Friday, October 30, 2009

Only happens to me.

Things only happen to me. I swear it.

Drive 1.5 to Children's Hospital for AllStar's appointment. Doctor is running 2 hours.

I leave here with plenty of time. Awake at 5:30 after going to bed a t 12am due to the fact I swear Tylenol made Miss America HYPER...Out the door only to be greeted by a stupid Washington downpour on the freeway. My Lampout light starts blinking, going haywire, Beeping LOUD every 3 seconds ( I counted) I call Dh only to find out this happen to him last week. He said it stopped for him. Ummm...No it didn't dear, still happening.

I pull into a gas station an ask the safest looking women there if I have brake lights. Yep, I do...
I continue on , Making my way to the Hospital. I saw the doctor for 10 minutes. After a 2 hour wait he should have bought me lunch.
Orders where givin for Allstar to do a test at the Seattle location. He has lost 3.5 pounds in 6 weeks. Concern is growing so this test we need to complete next week. DH better fix the radio in my van or the Lampout issue or I am taking a Limo.

I leave there tired and mentally exhausted. after all it is MY birthday.

I get lost. way lost. Call DHonce again Crying. I was in a panic. I hate traveling alone. I hate driving in places I have no idea where the heck I am . After cussing him up & down he informs me that the GPS thingy is in the truck. WTH? Seriously? You couldn't have mentioned that before? I find my own way. Call him again tell him I am sorry for acting like a crazy wife. I wasn't all that sorry but I did feel bad.

I go shopping. Find an AWESOME sale. Leave that store on the way
to the next but skipped it. Went to the truck. POURING down rain. Loaded up the stroller into the truck ( it was my passenger) loaded Allstar who was drenching. Started home. Reached over and ate a fry out of the cup ( they came in a cup) only to realize they are now soggy wet fires. Felt sorry for myself.
looked back he was asleep. Thought about pulling into a truck stop to take a nap. Changed my mind when I started to remember books I read of murder's taken place a truck stops.

Go home. I see presents. Oh, what a way to end a day. it got better....DH scored points today. 2 cards, pajama's , perfume and flowers. Oh, how he Loves me ( even when I go nutso on him)
First time bout 2 years I got a card or flowers...

Ordered dinner in and crawled into bed. Thinking I do have a pretty amazing life.

Friday's Facts

Thankful For:

Family. My mom who babysits at least 3 times a week some weeks. My Sister who shows me amazing strength and courage. My in laws all of them. I have a great support system.

Listening To:

3 special steps, that's all you need....Special agent OSO...he's O-SO special...

What's For Dinner:

Yummy food with all my girlfriends...celebrating me. Thanks Girls!!

Looking Forward To:

Finding the perfect gifts for my family...Cookie exchange and favorite things party!! NEW carpet..

I am needing or wanting:

Energy. Plain ol'energy so I can complete Miss America's new room


Shoes. Urghh...where are you??? Quit hiding!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stay Focused.

October depletes my bank account due to the all the birthdays. I mean MY birthday is in October but due to the fact my husband has not figured out my love language, it is not my birthday that breaks the bank. I wish. I really, really , really wish.

So with all the grumbling about breaking the bank I have been preparing for Christmas. Miss America's gift is hiding under my bed. Purchased in September. NICE! Her stocking is complete. Now to work on other things.

I am getting ready to order my cards from HERE. Don't see anything you like?? Just give her ideas from other cards and then BAM you got your OWN card. Not one that anyone else has..I get my uploaded to Costco. If you upload a 100 you get 5cents off each card. It is a pretty amazing deal. Cheaper then most places. Yes, I order over 100..people like me...I hope they do. I AM sending them a card.

I have been visiting this site printing off my planners and lists knowing FULL well I will LOSE them.

I want to order a few of these snazzy items from Slo Day Designs for Miss America. I need something to go with her Christmas dress.

I have been looking on-line for the perfect gifts. So far I have found some really neat things for people in my life. I can't share cuz they read my blog.

I am excited to put up my new tree I got at 80% off last year. I think It is to big for the house. Leave it to me. I will have to take off the top and make it work.

I took up making pumpkin loafs. SO easy. I add chocolate chips ( go figure) to the mix. YUMMO!

