Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am a huge lover of Halloween costumes! Most people collect tea cups, spoons, arts & crafts, and other stuff you can display...but me it is ugly holiday sweaters and costumes!! This year Carter was our puppy. During the small amount of time we went trick or treating he would walk like a dog to each one point going into a house and sitting there like a dog. House after house I had to coax him out of the real dog even took to him as a play mate.

He didn't understand that you could only take one candy. He would reach into the bowl pulling out as many pieces he could with his chubby fingers...Nobody cared because he was house yelled for us as we where leaving so the rest of their family could see him.

Miss America went with her friend so I missed my picture moment....she wanted to be a witch but I don't like scary things so I bought a silver glitter wig and had her be a fun "Rockstar Witch"

And Matthew...he went to his first party.....

You can never get moments like this back...

My "little boy" long as I am living my baby you'll be..............

It would be fair to say they did not want their picture taken...But I wouldn't allow that...moments like your first formal dance and your dad helping you with your tie need to be captured.

It melts my heart...another thing that comes to mind is I am grateful God gave our marriage the help it needed to be together for events just like this one.....

I am proud of us....I am proud of my handsome son.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shiny Noses...

Some day' can't help but adore them....other days you want them to fly away with other Reindeer...

Big Hair

Is it all bad I like big hair?? I have since 1992....I also like you could see my collar bone...ha!

Ready For A Change

* this is a disclaimer to my best friend*
I would really like a new blog page for Christmas

Anyways.....The first of the year is fast approaching!! I want to purge and organize this entire house...Big dreams..huge hopes..

September normally brings the "change" to the house...this September I had all three kids in school and I had no idea how busy I would be. I really didn't understand "living in your car" until this year...Pick up this one, bring this one here, and try not to let them beat the holy crap out of each other as we are confined to the mini ( we have three rows of seats but they all want to sit in the front row, go figure) going here and there.

I am not at home as much as I thought I would be. I do get Friday's off from parenting...I have a standing appt. every Friday, they go their Grandma's and after I run a few errands I come home and rest for a few hours. It is always something to look forward to. I wish I had more energy and felt better to tackle the Craft ( CRAP) closet...this year I will buy the totes..they may sit there.. However, I need to clean it out.

I was in the shower the other day and heard Liv screaming ( nothing new) I got out of the shower with shampoo still in my hair only to find her on the ground with Chutes & Ladders, CandyLand, Jumping Monkeys, a spilled color box, and every other crap project was all over her and the boxes hit her square in the face...that is going to leave a mark.

Among other things..I don't have a list for the New Year..I will just go along for the ride ...what ever God brings to me...the gift and ability to not procrastinate, organization skills, and abundant amount of patience if it never happens....I will go along with his plan, to just be who I am crap closet and all....

Monday, December 19, 2011

This Is How We Roll....

The best babysitter in the entire a cheap Golf cart ( one that breaks down every few blocks) and put your 15 year old in charge and see how long they are gone for....add the dog for a laugh.

Then you can laugh when family members spot your kids blocks away and take pictures for you...or when your neighbors give you kudos on facebook for having the best babysitter!

Lost in the trenches... thoughts always swirl in my head. I have mentioned that before. I want to blog. I want to write. I want to publish a book someday. My crazy life. However I have been lost and confused on what I should write or even what I should blog. I realized last night laying in bed that even if I don't share my story I can share my kids and there NOT so funny to me, but to everyone else they are.

My last surgery was not as successful as I had hoped. I went for a CT scan last week and of course my Doctor is out of the country. Go figure. Like he needs a break. Just joking he is a kick a** doctor who cares alot about his patients including me. I have been going to him for over 6 years.

Feels like I have someone stepping on my tail bone every minute of everyday. I continue my job as a mom and a wife but there are days I just want to do nothing. Crawl in bed and eat Oreo joke. My counselor wouldn't think that was the best idea but I can disagree with someone who has BA degree in physc, right?!?

Yes, I have been seeing a counselor for over a year. It helps alot. If I go more then two weeks without seeing him my life seems to be out of control. I know I have a God but sometimes I get angry with him ( not a good thing) for this...this life...the one that started at birth.

I was telling my counselor how jealous I was of certain people ( for many reasons) like they have a job, they are committed room moms, they don't need drugs....and he asked me if I was to give them 5 back surgeries would they be the same person??

The answer was NO...their whole life would be changed.

I worry. I worry more then the average joe. I hate it. I hate going through each day learning to change my thought process. I hate knowing that it is all mental.

Sooooo....Mix mental with physical and you get someone lost in the trenches.

Another reason I quit blogging is the spelling Nazi's I have out there. I should have paid more attention in high school. I get that. Or in elementary school or in middle school...whatever. I am who I am.

If you critique my blog then don't read it. My insecurity is no more. I am who I am. I would have paid more attention..but when your home life sucks and you feel the way I did, you are not in the state of mind to pay attention.

So once again..I say I am therapy for me is this..

The Story of My Life.....