Friday, July 31, 2009

Want free coffee?

Then vote for Miss America and you could win a gift card! Seriously, Help my friend Brooke out by helping her pick what picture to enter into the Fair this year. I might hunt you down and hurt you if Number 7 is not your vote. JOKING! Take a peek and give her feedback! Click HERE!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

To hot to blog

Hot. Hot like in I am walking around in my swimsuit doing my mommy duties. Trying to get the kids to bed before mid-night hot. Waking up to 2 kids puking and blood ( bloody nose) all over my pillow hot. Short tempered, no patience, send your kids to the neighbor's and Grammy's Hot.

Yes, I love the Sun. Helps with the vitamin D and the winter depression but I have had enough vitamin d and now I am firm believer in Summer depression. Crazy Hotness.

So, with all that said I think I will leave my van running in the driveway with the kids sleeping in car seats and carry out the twin mattress for me and Matthew to sleep in.

my ideas are getting crazier....

hope to blog soon until then you will find me trying to cram myself in the fridge or ask the local convenience store if my kids and me can sit in the cooler and take a nap.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best testing

Can be found in Seattle. Yep, my Carter John will be going to Children Hospital in Seattle for some testing. The pyloric Stenosis testing came back fine but he is still throwing up. He needs to start some medication before hand. We are waiting for them to call back with the exact date of his consultation.

For now I continue to get on my knees and pray that whatever it maybe will go away or they will find it to be nothing or something small.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A sneak Peek

You are amazing!! Life with you in it is RAD!
And another thank you to Sarah over at
for the Super cute headband!! We Love it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

and the race is on and....

here comes pride in the backstretch....okay, so I am bit cheesy If you like country music then you know that the lyric came from Sawyer Brown's song " The Race is On "

Yes, I beat one pound. I keep thinking beer and hot days will be a great combo for this race and of, course in my favor.

Love you honey but I will be smaller then you and weigh less then you the rest of our days.

although you are still looking like a rOcKsTaR!

Monday, July 20, 2009

not MY child Monday

I used to do Not me Monday's but It got a little repetitive. I am a slacker mom. I am busy mom surviving each moment to the next.
As usual, this was created by MckMama, who is fabulous and her blog can be found HERE.
Miss America did not squirt Suntan oil in her brothers hair and I certainly did not bathe him but instead chalked up taking a swim in the pool a sufficient way to bathe him and I did NOT let Miss America sleep in her famous Easter dress and wear it again the next day.
I did not let Miss America have the same hair style for 3 days finally re-doing it just so I did NOT look like a super mom.
I did NOT clean Mr. Know it all's bedroom and during the process I did NOT yell at him 100 times on how piggish he was. I did NOT proceed to haul 5 bags of donations and 4 bags of garbage out.
I did NOT sneak 4 more things into the dump pile when my husband wasn't looking.
My child DID not drink a curdled milk cup and at that time I did NOT remove 5 cups from the bedroom under the mount of toys.
I did NOT pull the van over and reach back to grab a certain little girls leg just to get her attention I was Serious about her whining.
I did NOT lay down on the floor and throw a fit next to the child that was NOT throwing a fit.
I did NOT dump water in a little boys face so he would learn to quit screaming, I did NOT feel bad...then I did NOT give him juice in his bottle.
During one of Mr. Littlesthrowing up episodes I did NOT just clean him up with 100 baby wipes and put him back to bed instead of giving him a real bath
I did NOT look at my children's toe nails and realize it had been FOREVER since I clipped them.
I did NOT forget to feed my dog for 2 days while his caretaker was camping with his dad.
My child did NOT try and plan to sneak out and I did NOT interupt the plans.
Wow, It has been along time since I did a NOT me anything...What did you NOT do???

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adding busy to our life...


Another crazy busy weekend has past. Its all a blur. I try to savor the time but all I remember is how much work it takes to get out the door. Not complaining. I know my kids will savors all the moments for me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jack Butt

Okay, so I make no excuses for such bad behavior. I try at all times to be a role model for my children. Its rough. I am not perfect ( when people tell you I am just smile and nod, agreed?)

