Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camping Season Has Started

Camping Season has began in the Vrieling house! We have Property in Lake Stevens where we park our trailer all year round. With Gas prices so high we can still afford to camp :) We enjoy all the activities they offer...Bingo, Golf cart parades, swimming, and so much more.

We had my brother and al my nieces and nephews along with friends and my parents go with us. We had a BBQ on Sunday with tons of family.

The highlight was on Saturday at the swapmeet I got to meet the Captain of the Cornelia Marie Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch. We found that he has a site not far from us. If you do watch that show...You should realy start!

Olivia is not a happy camper........
Matthew found a way to speed up the process of loading the truck...He got his sister's Dora 4-wheeler and then took my antique wagon from the flower bed and off he went....
How can one famly still have so much stuff!??
Carter John was so good! He was a champ...he loved it and did not cry at all.
Everyone ready for swimming!
Madison ( my Niece) sleeping in our trailer....

Bath time...she needed a bath everynight

Olivia's first love has to be Corn on The Cob

Emily having fun...

Matthew showing off his rad skills

She has to bring everything to the pool....her my little pony ( in her hand) just had to go swimming!

Can't wait for the next Trip...Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls Night Out

I have been really busy with field trips and kids and sun and my friends. Jenn turned 31 this month and we celebrated with a girls night out to Poppes for dinner & drinks. Jenn has been my bestfriend for almost 20 years! YIKES!

It seems just like yesterday she moved form Bellingham to Lynden and well if she tells you the story we did not hit it off really good...Come 7th grade we managed to be friends and more high school drama to follow we managed to remain friends...She will always be my best friend...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Relay For Life

Every year Matthew joins Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society as a way to help out others who are fighting the battle with Cancer. He has sent out letters and emails in hopes to reach his fundraising goal.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past and your continues support means a great deal!


I am participating in the Relay For Life in the fight for a cure for Cancer. I hope you will be willing to help me raise money by donating to the fight for a cure.

You can donate on-line in any amount. 5.00 - 500.00 will go along way to helping women, men and children.


You can also mail a check made out to the

American Cancer Society
C/O Matthew Vrieling
414 10th street
Lynden Wa 98264

Thank you for helping me reach my goal and being a partner with me to fight Cancer.
Matthew wade vrieling

Monday, May 12, 2008

Carter John

Carter turned 3 months!! He is so sweet and very laid back. He has to be in order to keep up with us. He started to wake up 2 times a night to eat...We are trying to fix that. He loves his swing and started laughing outloud.

He can't wait to have his own room! Okay, we can't wait...maybe then every little peep won't keep me wide awake.

The flash gives him " crazy" eyes..... I tried to get him smilin...maybe next time