Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mommy Time

Well, I didn't realize that i have so many faithful blog reader out there! went to football last night and I was stopped by a few people who asked me how I was doing since surgery and they commented on my blog. Thanks. Sometimes you don't know who read this.

School is in full swing around here. football and drivers ed , along with diaper changing and routine for a 2 year old. I drove the boys to school again and now I am enjoying some ME time as i wait for the little ones to wake up. I think I will like this mommy time. It gives me a chance to think :)

Over the last week my pain has not went away. Constant and debilitating. I can't hardly walk,sit or anything. I went to the doctor on Friday and he wants and MRI which is scheduled for Tuesday with a follow up to the Dr. on Wednesday. This could mean another surgery! Urghhh...I am a bit annoyed of this whole process. When the pain is always present it takes so much out of you and away from who you are. I can live with a backache but back pain is horrible and I do not wish this upon anyone.

I have needed help lifting the baby, cleaning, driving,shopping and so many other mommy tasks. But it has also reminded me of God's faithfulness. He has brought wonderful friends and family into our lives. They are a blessing and I want each of you to know that I am forever grateful for you!! I am also blessed with a wonderful husband who is faithful to his vows during sickness & Health...even if we thought sickness & health would be 20-30 more years from now. :)

I will keep you all informed on what will happen after Tuesday. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Middle School

I could of grabbed his legs and not let him go!! I could of started crying. I could of kissed him a million times! I could of told stories of when he was a baby. Instead I dropped him off and watched him walk across the street by himself. I watched him meet up with friends. I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

Thank You Jesus for your Devine plan!!! Matthew left his lunch in the van!! YIPPEE SKIPPEEE

I pulled into the driveway...looked back and there it excuse to walk into his classroom an excuse to hug him!! Okay, it didn't go as planned, his face turned bright red and he really didn't want to look at me. That's okay several other students waved and said " Hi, Mrs. Vrieling"

I know in is heart he was happy to see me!

High school

yep, I went to the high school today...Boy oh Boy do I feel old. I just wanted to tell all the kids to enjoy this time of your life!! I wanted to tell them to slow down and not be in hurry to grow up. So many emotions!

Mikey was all decked out and ready to go! He wasn't to impressed with waking up at 6:30 but who would be!??

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Randoms

Well...where do I start?? So I have not worried much over the last week. I think I have been to busy to. I also realized how much sleep I lost. So not worth it.

Jeremy set up a vendors booth at the rodeo for our Montana Silver Line pf products. It was alot of work but it was fun. I didn't watch the rodeo but Matthew did and of course he loved it. If we could have a farm he would be the one to make it happen.
We did good and next weekend we will be at the Sumas Jr. Rodeo.

I picked up a strawberry shortcake doll for .49 cents on Wednesday. It has become Olivia's new best Friend. I think it is just as tall as her.

Matthew & Mikey started to realize school is only 2 days away. They have filled their backpacks and tried on all their clothes. I went shopping with Jenn Sunday and I have to tell you going with your best friend who is there only to help you was such a blessing. She was armed with my school supply list and pen and helped me get everything. I can see myself going with one kid at a time in these up coming years.

Carter is fighting a cold. I thought it was teething ( we have no teeth) but then it turned into a nasty cough. He is still just as laid back.

Well, I went to the doctor for a follow up on my leg pain. Over the last 5 days it has been so bad. I can't shower or sit or stand for more then 15 minutes with out tears in my eyes. the doctor is requesting another MRI asap to see if I need another surgery. Sometimes when a vertebrae shatters it is hard remove al the bone fragments and I might have one pinching the nerve. It has been the worst week ever for this. I think emotional draining...You want to get better but you can't....

So other then all of this I am planning Olivia's Party. She wants to go skating so bad. She walks around singing the Hokey Pokey...So that's what we are going to do. Matthew thinks he will have a sleep over...I like the not so sleepovers...I would get more sleep if I drove them home at 12:00 am. I think I just might do a not so sleep over.

.....I took a picture of my sister...Only 7 weeks left! I will be flying to California the day she is due. I really hope I don't miss it. Love you Tammy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3:48 am

I could not sleep last night! Nope, It wasn't Carter John keeping me awake...It was my thoughts...Normally I can just sleep. Not last night. I worried about EVERYTHING!! I get so wound up that if it is not a worry I will create a worry..

