Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting to know my readers

I know people read my blog and never comment. I have no idea if they really care or if they are just bored and stumble across it and then end up knowing my family or if they really just think we are that interesting! Today I had a girl who was about 3 years younger then me in school , lives in the same town and her brother was in my grade talk to me about my blog.

After the movie I wanted to check out Old Navy. It has been about 5 months since I had been there last. Huge 5 Dollar sale going on! Swimsuits, shorts and summer stuff 5 BUCKS! only till Sunday so you better get in there! Anyways I went to check out and the girl smiled at me and comment on how she loved my blog and follows our family stories and had great compliments to say. I really didn't know how to respond. I was Lovin the fact she complimented me but it felt a bit strange. I jokingly made a comment that I should turn my blog to private and she asked me not to. What a sweetheart!

Now, I know most of you don't comment and that is fine. I suck at leaving comments to. But I am going to ask you to leave a comment and if you want tell me your favorite thing I write about That would awesome! Maybe I will randomly do a surprise giveaway!!

If you don't have a blogger name...please remember to sign your comment :) Once you sign up to comment you can follow the blog and it will email you every time I post.

* Thanks for your kind words today!! You know who you are :)

10 ...Stalker Comments:


Hello, my name is Tiffani and I read your blog! I enjoy everything, I think people like getting a peek into someone else's life. I appreciate your honesty most!

The Mama - aka Heather

You already know I lurk 'round here.
I feel the same way - wonder who reads. Hope you get some feedback!


Hi Tiffiny, It's Amara...I have checked out your blog off and on for a while. I must have found out you had one through Facebook, but I can't be sure. I feel a little "snoopy" reading others' blogs, but then again, I figure, hey it's public, right? I love reading your blog because you just post about every day stuff. As moms we're all basically going through the same stuff with our kids and families. Things happen to different degrees and families respond in their own ways, but at least we all know we're not alone. I really don't know you that well, Tiffiny, but from your blogs I know that you are a wonderful mother, wife, sister and friend.


So here is one for you Tiffiny, I found a friend's blog off of another blog and I left a comment. She then found my blog and left a comment. Then the next time I went to look at her blog she had made it private and I don't have her email to let her know that I can't get to her blog, but the funniest part, she still reads my blog and makes comments!

Our internet was down for over a week and I was having Tiffiny blog withdrawals. I am glad it is back up and running.



Dont make it private! Thats how I got to know you! sort of, besides our meeting long ago that i dont remember well! :) I love reading your blog, I am a bad commenter too, but will try harder!


Hi Tiffany my name is Erin and I am friends with Sara Joy (Baker's Mom) I saw your blog from reading hers. I love reading your's because you are soooo funny, witty, honest and a lover of Jesus. I look forward to reading your blog everday. I plan on creating a blog when I get pregnant (2010 - yes I am a planner) and I hope it is as great as yours.
Erin Doucette


I check your blob every day to see if you have posted anything new. I am not too computer literat, so what I do not understand is how can anybody find someones blog that they do not even know?

J5 Farms

I love your honesty and how creative you are. Your kids are adorable and I really hope Carter is okay and doesn't have to endure surgery.


You know I've been a reader since the very beginning...since the myspace blog posts! Love reading all about your family!

Brenda C.

Tiff, I think you are a talented writer! You should write a book! You are entertaining and relatable. You speak from your heart. I'll bet it is nice to keep a "diary" of the happenings of your life. Keep it up!