Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to do with boxes

Matthew sold Wreaths & Poinsettias for his personal fundraiser for Boy Scouts ( A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who ordered)

Now we deliver them....

Then you can have the boxes..........

Kayleigh fell over...oops

Oh, yeah I made this

I made this. Me. The one who does not bake anything...whipped out this bad boy in record time. so fast my friend who was here asked me if I was going "Martha Freakin Stewart " on her.

Maybe I am.

That pie was easy.

Is it Turkey day yet?

I am counting the days till Black Friday. But we must eat Turkey first. So I am cooking the bird this year.


Nothing like watching 5 hours of Food Network to give me ideas on how this Thanksgiving should take place. There are a million ways to Stuff the bird. A million ways to coat the bird.

House really should be cleaned today. My personalities ( all of them) are hiding. Where is OCD? She must have left me cuz this house is looking a bit horrific. I am thinking of buying a steam mop. I heard they rock.

My Post is just a bunch of rambles. I keep thinking of all the stuff I could say but that would require me to type. I hate typing.

My Christmas cards are done. Doesn't mean they will be mailed out anytime soon. I said they are done as in the design and pictures.

My van has a radio in it now. So I am back to driving the mini.

Olivia's room is just about done. Exciting stuff around here I tell ya.

Not really but I have to make it seem exciting.......

Friday, November 20, 2009


Today I just want to stay on my Pajamas all day but I will settle for most of the day. Jeremy has been in Kansas City all week for work. I should have flown out to see him making it a mini vacation but that would require lining up a sitter for 3 kids and money , considering I don't have either I just sat here with envy. Sleeping all night, going to breakfast, lunch and dinner , having someone make your bed and enjoying adult conversation. So jealous! I bet he wasn't jealous of me. I mean who would be? 3 long trips, puking kids, fighting kids, kids who don't listen, a house that has been hit by a tornado doesn't scream " Hey you really want in on the action don't you??"

I didn't go a day with out kisses, hugs and morning loves so I am happy.

Olivia is watching my favorite movie today for the first time Annie!! I Love Annie. I would pretend I was an orphan signing in the window for my parents to come and fine me....I wanted to name my girls Molly and Annie.

Anyways, so far she likes it...She is not fond of Ms. Hannagen, a bit worried and scared of her ( I still am) but she is sitting on my bed waiting for Annie to get a mom & dad. I tried to get Matthew to watch the movie but no such luck. I did have him watch the Parent trap ( old versions of course) and he thought it was a bit girly.

So, I am off to lay in bed with Miss America and see if Annie finally finds a mom & dad.

Whats up with Mr. Bundles & Ms. Hannagen?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Truck+Ball+Bubbles+Tears = completed test

Yesterday was a long day.

Not only for me but Carter and Grammy ( who Carter has re-named Nanny) who drove us to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Traveling at 6am with a 21 month old who can't eat had to be as exciting as getting a bikini wax. Seriously.

When we arrived to the room he took one look at the radiology machine and cried. We hadn't started anything.

We got started and had him drink a special mix for the swallow study and he was not going for it , he started screaming...They tried it in a bottle and in a syringe....Not working.

The doctors then proceeded to tell me I should leave and follow up with my Pediatrician and see if this is a test he really wants. I couldn't think. I could not articulate the words.

Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious? he has ordered this same test TWO times. I am going to hurt you. I am going to have a breakdown right here and right now. Don't you get it? Don't you understand that I clean up vomit 20 times a month and in the middle of the night!? Don't you know my child has LOST weight? I am not leaving. I am sitting here. I am camping here.
I want my husband ( who is on a week long business trip) to tell you that we are doing this test

and then....my mother in law looked at them and told them in that matter-of-fact tone to do what you need to do but we drove 2 hours and we are not leaving.


Next thing I know I am swaddling my Allstar in a blanket , holding him down with his Grammy while they put a tube down his nose to his tummy. I could not look. I could hear him gagging. My heart was breaking and yet I knew we had to do what it took.

We are trying so hard to hold him down. We are not wanting to bruise him but he was fighting us with everything he had. His hair was drenched with sweat and tears.

All done...a truck, ball and bubbles later. Kids amaze me. they are so resilient, bouncing back like nothing happened. Although I know he will remember if we have to do this test again.