What else? Matthew's room is just about done. The kid has more electronics then Best Buy. I think I rolled and organized 150 cords, chargers and remote control car thingies.

Next on to Olivia's...Looking for Wall Decals for her room but ended up ordering one for the downstairs bathroom. How does that happen to me? It must be ADHD. Ya think If I diagnose myself they would give me the drugs to stay focused?!?

So Have you started your Christmas yet? What Ideas do you have?
{ Picture has NOTHING to do with the post..other then I thought it was funny. }

Saturday, October 24, 2009

nothing better to do...

So today I was to go watch my niece play her last soccer game. It about 1 hour away. I was looking forward to it. I have only been down there once. They come here about 5 times a month.

My kids have snotty noses. No big cough or fevers but every time I think they are okay they end up getting run down and seem to go backwards on the road to recovery. I pay for preschool in advance and you have to pay even if they go or not and she has missed 3 days so I need her to get better.

So I opted out of going. I WANTED to go....I was excited to actually have an outing planned.

So here I am nothing to really do okay, I could do clean the downstairs. It is a complete mess. Instead I am eating left over Chinese food.

This week am I take our little All star to the doctor, on my birthday no less. Hoping my husband can meet us there. It looks promising but I don't get my hopes up, sometimes things at work are out of his control.

I have a doctors appointment this week. I am 99.9% sure he will just tell me when my surgery date will be.

Friday a group of girls are going to dinner and it is my Mother in laws birthday so I think on Sunday we might all get together to celebrate. Saturday is my step-dad's birthday and my other brother in law shares the same birthday as me. Very busy October.

All the ramblin's of my week...What is your week looking like?

* Jada Drew...I love you and hope you had a wonderful game!!!

Green with Envy

So why is it that you can go to someones house and be completely mental with the case of ENVY?

Went to a friends house yesterday for Bunko. She is living in a shop house. A shop that you live in while you build. Small but VERY inviting. We pulled up and just her few Fall decorations outside made me want to go in and see the rest of her home.


She had everything so perfect. Every wall was covered to pure perfection.

Oh, her boys room was stunning. Looked like I had walked in to the Pottery barn store.

I felt at home. It was very eye opening to me. No matter what you call home 800 square feet to 3000 square can enjoy living there with just a few inexpensive items.

I was ENVY of her ability to decorate. I was tried really hard not to break the commandment of not wanting what your neighbor has but it was HARD!!

I am inspired. I am saving my money handing it to her and she will be doing Miss America's room and then MY room. I need her. I woke up wanting her to come over today....

I would have looked like a crazie calling her at 8am asking her to come over.

Lindy, You are amazing!!!

and yes, I am still fighting the little green envy bug....

Can dad get me a case of beer?

How does one day your child "grow up"? I mean really.

Last year we took him trick or treating this year he throws open the door Huck's his backpack and asks me if his dad can get him a case of beer.

I FREAKED ignored him. He was continuing to go on and on about how he needed a case of liquor to get into a Halloween party he was invited to.

Do you wanna know what I said?





oh, my golden child....your quick wit...

...Knowing he can get me going by a few words...he knows i go crazy...He knows I would have dropped to the floor crying, holding his legs begging him never to drink

he hands me his invite. His FIRST boy girl Halloween party. No Drugs. No alcohol typed nicely on the invite. ( thinking of kissing the parents for the ZERO tolerance on this stuff)

he does need 2 bucks.

Crap, I'll hand him a 20.00 to continue to go to parties like this.

and for the record my sweet boy..........


got it.?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Facts

Thankful For:

Paper towels. They can seriously pick up alot of accidental spills. I mean dd you know how yuk it would be to haul out a big ole mop each time one of my Naughty sweet children had an accident?

Listening To:

Hum of the dishwasher and the heater clicking on

What's For Dinner:

No idea..arghh...crockpot something. Chicken & Rice.

Looking Forward To:

my birthday Halloween when the kids get to dress up and have fun. And mom & dad get to dress up and have fun!!

A laundry shoot. Seriously. Laundry room downstairs bites. Right now I am needing a 20 ounce mocha.


