Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I should just pull my hair out now...

You can tell there is only 1.5 days of school left. The energy is high and the " I am to cool for school" attitude has set in. They want to party like the rock stars they are...okay, not partying but staying up really late. I tell them they are going to regret it in the morning . But as always they are smarter then me and I know Nothing...Zilch..Notta. I am the old, dumb mom. Guess what? they come crabbin to the kitchen bickering back in forth on who's belt is who's , who wore what socks last and blah, blah, blah...Then I proceed to tell them BOTH that they should of went to bed earlier they are crabby. Both in unison look at me and proclaim " We are not tired" with the look of Shut up mom, you can't always be right, I am going to prove you wrong, you just wait.

really, I should just pull all my hair out now...I can feel it turning gray.

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