The test was complete and according to the doctor there, his anatomy looks great, that meaning not blockage or twisted intestines. He did show bad reflux doing this test.

We follow up on Thursday with Dr. Burpee , Yes, that's his name....How cool is that?

Thanks for you prayers and words of encouragement.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Early Morning..

Windy last night. I was up off & on last night. Sleeping with my flashlight and hoping My cell phone alarm woke me up in case the power went out. I have to leave for Children's Hospital in about 30 minutes.

Carter woke up at 1:30 and by 3 am had given me a full night of work. I hate when he throws up. I hate it.

Happy to go into today. Results will be discussed on Thursday.

Prayers always work.

I am to tired to make this a long post.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Facts

Nothing to really blog about? Thinking you need a super cool post in order to post?? You don't. Just copy this and tell us what your life brings! Here are a few Bloggy friends to check out.

Tiffani & Allison

Thankful For:

As I type this I am grinning ear to ear. I have NEW carpet! What a joyous occasion. It the last 13 years of owning a home this has been our first big project. I was thankful that Jeremy is such a hard worker. There are many big ticket items we need to purchase this year. Having a job is important. What is more important? Appreciating the hard working man behind the purchase. Thanks Jeremy . YOU ROCK!

Jeremy's Cousin is omproving. She is not out of the clear but everyday gets better. Her husband is with her. I am so Thankful she taught her son to call 911. can you imagine what that might be like for a 5 year old?? For updates Check out her Sister's blog j5 farms

Listening To:

Franklin on TV. Miss America is washing her feet in the bathroom sink. She decided that blue ink was the perfect color for her toe nails and knees.

Looking Forward To:

Wrapping up the great room swap. Miss America's room is painted. I tried to paint it myself. Not such a good idea when your pending a 4th back surgery...I realized half way through it that I should call Julie. She was here in an hour and helped me . Okay, she finished it. You Rock Julie!!

Allstar finally moving into his own room. This means we can have another baby I can read in bed and watch movies in my own room and reclaim my personal space.

I am needing or wanting:

Devotional time. I am hoping that by having my personal space back I can spend more time reading.


I am NO longer missing shoes. I found them in the shoe organizer. Geesh. You would think I would have check there first. I mean really? Who puts things back where they belong?

Quote of The Day:

"HUH?".......Allstars new saying on EVERYTHING sometimes it is so hard not to laugh. if he doesn't understand or didn't hear you his response is "HUH?" Sometimes over and over again.

Black Friday Crazie...

Yes, I am a Black Friday Crazy!!

I am a go getter...I don't sleep. I also don't spend a ton of money. I go to have fun. Fun means....

* stand in line and watch people fight over who saved who a spot in line and who cut in front of who.

* I have my Best friend load up on hand warmers ( we use them for feet, pockets, Bra's)

* I go with a plan. Only purchasing door busters ( who can pass up a 5.00 toy???)

* I miss Toy's R Us...

* I have only missed 2 years in the past 13 years of Black Friday shopping.

* Laugh at everything because you are delirious

* Drink about 4- 20 ounce mocha's

Here are a few sights to help you!!

Coupons and Black Friday Ad's

Maybe I will see you?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Praying for Holly

As I sit here debating on where to take my kids today, Jeremy's cousin Holly is 25 years old, the mother of 3 and is laying in a hospital bed. She has bleeding on the brain. After days of neck and back pain her 5 year old son found her unconscious and called 911. Yes, her 5 year old son saved her life.

Please pray for The Vavra family, family involved and for the doctors.

You can read more of the story HERE.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney On Ice

We went to Disney on Ice last weekend. It was so much fun!! I LOVE doing stuff with Miss America! I wonder how I will be when we decide to go to Disneyland. I am not sure who will be more excited. Her or me?? The "girls"....my mother in law had 4 boys...So I am sure she never got to go see Tinkerbell with the boys.

Who doesn't love Sebastian from the Little Mermaid?

Flying fairies....

Amazing show!

And.......Lighting McQueen
Thanks Girls for a great night!!

I am not complaining..

I find it interesting how men only hear what they want. Like when I asked my DH to help clean the Crap craft room downstairs and received no answer. What about when in passing I grumbled a bit about not being able to put up the tree, due the fact it was to early. Still no answer. I wondered if he heard me??