My grandma Shirley. It was her birthday this week. I think the biggest thing is I really didn't spend enough time with her until she got sick. I don't know why I feel so guilty but it has forever effected how I feel about my kids and their grandparents. I know I didn't do anything wrong, like not coming over when asked or stopping by on holidays..I did all that. I just wish I would have stopped by just because. Just because she was alive and I loved her.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your NOT his Mommy anymore?

Today we saw Mikey for the first time since he moved out on Friday. Interestingly enough Matthew called Mikey last night to make plans for today. When Matthew got home from school the phone was ringing for Matthew and it was Mikey. I had to bring Matthew out to a field to go ride motorcycles with Mikey and his friends. Matthew was telling me yesterday that it was weird not having him here.
Chin up , shoulders back I tried to change the subject but realized this wasn't a 4 year old I was talking to. I told Matthew that is was okay to feel that way. I mean just look at Mikey's room he still has 99% of his stuff here and has called me already to take him to the doctor.

He will always have a place in our hearts.

Carter saw Mikey in the door and freaked out. Olivia called Mikey's name and Mikey being sixteen waved from the door. Not good enough. Olivia SCREAMED for Mikey. Mikey put his shoes on and came over to say hi. If they could undo car seat straps they would have flown into his arms.

As we where leaving Carter was crying for Mikey and Olivia started crying asking if Mikey will remember her. I told of course he will. He is your uncle and will be forever.

She looked at me and Said " Your Not his mommy anymore?"

I told her I was never his mommy. He has a mommy. She asked me if his mommy loved him as much as I did. Of course she does. Mommy's love their kids very much and wants what best for them.

" well then if you want whats best for him you should make him stay with us till he has grand kids"

Oh, Miss's just not that easy.

* Mikey's parents moved into Lynden so Mikey could finish school here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I want to be high maintenance

I am not a high maintenance. I feel guilty getting my hair done. I don't have the time to get my nails done. lay in a tanning bed , shop when I feel like it and my pedicures are so far and few in between each one you can see a pin head of color on my big toe.

There is nothing wrong with doing any of this stuff. If I had time and money I would indulge in each one of these. Without a doubt.

Even when I am sick I have a hard time asking , begging for someone to take care of me. Last night I just about started crying when DH called to say he would be late. I had one kid who needed to go to Boy Scouts and 2 other kids who have runny noses that have cabin fever BAD! I felt so guilty JUST thinking about being upset with him, he works hard and lately putting in 65 hours a week at one job and 10-15 hours at another.

Some times I want to kick my feet and throw a fit till I get what I want. What is it that I want that I must kick my feet for it???

A Nanny , so I can be high maintenance.

aww..the joys of mommy getting sick.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is just crazy...

Here I sit. Not showered. Nor do I plan to be today. I prefer smelling. I made Chicken rice soup to smell up the house to cover my smell.

I should clean but not going to. I have NOTHING on my calendar till Thursday and that is just a silly ole' hair appointment. I mean who needs 2 whole glorious hours by yourself reading trashy gossip magazines and over hearing the conversations of others??

My house smells like paint. Love that smell ( no I am not sniffing paint) and LOVE it and APPRECIATE it more when I have a friend like Jules.

How can it be that I have made random blogs over the last few weeks? maybe this blogging thing is not for me. I am starting to feel Stalked Loved.

Go check out the sweet Life

Saturday, October 17, 2009

just close my eyes

I could not close my eyes last night. I tried. I was tired. I couldn't sleep. So many things on my mind. I seriously could have done without a night like last night.

* How do I design a new blog page. How would one go about it ( without calling their girlfriend who is super de duper feakin awesome!) without spending money on it? Do they teach classes for this? I am know you can go to the Facecrack Facebook class at the community college.

* How do I decorate Olivia's new room? This one had visions of Pottery Barn all over it. Visions of cuteness and credit cards so that put a kabash on that, as we are striving to NEVEREVER have debt.

* How will Matthew be today? He was sad about Mikey. He felt alone. I felt sad.

* Why must my husband snore tonight? He doesn't every night but tonight? I am in deep thought here..processing my life and you are snoring? How dare you sleep through my night of complete life planning???

* Did I lock the doors? I ask myself that like 10 times. Finally I get up and yep, it is locked and I call myself a paranoid freak.

* Close my eyes....and I wonder what my children will be when they grow up?

