Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make it a quad..

I am not talking about a stiff drink but I should be....read the earlier post. I am talking about my love of Mocha's. The fattening....750 calorie " love potion" that I crave everyday. However my bank account can do without the umpteen debits to the local coffee house.

I Used to hate coffee. My parents Love coffee and I used to turn my nose up to the coffee...until I realized about 15 years ago at the Go-Go espresso you can add chocolate and syrup to the coffee. My addicitoin started. Every morning at 6;10 I would line up for my coffee on my way to work for 4 years solid I did this. Looking back I should have bought an espresso machine. But really would it taste the same? You can have a grill but do your steaks taste like the local steakhouse? I keep thinking I should really buy an espresso machine. Would it really be the same? would it sit on my counter collecting bacon grease splatters and grimey hand prints? Would I become the best hot housewife barista in the neighborhood?

What brings on this post? Well, my kids are still sleeping. It is 9am and I am training them to sleep in the mornings so I can gather my thoughts and be the best momma I can to them when they awake. I first need 3 cups of coffee. My friends know that a mocha is all it takes to ask me to watch their kids...how easy is that??? Make it a quad and you have yourself a rockin babysitter.

Thanks Jules for the Mocha this morning! You made my day even better.

Do you own an espresso machine and do you use it???

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We do own an espresso machine ... but we still like the wonderful coffee shop down the street.

I am not a caffeine girl, so my mocha addiction is all about the social life that goes along with it.

Yes, we use our espresso machine, and we do save money by having it. But, that doesn't mean that we don't still have those darn debits coming out of our linked coffee card. (Just less of the debits than we would if we didn't have our own machine.)

If you buy your own machine ... DON"T just buy a cheap one. You've got to have one with a good pump for frothing the milk. We bought ours for $100 about 12 years ago, and it's still working well.

I am NOT a coffee girl either ... it's got to have the good old chocolate in it.

Oh ... I didn't really need to know how many calories are in my favorite drink. (smile)

mama of 13


I have a friend in CA that bought a rockin' espresso machine that she uses multiple times a day. It replaced her coffee pot, so anytime she wants a cup of coffee it brews a fresh one for her. She also stared hosting a once a week coffee time for her friends to get together and catch up from the week. Fridays from 9-10(we often went til 11 or 12 sometimes! It was fun! I miss it! Look her us on my blog list...Jenn Shabro.


We do not own an espresso machine, and to be honest, I don't even know how to make a pot of coffee. We do have a coffemaker in the pantry, but it rarely gets used.

I know, I'm weird, but I don't drink caffeine. I will enjoy a latte every now and again, but that is only about five or six times a year.

3 little and 2 big liks

gotta say, i do owe an espresso machine. i use it faithfully, every morning.
i feel like i should have 'stock' in Woods Coffee. i'm there THAT much.
now that's just sad.
pathetic and sad.
i really should add up how much moe-la (cash) i spend there every month. it may just STOP me from going there.
probably not though.
there is something to be said about cheerful, perky, SO friendly young things whipping up a cup of Joe.

when i drink my coffee from a driveup window, it just tastes better. wouldn't you agree?
again, sad and pathetic.
like 'they' say, "if mamma ain't happy....." :)