Oh, he did. He heard.....Honey, IF you go downstairs don't worry about the crap craft room just bring up the Christmas tree for me.

They where so proud of it. I was in shock! I was coming home and it was my dear mother in law who pointed out the fact my tree was in fact up and shinning brightly for the world to see.
( on a side note: It fit. I now need to find some new ornaments for the tree)

I saw the mailman look at my tree and shake his head yesterday. Housing prices just dropped in the neighbor hood. The family with 3 kids , dog and a million toys just went crazy.

* You so know that if you drove by you would say ' What the heck lady it is only November?"

Monday, November 9, 2009

Room Makeover

One girl...so yes, I am spending more time on her room then any room I have ever owned...

I am WAY to excited!!!

More to come

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

I have said it before.....

Every Thursday Old Navy updates their OLDNAVYWEEKLY site where you can go hunting for coupons. They go FAST!!
If your like me you'll spend all day Thursday waiting for the site to reload so you can go hunting!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Facts

Welcome to Friday Facts...

Another week has flown by! I am looking forward to putting up my Christmas tree. Would I look crazy if I said I already pulled it out? It is not put up. YET.

Thankful For:

All my friends and family who celebrated my birthday with me. For my adventurous Friday night. For my birthday meal made by my fabulous mother in law. I am thankful for a little girl who loves to play dress up and makes my heart melt daily.

Listening To:

Miss America having a tea party with her barbies. Precious.

What's For Dinner:

Chili Dogs...

Looking Forward To:

Painting Miss America's room. Lindy told me she would help me. I ordered a pottery barn looking book holder for half the price from Lindy's dad for her room!! She received super cute bedding from her Grammy a few Christmas's ago..so we are super excited to use them.

I am needing or wanting:

I think I am good....


A pair of shoes..I think they hooked up with the Boy Scout Shirt.

Quote of The Day:

I have had this quote on my heart all week.....

LOVE is Not a feeling. Love is giving someone , something when the least deserve it.

What are your Friday's facts???

Surpise Fall Giveaway!!

I love to decorate for Fall!! The only time of year that I think my house actually looks cute! I love Fall for the birthday's and how God's amazing work shines through the leaves changing, the flowers dying only to come back in spring, the squirrels in my backyard busy gathering food for Winter. I love cozy sweaters , just because tank tops are not flattering on me.

So, I couldn't take a pictures of the giveaway So I am calling it a Fall Surprise giveaway!! You WILL Love it!!

How to enter.....

Leave a comment on why you love Fall!! or why you don't.

2 entries if you post the giveaway link on your blog!! Just tell me in your comment.

Can't wait to read about your Fall Favorites!!

let play catch

Typical day here at the nuthouse.

You know we lock our kids in their room for most of the day, letting them out for a few hours here and there. Today during the windstorm I sent them outside to play. Not really, AllStar had escaped with no pants or shoes on, Miss America escaped with a scarf and tap shoes ( umm..no clothes) and Teenager was fully dressed.

I had groceries to put away ( as I type this they are still not put away) and slacks to wash, dinner to make so I Yelled told them to come in and get dressed. Miss America came running to me and got dressed right away.

AllStar not so much.

So as I am trying to get my Old Navy weekly site to upload so I can score the 65.00 off of 100.00 coupon ( just so you know here my priorities are) I hear a scream and then a cry. the kinda cry where you can't catch your breath.
I look out side to see Teenager holding Miss America. I run out there knowing something is really wrong. I see blood. Blood everywhere.

What the hell heck did you do? Knowing full well My dear son had something to do with this. Just cuz I know this stuff about my kids. I see his eyes. He is scared. He is scared of what he just did and what I am about to do to him.

Well, whadcha do!!?

We where playing catch.

Really you threw a football at her face from 2 feet away?

I needed her to catch it.

I lost my cool. I sent him to his room till his band concert. I said the dreaded words " Wait till your father gets home!"

Poor Jeremy

I forgot to say that he left Carter in his swing screaming ( after he pushed him so high) he picked up a stick and swung it hitting his sister in the arm ( not sure if meant to ) all before deciding to play catch with a football and a 4 year old.

