Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I am Thankful for...

Yesterday I loaded up the kids for a non-destination trip. I had to leave the house. I had to get them to quit whining and walking around like they where going nuts. I had no idea what we where going to do. I drove to the big city. I attempted to go to a store but because my kids hardly ever go into public they acted like brats. One screamed when the cart would stop moving..the other wanted to touch every formal dress and as she did that would yell "mom, you need to wear this for dad!!" Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...Until I found a Cinderella nightgown for 3.99...bribes work every time! I started to get discouraged....until I remembered sitting at the stop light watching a man in wheel chair pushing himself across the crosswalk...trying to get up a hill, he stopped half and then proceeded to make it up that hill. I watched him...I was sad for him..I wanted to help him. I wanted to make it easier for him. The only thing I could do was say a prayer for him.,for endurance and hope. As I drove past...I was thankful, My life is not bad. Stressful, yes. I think that had to have been God's devine appointment for me yesterday.

I'm listening to... Kids music blaring from the bedroom...Twinkle Twinkle little star..Olivia yelling from the couch she needs cheese,crackers and a circle sandwich.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Crockpot stew...I am going to have the boys do yard work today so It will be really nice to have dinner done and can be eaten at anytime.

Missing.... Olivia's regular naps...if she takes a nap bedtime is at 11! YIKES! If there is no nap then I can put her down at 7. The whining is horrendous from 4-7...pull your hair out lock your self in the garage and look for the Boy Scout shirt horrible.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not so above and beyond

So yesterday I decided that I wash my van at the car wash...I usually wash it at home but it really needed a good clean and some wax. Being 10 years old the 13.00 is worth it. I only take it there about 6 times a year. I love our local car wash....except this time...They no longer offer you a damp towel to wipe the inside of your car down..WHY, must you ask????

People would knock their car into drive while "wiping" down the inside of their car!! How in the heck can you do that!?! People would get stuck inside and screw up the machine.

they no longer will spray my running boards. I was very disappointed. With the economy tight and things such as a car wash should offer more then just RAINX in their soap and 2 attendants to dry your vehicle off.

I really did love the way they would go above and beyond to make you feel like you just spent a very cheap amount on a mini detail....Yes, I am sure I will be back...Maybe not my measly 6 times..maybe 3 times..Spring, Summer and Fall...

I did however spend the buck to vacuum out all the fries and Cheerios from the van..hoping that dollar would help me gain another mile per gallon...since there was about 300 pounds of food in the van...

I don't want any...

That's what Miss America said when she noticed that another Little girl had caught some look into the girls bucket confirmed that she didn't want to fish..She tried but quickly realized her butterfly dangling from her princess fishing pole turned out to be fraudulent way of catching fish...

Doesn't this look like fun!?!

We got away this weekend..It was relaxing...Well, I don't know if getting away with a 3 year old and a 1 year old was your idea of relaxing..probably wasn't my Awesome in-laws idea of relaxing but it was worth breaking away from the routine.

Mikey made a comment about picture taking...he thought I was so cool that I could take a few pictures and turn them into fun...even if it was cold outside and quite boring....Thanks Jeremy for allowing me to snap a few picture to let our readers know that we had so much FUN!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh great....

not only can I not watch picture's from our weekend getaway won't load!!! Urgh...well, looks like I am going to tomorrow I will continue blogging while my kids use the TV.

I never...

get the TV..kinda like my kids never get any attention because I am to busy trying to fulfill my addiction's

I am serious. If I want to watch a show it must be between the hours of 10pm and 6am. How suck is that? I normally don't care but right now all I want to do is crawl on my couch and veg chips all over you..drool from your mouth..permanent butt imprints on the cushions...and all I can hear from the living room is VROOM.. VROOM.. VROOM.. blah.. Blah... Nascar.. Blah.. Nascar..

Have I ever really mentioned that I hate nascar season? Not the sport is a fun spectator sport and I have been to a few races but is like 5 hours...and he does not fast forward during the non eventful round and round parts.