So what are we really going to do if gas hits 5.00 a gallon!? I mean seriously. You here what the government might or should do. We have cut back so much. I fill up every 6 weeks. I do not work and limit every trip and even will share rides to town. I am not one who firmly believes that the government should take care of us but in this case I kinds want to know what the plan is.

Next...So many families are losing their homes. How sad is that? I know so many people who are struggling! It is just crazy! I worry about ourselves and being self-employed. I worry about my retirement ( I am so not getting any younger!)

Next...I worry about my new housecleaning schedule I am going to implement. I am also going to learn to cook and freeze. I don't know if this is a worry.I just got exited thinking of it.

Next...Middle school. what if He doesn't fit in? what if he goes down hill from here? What if he gets bullied!? what if he bullies? Football...What of he gets hurt and breaks something? What if he ruptures his spleen? What if he is not a Good player?

Next...School shopping, school supplies, school cost, school lunches, teachers, pictures, orientation..WAKING up at 6:00am

Next...Work, not my work but Jeremy's work. we are having a booth at the Lynden Rodeo and at the Sumas Jr. Rodeo. I get nervous about our investment risk. Will it be awesome or will it sink?

Next...I worry about this upcoming year...I make resolutions when School starts..It is a new year for me..My back pain is still there and I am so uncomfortable everyday.

Next...Kids is Birthday's...Olivia wants to go skating and to Billy Mchales so she can see her O ( her name according to her) on the train..Matthew is not sure but is leaning towards a sleep over.

Next...We are leaving the kids for 4 days for our first together vacation!!

So at 3am I gave my worries to God and put my trust in him. Fell asleep at 3:48.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Money for your school....

I did not know that if you register your Safeway card you can earn money for the school of your choice. I had 17.98 that I just sent to Fisher school. If you get a minute sign your card up and choose the school you want to help out by going to escrip. It takes just a few minutes and you only need to do it once.

You earn money on buying certain items. I just bought my normal everyday items so I thought that was cool.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Friends....

Many of you know that I have had the same best friend since 7th grade. I am blessed with such a great friend who is so completely opposite of me! Jenn is the only child and I am one of 4. I am soooo not organized and she is. We have girls only 5 months apart and I love it!!! The girls are night & day different. It has been such a blessing to have them over at least 3 days a month! I can't wait for the day Jenn can stay home so we can hang out and experience so much more together. I am waiting for her to have another that time I WILL need a baby fix! We love you girls!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wipe Paper

Caution...Bare bottom!

So just when I think the house is clean Ms. Olivia decides to get into the toilet paper to dress her self as a princess. This is not the first time she pulls out the " wipe paper" I really do try to scold her for it but some how she goes right back to it. It is like a craft to much to do with it and so much of it. Susan, what I am I going to do with you!?

It has Arrived!!

YaY! I got my double stroller today and I am so in love! After waiting days for it to arrive I could of kissed the UPS guy when he dropped it off on my front porch! I was so excited I called Jeremy and was acting like a 5year old who just got the toy of her dreams.

After 6 months of looking and pondering I chose this one because of the fact it only weighs 23 pounds and had AWESOME reviews! I could not physically load the other ones I looked at..They weighed so much! So here it is...Oh, I am so in Love!

6 months and counting

I can't believe that 6 months has went by since Carter John has arrived into the Vrieling Family!! He is so sweet and laid back and by far the easiest baby we have had. He started to eat cereal and loves his fruits but like a good mommy I tried all the vegi's first. His daddy took him to the doctor to day where he weighed in at 18 pounds and had his next round of immunizations. We are so in love with him and his chunky legs,silly sounds and chubby cheeks.

Carter John...we love you so much! You have such a special place in our hearts and in our family. We look forward to all the days with you. Your smiles and laughter brighten up our days. We know what a blessing you are from our heavenly father. May all your days be filled with love and happiness. Thanks for the cuddles and all the laughs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Play

We are still hoping she chooses to be a cheerleader :)

Highway Robbery

Okay, I did not want to ruin the last blog with my rant...

HOLY COW!! I can't believe how much money it will cost us just to enter middle school. I received a letter for back to school prep should of read " GIVE US ALL YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!" Seriously, I am in shock over the fact that between school clothes and all the extras it will run us about 400.00!

Here is the breakdown....