* Open my eyes to see my Miss America over me asking for a cup and her blanket. I give her a cup and blanket. She lays back down I stumble back to bed, look at the clock and its 8:15am.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Worry Ends Where Faith Begins..

re-balancing. re-adjusting.

Sad day for my boy.

Worried day.

Fearful day.

Knowing I have faith and faith gives me hope.

Mikey moved out tonight.

Friday Facts...

So I am not doing Thursday with Tiffiny anymore. I know your pulling out your tissues right now and asking yourselves "how can this be?" I decided to change it to Friday Facts...I want you to join us!

Allison turned Thursday's with Tiffiny into Friday Facts.....I love this idea and hope that it will get you to join with us and put your week into review.

Thankful For:

Vitamins. Really. I found Vitamin d3 in liquid yesterday and it taste great!! My medicine cupboard is filled with all sorts of painkillers vitamins to ward off the piggy flu.

Listening To:

The hum of the dishwasher, Handy Manny and Olivia begging me to wear her Christmas dress. I should NEVER EVER let her be with me when I purchase something so spectacular as a Christmas gown. Lesson learned.

What's For Dinner:

I am not cooking..I have a jewelry party scheduled here for a lady who is raising money for an adoption of a baby. Maybe I will make circle sandwiches and they can eat them when they are with their dad.

Looking Forward To:

My Birthday. I love my birthday.

I am needing or wanting:

I am NEEDING a pedicure. You know it is in need when your heals get caught on your sheets while sleeping. Now it is between taking the time to do it myself or going in.


a BRAND new pair of shoes I bought for Carter..he wore them once for family pictures and now I can't find them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SAHM meant to be boring?

Sometimes being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is kinda boring. I am not going to sugar coat it and tell everyone that it is the best thing in the world. There is a difference between it being the best thing for your child and the best thing in the world.

I am so ever grateful that at this time in my life, no matter how I got here I am home with my kids. I love being home when my 13 year old walks in the door. I am one of the most consistent things in his ever so changing life.

I love playing with Olivia and kissing Carter all day. I find myself struggling with how boring it is all day, everyday.

Really, I am to start a project? Okay, lets see..If I paint...

* Purchase supplies- This would mean taking my kids in public...they just might start hucking stuff, pulling each others hair, ripping paint samples off the wall, begging for a quarter....

* prep the walls- um yeah, my 1 year old would have the blue tape over his mouth and eyes courtesy of his 4 year old sister. He would find all the screws to the outlet covers and eat them.

* Ready to paint- this can only be done at naptime and considering they never nap at the same time It doesn't get done. The paint would be part of their wardrobe and my decor, mainly due to the fact It doesn't come off carpet.

See....I can only do so much cleaning....Like now...the house is clean, laundry going, hum of the dishwasher..dinner planned and here I am Bored.

If I start a game with Liv Carter will eat the pieces, throw the cards and kick the game board.

My kids are really not out of control..they are just children...looking for a few or a hundred time outs a day.

We are busy people. I am in class one night a week, table leader for our Local MOPS chapter, one son in football, 1 in preschool....

Are most of your home likes this??

Say yes, so I don't feel so bad!!

a bit to big

* Pictures in reverse order

Carter decided to dive into the sink for a bath...fully clothed and ready for bed. I changed him went to put the laundry downstairs and came back to find him in the sink again!!

What is so FUNNY?? I just wanted a bath.

Making Cashola

Matthew learned how to make roses, wallets, and bracelets from duct tape. Start selling roses at school and the next thing you know he has a business. 4 orders yesterday. Don't be surprised if your child asks for 3 bucks. It is going to help mom cover the cost of the duct tape.

I love this kid!!!

yeah, we claim food

Imagine my surprise when I opened the pantry and found this.....

Really? We claim food? I am known to ration out food. You know things like Fruit by the Foot, Pre-packaged snacks and goodies. I have a stash under my bathroom sink. This not due the fact I want to eat it by myself but due to the fact they can finish off a box of snacks in 2 hours.
Matthew wanted the good soup and dad said " it is mine" Matthew then ran over grabbed a sharpie...that was the last I heard and when I woke up here is what I found.
Only in my house.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Go Lions GO!!

