Monday, June 8, 2009

Parade Carnival and Demo Derby

What a way to kick off Spring around here! Perfect weather leading up to the weekend...great parade weather (not to hot, a bit of drizzle and then perfect for walking around) and hanging out with family. I can't say it enough but I LOVE my in-laws. My sister in law and niece drove about an hour to join us in the days events. Aunt in law and of course my mother in law along with a great friend.
Dad and Olivia on the Ferris wheel. Olivia really wanted to ride on it and I was not going for it. Maybe it was the heights and the combo of the rickety looking thing but it wasn't for me.Dad is a trooper and Olivia wasn't scared at all. She was reaching for the clouds.
Here is Miss America sporting her Band-aid (bunch of toilet paper wrapped around her heel) Nope it wasn't me that helped her cram her foot into a size to small shoe giving her blisters. OOPS!

Good Ole demo derby! It was alot of fun to have a driver to cheer for. Monty did not take the 5,000 win but him and his brother did a wonderful job both making it to the final heat!

Carter and Dad...Carter was busy in the bleachers but when the cars started he didn't move. All boy even at 1.

Here she is the famous Mother in law...

Win a prize every time! Hey daddy park your caddy and win Momma a prize ( um, yes that was said to us when Jeremy walked by with the stroller) Looks like the princess needs a prize...

Both Girls walked away with a few trinkets...Thanks Aunt Brandy!

Matthew is AMAZING! Helping the girls and riding with them..Loading them up and of course loving it!

Carter wants to be a dutch boy! After the parade we went to the little Windmill mall to use the restrooms and find a leash for Carter..I know sounds bad but I need know the cute little monkey backpacks that have a strap so you can allow your child to explore...

It was a great day!! We are recovering today...Naps all around and this momma is going to try and get one!

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The Kingsborough Queen

great pics...looks like a good time was had by all. loved the one of jer and carter. and then there is olivia...oh olivia! love, love, love her bandage and pretty much any other picture of her.