I am so glad he does not read my blog anymore. he used to till I posted like 4 post in one day and he thought that was way to much reading. Must have been because nascar was on. I don't want to make him feel bad. He doesn't watch much TV either. But I am kinda seething over here in my corner of the house.

We do have a TV in our room...but that would require me to move our ONE year old out of our room. So I would rather seethe over the next 21 years...that's how long I am sure Mr. Carter will be with us.

Did you know that Nascar is the longest sporting season? It ends in November and resumes in February? To many races if you ask me!! If you even try to talk to him during the last 30 laps you are in time a very Important person called him on the last 2 laps of the last race (before we had DVR) and he wasn't very nice. I still tease him about that!! I am thankful though this is the ONLY sport he is into...

So onto more blogging as I sit here..wishing I could watch my shows.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

March of Dimes..

During my first pregnancy, I was very young and very naive...I didn't realize that pre-mature births could happen to anyone at any age at anytime. Matthew was born 5 weeks early. We had the round of Jaundice. We had him on lights at home and he had a few bought of RSV and a other lung related issues. He has a mild case of Asthma now.

9 years later we had Miss America...6 weeks early. I will never forget when the nurse came to me and told me they must take her from me and check her out. Something was wrong. She was making a noise ,sounded like she was singing constantly. I was scared. I waited 9 years to do the responsible thing, I had a girl ..something I was not sure I was ready for (I will post why later) I did everything right, I sought prenatal care, I ate right I took vitamins any other thing you can think of.

When the doctor came in and told me they would have to airlift her to Seattle my heart sank. I was all alone. I had no one with me. It was 4 in the morning. I couldn't wrap my head around this. Why , would this happen? Olivia 6 pounds..still pretty big for 6 weeks early. She was able to stay in Bellingham. 10 days of sadness, confusion and emptiness took over. I had to touch her feet through an oxygen tent. I would sing to her..I would cry every time. I couldn't nurse her, I couldn't hold her. I didn't want to leave her side. She was tiny, she needed me..

Fast forward 3.5 years later...she will not leave my side. She is my girl. She test my patience everyday. She loves me and I love her. She has had croup 3 times since then but nothing serious. I am thankful to the care she received from the hospital. The research that they have studied to save pre-mature babies is incredible.

My sister was born at 25.5 weeks...She was still transparent when she was born. Parts of her where not developed. Her feet where still webbed (not anymore) her fingers and toes. This was in 1979...she had 3 blood transfusions...nursed on others breast mom had 2 others at home that needed her and was unable to go see her at, my sister will be turning 30 this year and is the mother of 4!!

Carter....I was on bed rest for 17 weeks with him..I had Placental abruption. This required 2 hospital stays and many days of laying in bed. He was born 5 days early..had him in 45 minutes and he weighed in my heaviest baby yet!! So, look at what happens with technology and informed doctors!!

I think we take for granted the research and care that goes into making sure all babies are healthy. We take for granted each test and each procedure we as pregnant mothers endure...

My friend Heather is raising money for her March of Dimes walk...I encourage you to donate what you can..You never know if it maybe your baby that needs help.

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am Thankful for...

7 hours of solid sleep even with a 3 year old princess in my bed with her toes on my nose, her fingers tangled in my hair and her breath smelling very bad. It is amazing what sleep does to a mom. Makes them Happy!! No drugs,no drinking...just sleep can make it a better day here.

I'm listening to... 80's-90's country music on Sirius are still sleeping. Older boys off to school.

I'm looking forward to...
Planting my flowers. Helping Matthew with his very first Garden...the sun staying around.

What's for Dinner Tonight...

Well, my strike ended last night..I made maybe tonight I will do breakfast burritos...who knows!?! But I do know the kids are sick of cereal.

Missing.... this uniform that my 12 year old must wear every has a few patches on it..says something to the effects of Boy scouts of America on it.

Have a great weekend!! It is opening day fishing season and county wide garage sale..can you guess which one I would rather do?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Matthew , please finish up your chores. the dog needs water before he dies and you need to go put the stroller in the garage.