All tied up....that would explain why I only got 2 pictures of football...
Go Matthew!!

There he is!!

My Number 9!

Hide and seek

They are hiding from Matthew....

All 3 of them managed to hide in the smallest space in house....

Good thing he found them in record time or Jenn just might be a hunched over old woman...

Go ahead blog it...

Don't be surprised when your not so perfect mommy moment gets blown COMPLETELY out of context and is posted by another fellow blogger.

Don't get hurt feelings when the other blogger lives in the same small town.

Don't be surprised when a friend emails you the link to the blog knowing full well it is you.

This is why I do not share my irritations or opinions about others with out having an Anonymous blog.

Why did I remove the previous post?

* My fellow mommy Friends gave her a piece of their mind in support of me. ( I felt the love!)

* Small town...small world..small talk

So go ahead blog what you want...but remember EVERYONE can read it.

Not me Monday's....

I am writing this only because I have time this morning.

Lately I find myself randomly searching facecrack for no reason and yet have 3 or 4 blog post to accomplish. I don't get a 15 minute train of thought going. If I do my kids are beating each other, finding sharp objects, getting into my make-up, doing the dishes by themselves, finding sticks as weapons, undoing 3 loads of clean FOLDED laundry and calling China on my phone.

In the Course of the last week I have not or did not do the Following....

I did not give my 1 year old a package of M&M's to eat while I typed up some documents for the bank.

I did not put chocolate milk into a bottle. I am firm believer in the bottle should be pulled at 1 year , used for milk only and some how my son does NOT still have the bottle due the fact I am NOT scared if I pull it he will lose weight and be hospitalized and it not just because he is my last baby. No, I wouldn't baby my baby.

I did NOT put my son in brown girly shoes because I am NOT cheap like that and I am NOT sentimental like that thinking they could easily pass for boy shoes.

I did NOT find a milk cup after a few weeks in the truck and I did not try to salvage it by cleaning it really good and I did NOT keep in the dishwasher for 4 cycles making sure we could re-use it.

I did NOT make my 13 year old stand in a corner next to my 4 year old and I did not laugh when they both blamed each other for being stuck to the wall.

I did NOT lose my to-list and found myself in tears over how unorganized I really am.

I did NOT lose my cool when DH bought a Blackberry so he could check his email. Why would I lose my cool? Well, when my contract is up and I get a free phone I go with the FREE phone. Like he checks his email..I will leave it at that.

I did NOT price carpet last week for the living room. I did not contemplate suprising DH with new carpet when he came home. Crapola..who puts white carpet in a 4 bedrrom house (meaning kids might live there)

I did NOT use my crockpot 4 days last week. I am NOT addicted to that darn thing.

I did NOT bake cookies last week and pumpkin bread....I did NOT boast my baking skills to all who entered my home.

I did NOT make my husband play bad cop while I played good cop to a certain 16 year old boy.

What did you NOT do???

hand sanitizer.

Olivia LOVES hand sanitizer. Wants me to put it on her all the time and often finding bottles in my purse and the next thing you know my house or van smells like I just came out the local tavern. One day she will have emptied the whole container and I will be pulled over, asked to do a sobriety test and fail, only because I am clumsy like that.

Anyways, Britney spears has a song out called Womanizer.

Okay, for all you bashers out there she has teenage boys who live in this house. I do not buy her Brittney Spears Cd's. Chill.

So instead of saying womanizer she sings " hand sanitizer" and proudly tells people that her mom has no idea about the hand sanitizer song.

Like duh mom. You are so uncool.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Party and paintballs

Matthew had so much fun paintballing...he is asking to do it again this weekend!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Prayers for Carter

I have a call into the doctor at children's to see what our next option will be for testing. Our next appointment is in a few weeks.

I brought him to after hours care and was talking to the doctor (Dr. Knowels) there and she said to have the testing done only at Children's, not locally. She said that our doctors are good but lack any experience with kids.

Lately Carter makes a funny face almost as if his face is frozen in a mid wink expression. I can't be certain that it is really stuck like that or if it just an expression.It happens at random times and it is almost like he can't help it. My mommy gut is telling me that there is more to Carter's story then I even know.

When sharing Carter's story I have had many friends email me, telling me that they have Gastroparesis....Click here to read more about it... It is like his stomach is paralyzed.

