Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I went to the zoo today

I felt Like I went to the zoo today. Locked in a doctors room for over an hour with a 16 month old is the zoo. He had to open the doors and close the doors escaping many times. I had to find him numerous times all while trying to read Olivia a book. I blew up latex gloves and proceeded with my own puppet chick show. Carter found the nurses station and want to sit with the nurse who was WONDERFUL with him , letting him sit with her while she worked.

I ended up bringing both kids in today. Olivia complains about her pee-pee hurting. The urine sample has found an abnormality, they will be sending it out for further testing. They think Carter might have Pyloric stenosis and will be going in next week for an ultrasound.

They both got shots and when your arms are full of kids and they are in pain and scared it can just break your heart. I think next time I will only do one kid at a time. I don't care if I am there 3 times in a week. It would be alot easier then trying to control my monkeys.

Upon further reading. surgery would be the only way to cure Pyloric stenosis. Plese pray for Carter that he will not have to endure such a thing.

When an infant is diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, either through physical examination, ultrasound, or barium swallow, the baby will be admitted to the hospital and prepared for surgery. Any dehydration or electrolyte problems in the blood will be corrected with intravenous (IV) fluids, usually within 24 hours.
A surgical procedure called pyloromyotomy, which involves cutting through the thickened muscles of the pylorus, is performed to relieve the obstruction from pyloric stenosis. The pylorus is examined through a very small incision, and the muscles that are overgrown and thickened are spread. Nothing is cut out — the stitches are under the skin and there are no stitches or clips to remove.

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My sister's little guy had that same operation when he was only 2 months old.

Bless you little Carter John! Hope all goes well with the care that you need to have.