Mom, There is blood sucking thugs out there with AK-47's that will shoot me down and take all my money.

You have no money

You really don't care if I get shot up by AK-47's?


I will care if your dog dies


Matthew has been in Boy Scouts for a little over a year. It was an activity that I was not sure of putting him in. My plate was already full and at the time I felt it was to much. I changed my mind Quickly as I realized what Boy Scouts does to your child.
When Matthew was 3 we decided to put him in Karate. He was full of energy and needed self-control (as with ANY 3 year old) and focus. I loved Karate..he made it to his Brown belt and then when I had to work 50 hours a week it got to be to much for us. We have done Soccer,baseball and Football. Football being one of his favorites and he plans on playing this upcoming season.

Boy Scouts is different. Yes, It is commitment but he has taken time off for Football and if he has family outings they come first. Boy scouts teaches your boy everything!! From fishing , woodworking, spending, saving, family, drugs, self-control and so much more then I could have ever taught him. He has been to camp, slept in an ice-cave, coached younger scouts and made so many good friends.

He has been working on a project about what drugs can do to you...He has also earned 6 merit badges!! I am so proud of him!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still waiting...

it might just be a mullet before we cut his hair...

Princess Hair

Olivia had her first haircut today!! Her dad calls it her princess hair. She had to get her dad to say okay to cutting her princess hair. Once he said okay she was a bit nervous but nothing like offering her a sprinkled donut to get through the haircut.

I go crazy...

I must say I am many things but competitive is not really me. I do Enjoy kicking the crap out of my friends on Bejeweled when I can but if I can't no big deal. I do hate when I log into facecrack I notice that I move down a few spots and that makes me want to drink...Water :)

But one area I can get crazy about...that is my Husband weighing less then me. I personally have a very hard time with that. Consumes my thoughts. Sunday I was commenting on how hot he looked....(He has lost over 107 pounds) and how proud I am of him. He then told me his weight...I think I threw up in my mouth, got all hot and sweaty and then gritting my teeth and I just smiled , barely able to utter the darn words of " Great Job Babe!" I should have been more supportive but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. My thoughts where consumed by the fact he is going to weigh less then me! NO! NO! NO!

The next morning he asked me if I weighed, why would why? He was just seeing how close we where..I then told him I knew how much I weighed. The I lied by 3 pounds!! Come on three pounds is like on my period weight and I can so get by..I lied about the 3 pounds because we are only 4 pounds different and by adding the 3 gave me 7 pound advantage. THIS SUCKS!! This is where I draw the line...

I walked last night and today I am going to walk..starve myself drink lots of water and Try Yoga...Okay, not the yoga part..I am still a fat chick and that would not be a pretty sight!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Garage Sale rambles

What a busy weekend! We had a garage sale Friday and Saturday. Jenn and I had this planned for a while now so It was nice to have so much stuff gone!! Now I must energize this lazy butt and get cleaning. I have spring goals so I can really enjoy Summer this year. This is the first summer that I haven't been pregnant or having a surgery in 4 years! That alone does wonders for me. I am excited to actually have a few big projects done and it is only April! Yippee..

It started raining Friday..Like POURING! We had everything under tarps. The sale was to start at 9am however at 8:30 we had 3 people we turned away. It was RAINING!! And it was only 8:30 we said no early birds..I do like to be going by 8:45 but that was not the case Friday. These Ladies huffed and puffed their way to their cars when the realized as soon is let up a bit we would be out there. 9:20 we went out and completed set-up. We had to pull the tarps over everything 3 times during the sale..finally the sun stayed out.

I love the salers who will throw down an Item in a huff because you will not barter in the first 10 minutes your open. I am not taking about 2 or 3 dollars I am taking about a quarter. They get really mean.