I am thinking that this maybe EXACTLY what he has. I have printed off the information to bring to the doctor. Today when I called I requested a stomach emptying test that Dr. Knowels had recommend. I am waiting for a call back.

Please pray for Carter...he is 20 months old and almost every night is in so much pain and discomfort. We want and need answers.....

New car smell

Nope, I have not purchased a new car. I wish...we dream and talk about it everyday. I have 2 kinda vehicles I want and they are not this point I don't need a new vehicle I just really want one. I don't want a 2nd vehicle payment and I defiantly don't need one. I have been cruising the truck lately.

I don't feel all that super hot in it....due to the major fact it has in BIG letter " Jeremy's Watch & Clock Repair "on the window and if that wasn't bad enough he added a HUGE watch and on top of that made sure to put it on the canopy.

No , Seriously he was to fix my broken radio for about 6 months and when he got around to it he broke it bad. So no radio in the mini and I hate climbing into it..I Huck my kids into like sacks potato's.

Okay, so smells.....It is only this time of year that I get so full of memories that my 'cup" runneth over.

The Fall air reminds me of when we brought Matthew home from the hospital. The leaves changing ,the crisp wind and I learned to swaddle a newborn.

Fast forward 9 years....Miss America was in the NICU for 10 days and I remember leaving the hospital for the first time during the stay. It was about 6 days into it and my boys needed food and I had to sign slips for school and pay bills. As I left the hospital I cried thinking of how I just left my baby and was heading home with out her. To a nursery not yet completed, gift bags inside her crib filled with treasures that should have been put away had she not made her appearance 6 weeks early.

I pulled onto the Guide and felt this calmness...I opened the window, took a deep breathe and the smell oh, the smell melted my heart. It was comforting in some strange way. It was like this season of my life would come and it would go and as with each season one thing remained the same I was a mom. I was about 2 miles from home.....I pulled over into a parking lot where I for the first time ever pulled over to pray. I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop thanking him and at that time I knew I was going to bring my little girl home to her brother and her dad, in this
season. A season that I LOVE and a season that is so fitting to have Thanksgiving in it.

Today, the Fall smell fills my house..and my house runneth over with Thankfulness.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abbey's Service Project..

Abbey was 2 years and 10 months old when she went to go be with Jesus...

Abbey Mae's Service Project was to and is to keep her loving spirit alive. It is to reach out and help children and families when they are faced with uncertain and difficult times. It is to show one another that we are willing and able to love one another.

We are teaming up to create an Abbey fund to help children and families.

Right now we have a local family that needs our prayers and support. They will need to take time off of works, gas to drive back and forth to receive the best care, they will need more then I could ever imagine...

Here is a Letter from Abbey's mom................

Dear Friends and Family,

For the last 5 years on or around Abbey’s Birthday we have tried to do a service project in her memory. With these projects we have tried to keep her loving spirit alive. Each project has been directed toward children or their families. You have helped to bring formula to hurricane Katrina victims, presents to a battered women’s shelter and fill up new nursery with toys. This year a young family going through a scary time is on hearts.

The Brink Family has just heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear, ‘Your son has cancer.’ It is now a time of tests and a lot of uncertainty. With all of that and two other children to care for we want to help and take something off of their plate, actually we would like to put something on their plate….food

We want to fill their freezer with a variety of meals so that they can spend their time on more important things…each other!! We know that they will be getting meals brought to them, but these would be to supplement those. They would also be great for the friends and family that come to help and care for the other kids.We have created a menu of tried and true freezer meals.

How can you help?

Here are several ways.

1. Request a grocery list for one of the meals and drop off (by October 7th) the food for it to be put together

2. Join us on Thursday Oct 8th to make and package the meal

3. Donate money (by October 7th) for supplies (gladware, foil tins, freezer bags etc.) Any money left after supplies will be donated to the Brinks for their travel expenses to Seattle

4. Prayer

Abbey was only on this earth for 2 years and 10 months but she has touched the lives of so many. She used to say this prayer before she went to bed at night, “I love everyone, and God loves me.”

Thanks for helping!

