Tuesday, June 9, 2009

dreading the 12th...

School is out is 4 days.

DREADING it...why do ask? Do I not Love my children enough to want to be with them all day and all night? Oh, I love my children alright..I love them enough to want to keep them in school so they don't get hurt (by mom) doing wonderful summer activities.

Okay, they FIGHT and I hate it. It makes me want to drink and I don't drink. The level of noise goes through the roof. They whine, the spout off they are always trying to keep fairsies (is that a word?) the younger ones scream and the older ones act like miniature bossy moms ( um, I am NOT bossy) to the younger ones.

Matthew is going to 2 camps this year...Hallelujah!!! Mikey is working back at the berry fields and I am looking forward to paying Matthew all my stash to take the kids on a 5 hour walk. Will it be bad here after the 12th? yes, and I will roll with it..cuz' that's what us cool moms do...and they train their kids to sleep till 10am.

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I will invite you on our adventures, makes the kids not fight so much and keeps them busy! Even though I am usually exhausted by the time we are done!