What about the salers who tell you their whole life story from why their husbands left to the ones who share their hysterectomy story with you? What about the ones who walk right into your garage (past your cashier table) and start rummaging through your husband's tools? Ever have the ones who forget money? Then you hold the stuff for them?
You see I love all of this!! I love the guy who comes every year to just say hi ( I think he likes Jenn) I love to see people get so excited to find treasure. However, every year I say no more. No more throwing all my junk onto tables, pricing and selling!!
This year was to raise money for Jeremy's upcoming missions trip to Jordan. We are still shy from our goal but we are trusting God's plan for us.

Overall it was fun and it gave me something to look forward to...Sunday we went to the park. Carter Loved the swing and the whole concept of a playground. It started raining so we loaded up and went to go visit Great grandparents..they where not home..that lead us to Sonic was our first time and it was great! I love how you can tell your kids to Eat and quit screwing around while in the privacy of your own car! Here are somethings you would never hear in our van...

Get the french fry out of your nose
Get your feet off the windows.
If you spill that you will have to clean the entire van.
Don't flick your shake straw at your sister's hair
Quit stealing your brothers onion rings.
Don't climb over the seats
No Whining.
Are you a bunch of Monkey's?
Do not teach your sister how to make spit wads.
and the classic...I am the mom and I said So!!

And that my dear friends is why we opt to eat in our van or at home.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Blue Sky

I really wish it would quit raining!! Today of all days!! I have not gone through every room in my house just to have everything sit out in my yard covered by the blue sky we call tarps...As a kid my parents owned and they still own like 30 Tarps. Folded perfectly with their initials on them. We used these Tarps every time we would camp. They would meticulously tie one tarp to the next attach to a tree and at times they where so perfect about our blue Sky they had designed the tarps to not build up water...each tarp having a special draining system for the rain.

I am NOT lying...I guess i got used to camping in tent in the rain until my husband decided to take me camping at Silver Lake with my Brother and sister in law. It rained so hard...we had to call my parents and have them come dig a moat around our tent...hang up our blue sky. My sister in law I don't think has ever ever camped again...I bought a trailer one that has a TV , microwave, heat and mattress. The only time I get out my blue Sky is when I have a garage sale.

I wonder how many people will show up and start digging through the stuff? I wonder how many will knock on my door to purchase a 25 cents book? I wonder if the crazy flea market guy will camp out until i remove my blue Sky from all the tables. I bet there might be a fight under the blue sky. That would be funny!! 2 people fighting over a stuffed mouse that holds a Merry Christmas sign!! I wonder how many people will really just drive by and know that when the sun peaks out I will remove my blue sky and open up shop?

until then...maybe I will hang a blue tarp in the living room and pretend I am getting my Vitamin D.

oh, I have to tell you I bought some Vitamins at Costco..they are B-50 HI-Complex Energy..when I first read it I was laughing so hard at Jeremy for picking them out..Like so hard I think I snorted..held my stomach laughing so hard. He looked at me and was all confused. I told him those vitamins where for people with high Energy..he looks at me, shakes his head and said keep reading...oops I missed the "promotes energy" part.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I know I missed Last weeks Thursday's posting..I was out of town..enjoying spring Break with my Mom in law, nieces, sister and cousin in laws and Jenn. I am tired tonight..Very busy with the big Garage sale tomorrow..crap, I just realized it is raining RIGHT NOW..darn it...I have everything under tarps outside..oh, what to do..

I am Thankful for... I am thankful I have a daughter who changes her clothes 12 times a day. I will post pictures soon of that event. I have a girl..I have a princess...I am thankful to God for giving me both boys and a girl. I feel Blessed.

I'm listening to...
the news telling me it is raining. Shushhhh your mouth:)

I'm looking forward to... Family Pictures with Brooke!! You really need to check her out!! I love her pictures..and her!

What's for Dinner Tonight... Let's see..I have been on strike....I feed the little kids and that's about it. going on the 4th night now. Matthew is not happy about it..he even asked me why I gave up on cooking.He was the biggest complainer about my dinners and now he wants me to cook. whats up with that? :)

Missing.... Do you even care anymore that the Boy Scout Shirt is missing?