Abbey Mae's Mom


I know that Abbey Mae's fund will help all in need...I ask you to believe the same thing and if you can give I ensure you that your money will go towards keeping Abbey's Memory alive through helping others...if you would like to send a check please email me at

Please forward this on.....

Top 13

Dear Matthew,

Today you turned 13. A teenager. I was sad today although I never showed it to you. I was sad that you no longer wanted party hats, balloons or gifts. You wanted money to save for your first car.

You want to go into the woods and shoot a gun filled with paint balls. You wanted to aim them at your father and Mikey. 10 years ago you didn't want to kill a spider, 10 years ago I had to keep the hallway light on....10 years ago you wanted to marry me....

here are my top 13 memories of you ( not in any order)

1) You slept through the night at 3 weeks old.

2) You named your bunny cow & chicken

3) You slept with me every night dad drove truck but knew that when he came home you had to sleep in your own bed but never did..I would find you in the hallway next to our door.

4) you collected all the bees and flies from the window and put it in my coffee and then hid behind the curtain to see if I would drink your bug soup

5) You called your pirate flag on the back of you bike "smart assy" in front of the WHOLE family

6) You spent 3 hours taking bungee cords , about 200 of them and strung them around our back yard calling them "Hokey Does"

7) You had the kids at school pay you to push them on the swing, you then hired kids to be the pushers and came home with a profit ( the school called me)

8) You mastered the computer by age 3.....Tonka construction

9) Your Lego building skills are incredible

10) Your Matchbook collection received 1st prize at the NWWF netting you a 2.37 check you never cashed for the simple fact it looked better on your wall

11) You would hang your head so low that your arms would drag when you got in trouble or got mad at us.

12) You get my coffee ready every night for me...sometimes pouring me a cup before I get up

13) you still love the story of "Molly Lou Melon"

I love you son...I am proud of your choices. Life is hard and sometimes cruel but your attitude is full of optimism. You LOVE your family.

Your already saving money for a car and you won't be driving for 3 years. You are practical and have inherited my coupon skills. You are very helpful with your siblings. You see the hard work it is but still encourage us to have one more...Telling us that we are great parents.

You my son are a true blessing from God. I thank him everyday for giving you to us. OUr world is better.

Happy 13th birthday


Dad & Mom

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'd take sleep over food

Sleep or food?

I prefer sleep. I really could go days without eating. Not that my butt size would confirm that but really I like sleep. Not getting any around here. Bed hoping and little toes in my nose.

As I type this my little man is crying himself to sleep. When you refuse to take a nap the day before and fall asleep at 4:45 am YOU will cry yourself to complete exhaustion. I know I am so mean. Maybe I should buy stock in the Benadryl corporation.

Here you go baby..nighty-nite.

Every night for 2 weeks he wake up just not feeling good. He throws up every night and that means shower and changing the bedding. I keep the change of bedding right next to his bed.

We have the shower routine and bed changing down like Jeff Gordon's pit crew. maybe I should set a timer and see if we can increase our speed.

Tomorrow my first born will turn 13...can I get a tissue please???

Lack of NO sleep can make me emotional. I need sleep tonight so I won't start sobbing as Matthew blows out his candles.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey buddy check your brakes

I was rear ended on Tuesday. I am fine ( Nice bump on my head) and my Mr. Carter is fine. Unfortunately I do not get a new "mini" out of the deal. Darn it! If I get into an accident why can't it be that we remain unhurt and yet the mini is considered totaled??

I have never been rear ended...but it really is scary. You are NOT expecting it at all...You don't even see it coming. I cried ( of course) and I wasn't mad at the other driver...he said he just bought the truck 3 days ago...he told me it looked like he needed new brakes ( he tried to stop) he just had new tires put on. When the cops arrived and he explained what happen the cop looked at him and said" you need new brakes"


I am blessed it wasn't anymore serious

If I ever wanted to be a hooker

I can just look up Halloween costumes on the Internet. I mean c'mon...I have 3 kids and one day they will see the pictures. I am not a prude but can I please have a cute costume that is semi appropriate? Look I can take 1st place with the County Fair Costume
I could be a bumble bee....

watch out for my big snake!

Ummm...yeah, I am sure this one would be good....
Did I mention these costumes where found under "plus sizes"? Just imagine the bumble bee one any size 6 and up who has had kids...