Seriously, I look at every moment as a teaching moment. Just ask my know it all son, he will tell you everything he knows (and it is EVERYTHING) came from a teaching moment.

Here are a few examples

* ALWAYS hold the door open for people, elderly a MUST. Say thank you when the door is held open for you.

* Leave a good tip when service is good.

* write sorry letters when you SCREW up big time.

* write thank yous or personally call the gift giver ( we have missed a few, sorry)

* Let the customer with 3 things go before you in line.

* do EVERYTHING without expecting NOTHING.

* Pregnant women need a special accommodations.

* Open the door for your date and your future wife.

Here i s what we wish we didn't teach them....

Impatient angry driving.....

Yes, I had a not so good teaching moment today. WTH Jack***??? did NOT fly right out of my mouth.

Friends and Fun

Bubbles anyone???

Miss America why are there bubbles in the pool?
Cuz, doctor said I couldn't take bubble baths anymore.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Pictures

I LOVE this picture! Part of our Bunko Group.....

Our amazing friend and Photographer snapped a few pictures at a friends wedding last weekend.

Every girl needs a FUN mother in law!

His Life...

Racing is Mikey's passion. He has taken first in Many divisions. He has been racing since he was 4. He raced a few weeks ago for the first time in a year and he came home with a 1st place trophy and a 2nd place trophy. His dream is to go to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona when he graduates. He ROCKS!! I have no doubt he will find a career in what he loves as long as we keep him out of the emergency room.

You are AWESOME Mikey!!

He did it. Yep, he beat me. Truthfully, it ticks me off. I hate it. .5 a half of a stinking pound that was 3 days a go. Now 4 pounds separates us. I could hurt him. I am thinking of the all the things I could add to his food to make him gain a few more pounds. When he left for Israel that's when I was scared he would really beat me. I lost 12 pounds when he was gone and thinking oh yeah he can never catch me. WRONG!
I am to proud of him. Down 130 Pounds and he LOOKS HOT. He is so handsome. But, he still beat me. I have one week to pass him. After that I will declare him the WINNER !!! I do have to say dropping 10 pants sizes...he is a winner. LOVE YOU FOREVER ( even if you kicked my A**)
* for those you who didn't read the post about my issues with me weighing more then my husband I am sure you can tell by this post I have issues with it. I couldn't find the original post. Does that surprise you??

well get out.

don't sit and cry. You want out I will get you out. Nope, its a whole lot better to sit and cry.
I am a Model. { Her idea of posing}

really, I think baths are a lot easier with the 2 of them but they LOVE the shower and when ones takes a shower the other must follow. When I take a shower the TWO must follow. Never a dull moment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

think bad thoughts

Here is a conversation with I had with Mikey this morning driving him to Summer school. I should make him walk but I am way to nice.

Me: I better not break down I would have to walk home in my pajamas and with bare feet and no cell phone

Mikey: You won't break down.

Me: Oh, yeah? I started the mini yesterday and it died and the check engine light came on. I have no idea why. Oil, temperature and the other idiot lights never came on.

Mikey: well, lots of people drive around for a very long time with the check engine light on. Not a big deal. You'll be fine.

Me: I don't want to be fine. I want this thing to die.

Mikey: Oh, yeah think negative thoughts and it just might work. Driving ( fill in my dream car here) would be alot better then this bus.

Me: Your happy thoughts just overruled your negative thoughts...the check engine light is off. Lesson 101 your mind can do powerful things. Have a good day at school. I love you.

Mikey: Love you to.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Miss America

Dear Miss America,

I as your mom truly enjoy your singing. I enjoy your laughter and I enjoy you. You are an amazing 3 year old with a spunky personality and a have true princess in you.