Check out my friend...Tiffani...a busy mom who one day when we leave our computers will be able to have coffee.

Happy Thursday Everyone!! Next week I will give you more...tonight I am TiReD!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lucky Enough

Today was I woke up and made sure everyone knew I was going to shower before they left for school or work. Their 15 minute showers must now be 7 minutes. I was Lucky enough to get a 4 minute shower before the water went Freezing. I was lucky enough to have 1 diaper left before I realized I had to go to Costco. I was lucky enough to find one more in the other diaper bag after he went and did number 2 10 minutes after changing him.

I loaded up the kids and waited for Costco to open..I can't believe they don't open till 10..but whatever it is America they can do whatever they want :)...

Here is where I realized life is not bad..well maybe for the lady who questioned me up and down for the fact I had a disabled parking permit. I know I don't look like the average elderly person. Don't have wheelchair or a cane. I am 32 years old and I LOOK healthy. But I am not...I try hard to never take a handicap spot unless I really need to. I have everyday difficulties that can prevent me fom showering, cooking, lifting, twisting or bending. Some days are better then others..where I can do daily tasks and for the most part if you don't know that I have had 3 back surgeries with one pending you would look at me..judge me and keep it to yourself..this lady didn't..

She walked over to me as I parked...looked at me up and down and then screamed at me..asking me how dare I take up a spot just because I had 2 young kids. She wanted to see my place card (not the one in the window but the one you carry in your wallet) I told her very nicely Christian like that she may carry on now and it is really none of her business why I am prescribed a temporary pass. She then proceeded to tell me that she was going to call the cops. At that point I told her she may do whatever floats her boat. I wanted to ask her if she was the Disabled Parking Nazi and why she has stick up her butt but I smiled..took Carter out of is seat at that point she stood next to me with my van door open so I could not turn with Carter. I asked her to move. Really wanted to Punch her lights out but I smiled and spoke calmly. I asked her to move 3 times. She then told me I Had no cane, no wheelchair or a walker...yelling at me if I paid the doctor to forge my application for this permit. I shut my door making her jump out of the way. I walked around with one kid in my arm and one holding my hand. I was shaking. I was angry. I wanted to cry.

I then just stood there on the drivers side and said a prayer for her...and for me..I was angry. I was angry that someone could do that to me. Someone could judge me like that. I promised myself then and there..I will no longer judge anyone for anything...

but I still wanted to punch her lights out..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom & dad

Wow...I don't get to see many pictures of my mom and dad...They where divorced by the time I was 4. It is always fun to see them so young..I bet my kids will say the same thing...

I wasted the day

I really did. I was lucky enough to have no hot water when it was my turn to take a shower. I was lucky enough to wake up 6 times in the middle of the night. I was lucky enough to play bejeweled at least 75 times.

I have no idea if it is the chronic pain I am in everyday or if it just having 2 small kids to clean up after, play with and love on. It could be just coming off a very busy week but I sat here feeling sorry for myself with my best friend the computer.

carter is sleeping now and Olivia is playing outside. I keep thinking I should really be doing something. Bills to be paid, rooms to be cleaned out, yard to be thatched, slime to be removed from bathroom mirrors and slider doors. I did vacuum , clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher and make my bed. I called and got my ABC channel set-up. I did manage to pull off a shower by asking the first person who walked into the door to watch the kids. But other then that i wasted a perfectly good day.

Why do I do this? Am i just overwhelmed? Do I just put to much pressure on myself? it is not like I don't get out of bed or shower (however I did not get one yesterday) or laugh when Olivia put on outfit number 11. Was it just an off day and I need a reality check? I feel on edge today. I feel like I could bite someones head off if they even tried to talk to me. I want to be alone. I want to crawl in bed and start over....start over my life, my choices, my failures and my successes.

Today I wasted the day....and for the most part I am okay with that..just feeling a bit disappointed.

It is over..

I am wondering when Olivia will realize that Easter is over...She had to sleep in her dress AGAIN..9 day Tinkerbell swim suit stretch to this. Notice she has her Pajamas underneath..the best money I ever spend on clothes is for her.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Every Year..Never again..