I am not lying people..this is the story of my life...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sleeping kids

I have sleeping kids. I should be taking a nap.

Nope, I sit here wondering what I should do. Tackle the laundry pile that seems to be swallowing my basement? Clean 3 toilets that seem to multiply grossness every night? Clean a drawer out considering you have to body slam the drawer shut after you open it? How about clean the kids cup cupboard, you know the one that requires a hard hat before you open it?

I know, I know wasted days seems to be the topic of my posts. How can one feels so bogged down by such nonsense? I was out the door today by 8:45 and returned home around 12. Kids had a great day and I had a great morning. Now, I just can't seem to bring myself to pick up the Walmart toy flyer that has been strewn around the house by Miss America , in the hopes she can get everything in it for Christmas.

Now on to more productive stuff.


Grocery store, so these kids can eat.

A nice rest.

Or how about finding slacks for a certain 13 year old who informed me today he needs pants for his concert tonight? He must like his mom to go crazy, yell at him for being irresponsible take care of his every need.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not so skinny

I won't be wearing stirrup pants this year and the not so skinny jeans will never make a comeback in my house. At least not on me. I wonder though what It would be like to wear them again. I kinda want a pair of the Not So skinny jeans. I really, really do. Just to watch my fat push up towards my boobs and have no definition of a waist. I want to see if I have to cut the seam so I can get my foot into the jeans just like in high school.

I had a girlfriend in high school that we had to "help" her get her foot into the damn jeans and then when we did she would take a coat hanger and attach it the zipper and lay flat on her back and zip up her jeans. Man those jeans looked painted on. Not one inch to move. We must have looked like robots trying to walk.

I am not the most fashionable girl and don't claim to be. I love zip-up hoodies with tanks underneath. I have a a few dozen hoodies and tanks. I like comfort. I like to look like a mom who has no time what so ever to get ready, who puts her needs on the back burner. The mom who takes no time to shower and has enough food on her to serve a 5 course meal I am trendy and comfortable.

So skinny jeans are NOT for me but if you can pull them off in your 30's,40's, 50's,60's I just want to bow down to you!! My time is over to wear them..

3 Free Cards

Have you ever stood in the card isle trying to find the "right" card? You really have a hard time plunking down 4.59 for a card that really doesn't represent you, your family, your thoughts and feelings?

Shutterfly is having a promotion....

3 FREE cards....you can design them ( SO EASY) you need to pay the shipping & Tax (1.07)

Hurry it ends tomorrow November 4th....

Upon checkout enter 3freecards and it will give you the deal!

If I can do it .

You can do it!!

How is it November??

November you are here.

December you are approaching.


Black Friday ads are coming up. I am in search of a new TV , camcorder , surround sound and a camera ( yes, we actually need all of them) this year. We have been holding off so we can be one of the crazies standing in line to save a few hundred bucks.

I am hosting Thanksgiving here this year. Neat ( she said sarcastically) I love my family and I love eating but hosting is so much pressure ( your in charge of the lasting life time memories) and the pressure make me Crazy!! I am going to do it and I am going to like it.

So I go this nifty coupon holder from my Friend Jenn. It rocks!! I am a coupon junkie. I still have not got the 50.00 off of 100.00 yet from Old navy but I will be trying again this Thursday. Thinking of staying awake till 12am.

I had a great Birthday. Best I have had since becoming Jeremy's wife. Yes, He rocked the birthday this year!! Flowers, cards, perfume, pajama's and he watched the kids while I went out with my friends.

Back in May went I went the ER and the bill was 4200.00 and just found out today my insurance does not cover it. Double NICE. Merry Christmas to me.

So what else can I fill you in on?

Carter put raisins up his nose this morning. I freaked out. Really I did. I got them out but now I am curious if he has one stuck in there.

Halloween .09

Had a very busy Halloween weekend. Olivia made for a very cute Thumbalina and Carter a Chicken. Matthew went plain and called himself the American teenager. The weather was beautiful and made for a great night ( no crabby momma) of trick or treating. Liv had more fun passing out Halloween candy then actually trick or treating.
Babysitters are hard to get so we didn't end up going out. W tried to bribe Matthew into babysitting but no such luck he wanted 50.00.
This weekend we are going to Disney on Ice. We are Super excited!!!