Going to the grocery store today I don't think the other customers, stockers, clerks, meat cutters and deli clerks enjoyed your "princess behavior". Your singing that turned into screaming just about shattered the glass. Your incessant whining made other customer forget what the heck they came to the darn grocery store for. Your pounding on the glass for a "different" kind of ice-cream was just about making the little old lady have a heart attack. Pushing your brother out of the car cart, him hitting his head just about had me call CPS and have myself turned in.

Telling me you want a balloon during checkout because you had been good just about had me laughing but I didn't laugh because at the same time, you picked up the Tuna can and threw it making all the magazines fall down. So with tears in my eyes and your loud screaming I finally made it to the car. This is where your whining the WHOLE time about going to McDonald's. This is where I could have lost it but I didn't. I told you NO McDonald's just once for the fear of really losing my mind. You then proceeded to WHINE the entire drive home about how you weren't whining and deserved to go to McDonald's for your good "grocery store behavior" This is why you are in your room and have been for 45 minutes.

I am sorry if I ruined your world by not purchasing the Balloon, McDonald's, Oreo cookie ice-cream or the Mementos. You can send me the therapy bill.

Have a wonderful sleep.

Love, mom

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Craftiest Sisters I have ever met...

These 2 sisters are so inspiring. Taking Cute and adorable to a whole new level!

Please check them out! Ordering is EASY !

Click HERE and HERE!

* You guys are truly talented!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

2 weeks since you faithful readers have read a Thursday's with Tiffiny post and to tell you the truth I almost forgot to do it today...weeks are flying by! CRAZY!

I am thankful for:

Today I crossed paths with a young women who has a 9 month old baby who needed a bed to call his own. They moved from shelter to a motel and now to their first place. The baby has been sleeping on the couch. How sad. I am delivering a case of diapers tomorrow and a playpen. They have nothing. I have gathered a few things for the baby boy , how could I not?? When she asked if I wanted any money for the stuff ( she was willing to pay me 5.00 a week) My only reply was to pay it forward when she could.

There is not enough room to put everything I am thankful for. My kids bedding does not match , I don't have cute storage bins for their toys. But, they are blessed enough to have blankets and a bed. I have a messy house that is loud that means have a home and 4 vocal children. I have dishes in the sink, that means I have food to eat. I have dirty clothes that means we have clothes to wear. You see what I am saying? We have so much, we really do. We want the cute fun stuff but do we ever really need for anything???

I am listening to:

Nascar. Have I mentioned before I detest Nascar season???

I am looking forward to:

A girls camping trip, 2 family vacations. the Kids getting their pictures done (FINALLY!) And Matthew coming home after being gone 7 days to camp.

I am Missing;

I was missing my keys for a week. I blamed Carter but Guess who took them from carter and put them in a safe place and forgot she id?? yes sireee bob, that would be me. I am missing Matthew he is at Boy Scout camp wearing the newly purchased Boy Scout shirt. I miss his smiles his funny jokes but I don't miss him torturing Miss America.

What Does Your Week Bring??

Guess what???

Blogger must have heard my Tantrum last night...My pictures are loading and I am back in business!! YIPEE SKIPPEEE!!

and may the best realtor win

As Many of you know My AWESOME in-laws are Realtors here in town. I could brag about them all day but I won't because telling all of my millions of readers ( HA! ) that they have earned Realtor of the year awards along with other countless awards and even in this market are selling houses would be just be a shameless plug. I would never broadcast on how professional they are. Nope, Not me.

Anyways, Matthew and I were driving to a Friends house and noticed that Grammy had signs along the road. Matthew , since he was a about 3 would point out the signs very proudly like he could read the names on the posts. He just noticed the Windermere Logo and at that age could not read and now he knows how to read (good thing) So we are driving and see her signs ( about 3 of them) then get to a driveway where we see mom and dad both have signs facing each other. Matthew starts laughing thinking they are in competition with each other. He asks me if I wondered who's property would sell first?

He wanted to bet on it. I had to laugh, it did look like they where in competition with each other.