Every stinkin year I say NO to a garage sale. Every year I feel so much pressure to go through every drawer, every cupboard and get rid of aimless stuff.Pressure because I wait for the week of. Every year I get excited to clean. Every year I say NO to pricing stuff. Every year I hate the hard work that goes into a garage sale.

Why do I put myself through such torture? This year I am raising money for a myself..okay, joking!! I wish...This year we are raising money for Jeremy's upcoming Missions trip. This will be an experience of a lifetime!!

I also LOVE selling stuff. I was the Manager of Value Village and I also owned my own consignment store. I love everything about a bargain. Just come by and see for yourself all the treasures I aimlessly purchase and now am going to sell. So Stupid. I have not done alot of thrift shopping over the last few months and that is Good thing. We don't need anything!

Remember the flowbie? It can cut hair when attached to a vacuum? I almost bought one for 1.00 the other day. Thinking I could cut my kids hair with it..then I quickly remembered when we cut Jeremy's hair with the flowbie. Not a good idea.

we are selling so much! Then we are donating what is left over. No more stuff! I want to enjoy summer!! I don't want to have to step over, move or take care of stuff. It is taking over my life.

So Back to creating messes. why is it when you clean and organize you must create one mess to clean a mess? Urghh...

This one is for Joel

One of my favorite couples. My brother and sister in law. They are the best!!


I Love the randomness of the polls that are on my blog...I have figured out that most readers make there bed 2-3 times a week...hardly balance their checkbooks and do not ever want to be the Octomom for a few days. I also find it interesting that it is a pretty deverse crowd who keeps coming back to read the story of our life.

No, I do not know who voted what...Keep voting!!! If you want to see a question on here...let me know!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


As a child Easter meant baskets and eggs. I never knew the Jesus rose from the dead and that is why we celebrate until AFTER Matthew was born. I think I was like 22.
I am glad I know the story now and that I am able to share with my children, I am thankful someone shared it with me.
I am not a big fan of egg hunts or baskets. We do them and have fun doing egg hunts and baskets but I am so afraid my children will not know the real story of Easter that we talk about it days before and days after Easter.

Having one Girl does mean that I get to buy a snazzy Easter dress every year!!! I am the one who is excited days before I actually get to go pick it out. She is lucky I don't purchase her a ballroom gown for this very special day. Her dress was from Wal-Mart and I did have her headband made special for the dress. I called my Talented dear friend Sarah who whipped this up in a few days. I love talented people!! Anything you need or want done crafty SHE will get it done..Thank You Sarah for making the outfit complete!

Miss America wore the dress about 6 times before Easter and she begged me to let her sleep in the night before Easter. I let her. You know I did!!

We had my family over on Saturday for a a wonderful dinner and egg hunt. It was fun for everyone. The kids found eggs with bonus papers in them and the redeemed them for prizes. Grammy and Grandad presented each grandchild with Easter baskets.

Carter fell out of his stroller and scraped up his nose and lip, along with a nice bruised forehead.

Side Note: For all of you who think I don't enjoy taking pictures of Matthew anymore...that is not true..He runs and hides from me every time I ask him to smile. He is still my baby...nothing has changed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am back

From a wonderful Spring break!! What a true blessing from the worlds GrEaTeSt Mother in law in the whole wide world and she is not just the greatest because she graciously gave her time and money to my family for us to enjoy Great Wolf Lodge but because she is just the best! We Love EVERYTHING about her. We love what she brings to our family.

We had a busy week...We planned on staying 1 night at Great wolf Lodge but when we arrived we knew we would 2 days to really enjoy the water park. It was so much fun! If you have thought about going you really should just go. They have everything you need right there in the park. You don't need to leave.

The last night Matthew and Grammy got sick. That was no good. They either got food poisoning or the big slide did them in. I feel bad for both of them. Matthew is doing better today but still not 100% and my mom in law planed on having Easter at her house. So I really hope she gets better!

