Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fill in the blank

To the Jon & Kate plus Eight show...

Jon & ______ plus eight

Kate & _______ plus eight

I couldn't help but cry for them last night. I mean really??? If you say your kids always first and Blah blah blah then GET HELP!! Not one word of "help" like in a THERAPY was ever brought up. I can't believe just because things are "bad" for one year and you file for divorce after 10 years and 8 kids later???

New sports car, big fat earrings, A fancy West Coast Chopper and hair plugs scream " NEW GIRLFRIEND mid-life crisis, I have no direction in life.

And then Kate. trying to be the strong one. The one who holds it all together the one who will control it and call it. The one who said last night that it was a new chapter. Said she didn't want to be statistic. THE QUIT THE SHOW!!!!!! Focus on God and then your husband. If you guys really care about your children then you would have tried harder. After you TRIED HARD AND HARDER then carry on.

ratings SUCK!

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