number crunching going on here. It is nice...We have made a goal to pay of the truck and make 2 extra mortgage payments this year.

Everything I think to type seems so small in to comparison of family that is going to lose their mom, wife , grandma and friend...

So with that..I am off to hug my children, write a few notes to people and let them know how much I love them..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rubic "not so" Cube

He only likes taking showers. He will gather up his cars just to take a shower. Some how the rubics cube ended up in the shower.... Stickers his hair, ears and mouth.....

Yep, thats how White trashy I am...

Don't worry..I would never let him choke on the stickers...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roxsey Rocks...

Thanks Brooke for another amazing photo shoot!!

Check her out at ROXSEY

No More sick Kids PLEASE

What is up with these last few months??

Carter has been sick for 6 weeks out of the last 8. 2 ear infections, head cold and an eye cold.

Olivia now has an earache and a cough.

Matthew has a head cold and a cough..

I have never had so much sickness in my house. Jeremy has been sick 3 times too!

I ward it off with Emergn-C and vitamins..I am force feeding vitamins to the kids and hand washing skills are being forced upon them also.

No more. I am going Nutso!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

His timing..not mine

If you wait until the wind and weather are just right, you will never plant anything and never harvest anything.

Ecclesiastes 11:4

Faced with a few tough choices this upcoming month I can't help but keep thinking that all of this has to be God's timing and not mine.

There will never be a good time for me.

A Bigger picture I cannot see....

Faith has to get me there.

Big Change. Big Plans.

Happy frigging New Year to me.


Customer service PLEASE

I beg of you..please just smile. Don't act like I am pain in your A** even before I reach the counter. Please do not have it in your head that I am walking up 1) to place a difficult order 2) complain about your prices, 3)ask for an off the wall return with no receipt or waste your valuable time....

I am kind, forgiving, compassionate to any clerk, waitress or any service provider for that matter...

Just fake it till you make it...

Life gets better.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Screw organizing

My foot is on the counter, my hands are gripped on the handle and my junk drawer is stuck, I can't open it. I need to see if I can find a ( not telling you cuz this item should really have a home, not junk drawer home). Darn it. I now must clean it. I am really good about giving myself one drawer. Okay so unorganized people are optimistic.

Have a friend who has her each drawer organized. No, junk anything in her house. What so you do with barbies Missing leg, one dice, a screw and maybe I piece of candy? Sounds dumb after I say it, how about throw it away? Maybe put it with it's home?

I say why can't i be more organized? Why can't I have each Little people with the collective home? Why does my junk drawer have to take a shovel to look through it? Why does my Garage have to get cleaned 5 times in a year? Screw it.

Okay, so just a quick rant about one of my New Years Resolution.

Trust me I will rant about the next one too! ( I am mean who loves to budget anyways?)