Nothing like getting home and being thrown right back into my busy life. I had a tax appointment and Bunko yesterday. I was also able to go to Good Friday Services at church. I loved IT! It is Christ died for our sins. How he carried is own cross to die on. How he was beaten and chained. I am so thankful that I am forgiven for my sins.

So Here is a quick post for all of you who keep checking on me! I am getting ready to host Easter dinner at my house followed by an egg hunt. I will post pictures soon.

Happy Easter everyone!! May you find hope and joy in his steadfast love for us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I bet you faithful blog stalkers gave up on me today...I am here. I wasn't feeling all that good today. Starting to get the crud that has been passed around my house a few times this season.

I did mange to clean out a few kitchen cupboards and the junk drawer...My junk drawer is actually Jeremy's tool box. Seriously, I found a huge tote full of "man" stf. I love that man to death but every time I ask him to do a manly thing he either has to buy a new tape measure ( I think we have counted 32 purchased In the last 10 years of marriage) or find a tool. So today i kept the tote on the counter and showed him that either we drag the Craftsman tool chest in the house ( he liked that idea) or he must try and keep his tools organized preferably just in the garage would be nice.

I am getting ready for a big garage Sale...for 2 reasons..I am tired of stuff and to Support Jeremy's upcoming missions trip. I am so excited for him. I am so not the type to go it will be fun to listen on how it was and how many lives they changed.

I am Thankful for

Do you really want another sappy love note to someone in my life? I can give you one...but because it is so late I am going to give you the first thing that pops into my head...I am thankful for this computer..Oh, what would I do with out you? Okay, don't answer..I bet you can think if million feed my kids, bathe my kids, paint the walls, do crafts, visit, I seem pathetic. This computer has turned into my best friend, I promise once the sun shines I will limit my use. I sound like an addict.

I am Listening to.....

Survivor...and very quiet house. I am the only one up.

What's for dinner?

We had boxes of .75 pasta roni..NICE....and I threw in an apple to make me feel better. Okay, I lied, No apple, I was trying to cover up my ability to feed my children healthy.

I am looking forward to....

Getting my hair done. Seriously, It has been 13 weeks, YUK..But I am saving my coffee money and keeping the House very cold to save money.
I thought about buying the color out of box but quickly changed my mind...not a good idea. Coffee from home sounds better plus when your thermostat is stuck on 67 degrees you need hot coffee.

I am also looking forward to kicking Jenn's cutie patootie on Bejeweled!!

I am Missing....

Every flowing money in the bank..I don't think I have ever really had ever flowing money in the bank..last week I did..but then BLEW it on a MISSING Boy Scout Shirt.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

where has time went!!??

Here is another Slide I wanted to share...I have so many..I can't believe how little the kids are..even Matthew!! Enjoy!

What a great deal...

Yesterday we met Brooke and Dane at The Jump Around Fun Zone. A perfect way to spend a rainy cold windy Washington day. We have so many of them days no wonder why the place was packed. Olivia likes going and I think Carter will too when he can speak and communicate with others. If it wasn't for Brooke holding him I think we would have just packed up and left. It was his first time there actually being able to walk.

It was so busy chasing both kids that I did not notice about 7 sippy cups on the table that he thought he could get into...dumping one on another moms purse (I am so sorry!) he tried to give a 5 month old kisses and made the baby cry (I am so sorry) He was also pushed to the ground, drug out of the play house and kicked down the slide. I would think he had enough...I know I did. Sure enough when it was time to go He screamed and cried. I think the longest I sat down was about 10 minutes while he was in the high chair. I really do not have enough arms or brain cells when going to a place like that with so many people. It was standing room time I think we might just go to McDonald's.

Anyways, they have some great coupons out there. We had a coupon magazine called
" My Hometown values" delivered to the store with tons of great coupons in them. When I was talking to the owner he said that you can go to the website and print them off from there. They have buy one admission get one free , 2.00 one admission and other birthday party ones.
I was very thankful he told me this! I love coupons!