I wondered if we were the only ones who thought that? We did stop a few days ago on our way out of town to take pictures of the friendly competition. I like the lot with the view of Mt. Baker....
and NO we did not bet..that wouldn't be nice taking sides like that.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

okay, now I am going to cry

I can see why people throw things at their computers. I can see why people take out their guns and shot a them. WHAT is wrong??? I have NOT changed a darn thing and my Pictures will not load!! Now, I am stomping my foot and throwing a big fat baby fit...

Whaaa-whaa-whambulance.....Baby baby suck you thumb don't forget your bubble gum...

yep, that kind a fit. 2nd grade nobody asked me to jump rope kinda fit.


bloggy vacation

I am back from a mini vacation. I would share the pictures with you but I have been working on 4 posts with no pictures. I have no idea why it is acting like a pain in my &#! I keep trying...uploaded it different times. Anyways, Had a great boring weekend. Matthew went off to camp for a week. Do you ever stop worrying about your children?? I mean he is only 12 so I should worry but I think in my mind he is still a baby...oh, I wonder when he is 30 if I will think the same thing....He is growing up, and I would NEVER let him drive my van in on a private road. Nope, NOT me. I would NEVER let him convince me that he would do good. Okay, I did and yes he did wonderfully. It surprised me.

Phil Harris from the Deadliest catch lives by us ( our property down south) and Matthew went to him for his autograph. We chicken out but not Matthew..walks right up and then Phil asked if he was with the paparazzi and Matthew said no but wishes he did have a camera because pictures are worth 150-200 dollars each..ummm maybe a good way to pay for college???

Miss America received glorifying reviews from her Aunt Brandy and Uncle Joel on her behavior at their house for 3 days. That makes me feel better...but we all know children are naughtier for their parents.

Carter is back on solids and has had only one vomiting episode. I hate giving him solids for the fear of another mess to clean up....i know I am a bit selfish but I am doing it just so we can figure out the problem.

Mikey is starting work this week and has been very busy with his "other" family camping in Eastern Washington. House is quiet for the week and no I am not complaining.

As soon as I can get pictures to load I will be sharing more of the story of our life..Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smore's, Swimming and Fun!

Here are a few pictures of our family fun 4th of July.
I love Smore's!!!
Don't touch MY vacuum...raising a Good Husband!! { or trying to get him to quit whining!}

Great Grandpa John and Carter John....

Madison, Jada and Olivia Enjoying a 2nd smore.

Look Mom a Handstand!

Sporting one of 4 Tutu Bikini's

Jada Drew...enjoying the life.

Jada's first camping trip with us! She loved her middle bunk bed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Out of time...

Sorry I ran out of time to do my weekly post! Hopefully I can do it soon! What does your Thursday bring??? Love to hear it!

Happy Freedom day!

If your that the last 5 months of Thursday's with Tiffiny or check out my friends

Tiffani & Heather & Cher & Jenn

I wish I could add all of my friends...but just start clicking on my links..Under the column that reads " Blogs I read to avoid cleaning!" and you can start your blog hoping adventure!

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th and thank a solider!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Carter's appointment went great! 20 minutes in and out. I even had enough energy to stop by Costco and get dog food. It helps that Miss America is still at her aunts house. (Thanks a million Brandy & Joel..You have no idea what it means to give me "break")

Carter was a champ. He laid there very still in the beginning and when he got a fussy and wanted to get up I called his dad on my cell phone and he laid there jibbering and a jabbing. hi,hi, hi, hi, srf;osfihoierj' , hi, hi, hi, hi ...

HE loves the phone! Jeremy will give him his play phone ( looks just like a real Nextel) and then Jeremy will push his beep button his phone and Carter will flip open his own phone and start talking. He hangs up and they repeat the process a few hundred times.

The technician thought it all looked okay but we had to wait for the radiologist to review it and the complete report will be written up and given to our doctor. I am confident that Pyloric Stenosis is not the cause of his vomiting. We will see.

Thanks for all your prayers! I am Exhausted...should I say that only having one baby at home?