Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thanks Regal!

Miss America and I ventured off to her very first movie at the mall last week. She loves going to the mall and because she loves going to the mall, asking me every week I tell her that there was a fire in the mall and they had to close it down (yes, I am that mom) just so she would quit asking. I do not take my kids to the mall very often. Carter has been maybe 2 times and Olivia maybe 5 in her whole life.

I choose not to take them for many reasons 1) Miss America needs EVERYTHING 2) I like me time 3) I am not a big shopper so I like to get in and get out. 4) there will be lots of years for me and her to shop.
Olivia was excited to see the movie and because it was free I thought it would be perfect time to enjoy her first movie. My mom came over to watch Carter so we could go and enjoy the morning. My mom is Awesome! She babysits quite a bit and it really helps me balance out time for each kid. Thanks mom.
Regal has offered free movies for the summer. Tuesday-Thursday 10am. 2 different movies, changing each week. This week It was the Vegi Tales movie. I could have snuck in pop and candy, pizza and popcorn in my mongo purse but I decided that I would order popcorn 1) Olivia LOVES popcorn 2) I want to support Regal Cinemas for their generosity.
Liv did really good at first. I am going to rant a bit here. Due to the fact it was a kids movie and it was free many parents brought babies or little ones who where just ot little for the movie. This led to climbing over seats, running down the isle, crying, talking and alot of commotion. I was trying to teach Olivia "Movie Rules" but it wasn't working. She wanted to play like everyone else and I wasn't going to allow it. So I told her if she wanted to play we would have to leave. Sure enough we left. Bummer, I was into the movie!
She is looking forward to "The Tale of Despereaux" and "Madagascar 2"

Thanks Regal!! Click here to see what Movies are playing all summer long

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