School clothes & Shoes....250.00 ( Conservative )
Supplies for school 55.00
Planner 6.00 ( Required by the school and must be purchased at the school)
Science Kit 6.00 ( Required)
ASB Card 12.00 ( required because he is in Football ) I would think that 135.00 for him to play would have been enough.
Yearbook 24.00
School pictures taken that day...36.00 ( The package we need)
Green & Gold reversible...No Idea yet

Just about every penny needs to be paid for on The 19th! This does not include lunches.

And you wonder why people go into debt!??


Oh my sweet baby boy will be entering 6th grade this year!! I don't like it one bit! Where has the time gone? Are the days of bug catching gone? Trucks that lined my window sills or the matchbox cars in my bed...I know I have another little boy in the house but it won't be the same. Matthew has been developing into a very responsible young man who loves the Lord and it is amazing to watch. Of course we our still parenting and coaching...Brush your teeth, take a shower, do your chores and talking about all the fun " growing up" stuff. I want the days of cartoons in my bed, fly soup, little made up songs, cheesy smiles and lap cuddles back. There is a special place in my heart for all my children...however, nothing beats your first born child. The amazing love and admiration for another human is so profound.

So here comes the boy-girl parties and the curfews along with more " growing pains"..

Matthew, I know you will read this...I want to say that your father and me are SO very PROUD of you and the young man you re becoming. We are so excited that you love the Lord with all your heart. You mean the world to us and we could not ask for a better son. 6th grade will be full of fun and heartache. We will always be here for you! Love you forever. You are my favorite!

Side note: I tell all my kids in secret that they are my favorite. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cake Anyone!?

Our church has been so wonderful with bringing meals and with each meal there has been dessert...We don't have normally have dessert after dinner ( oh, but I would love it!) Olivia loved having the goodies more then anyone...she kept dipping her fingers in the icing...I would tell her no however, she would look at me with her finger pointing saying " just one more,MOM!" I finally had to stop her and being 2 years old she wasn't impressed :)

10 years...

I can't believe that we celebrated 10 years of marriage on August 1st! It seems just like yesterday that we were headed on a plane to Vegas to commit to spend eternity together. The journey of marriage has not been easy however I would NOT trade it for the world. we are stronger people today and alot more wiser...I remember dreaming what it would be like when we were in our 30's..with kids. Yep, nothing like I thought..much more rewarding! When we hit 20 we will party like ROCK STARS!!

I wish I had a scanner so I could show you what Jenn's (my BFF) hair looked like!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Hobby

Jeremy Loves to golf...Here are a few pictures of how he likes to "escape" He wishes he had more time..Being self-employed and a very busy dad of 3 he doesn't get to go as much as he would love to. We sure do Love his time at home but very happy he found a way to "Escape" :)


Phil Harris the Captain of The Cornelia Marie from the Deadliest Catch lives by our property in Lake Stevens and we were able to meet him at the Park swap meet. I didn't get a picture however my step-dad did.....We have loved the show since the first seeing him was exciting! On the last episode the showed the park and where he lived when he wasn't on the boat. Anyways...that's our exciting news!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks Safeway!

Here is another "random' picture that I wanted to share...I ordered this cupcake cake for Olivia's 2nd Birthday. It was only 19.99 and it was such a hassle free no mess cake and super cute! Who ever invented cupcake cakes...YOU ROCK!

Frost Rodeo Drive....

I happened to find this picture and just had to share!! My Grandparents have lived in Sumas for 50 years and last year my grandma passed away. She served on the Sumas Chamber for 34 years and on the Sumas Rodeo association for 35...Before she passed the city along with her chamber friends presented them with a special gift....A road named after them in Sumas....

Miss you Grandma!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


We have been really busy between having surgery and the wedding and just having 4 kids in the house.

I am recovering still however I am up and moving...Many people wonder how & Why...well laying down and doing nothing is not good...Moving Slow and steady helps with a quality recovery. Doing Nothing is not good for anyone...walk,stretch,move and keep active!! First hand experience you do not want any kind of injury....

Anyways....Wedding went good....Well except Olivia never made it down the Isle ( she called it the Island) She took off her dress and shoes and cried. During pictures she hid under my dress...You know the dream you have your baby girl being a flower girl and how cute and sweet and darling it will be!? yep, Dream turned to nightmare. Oh,well at least there was 2 flower girls...What can you do!?

Jeremy took the kids along with Great-Grandpa Vandergiessen to the tractor show on Saturday. Jenn & Michelle came over cleaned the house and lifted my spirits! Thanks Girls.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!