Sunday, June 28, 2009

..and the bombs bursting in air..

I love 4th of July! It always reminds me that we live in such a wonderful place. A land of freedom. There was a high price to pay for us to have the freedom we have. I am grateful to be able to celebrate with family and friends.

A small town about 15 minute from where we live does an AWESOME fireworks show the weekend before the 4th. We gather at my grandpas to enjoy the fireworks display. It is perfect. We have yummy food and the best view. We camp over the 4th and where we camp we are not allowed fireworks so this gives my kids a chance to enjoy both family and fireworks.

We ventured down to the ball park where there was train rides and goodies for the kids. dad had to go for Carters sake. What a great dad!

She wasn't quite sure if the sparkler thing was really for her. She did get used to it and didn't want to share.

Oops...I doubled a picture. I don't think his mouth shut at all. He loved it!

I adore the story on how the Star Spangle Banner came to be!

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