Monday, September 28, 2009

been here before...

I can smell Fall...I love fall, well I used to Love Fall. The house is all decorated, including the huge blow up ghost family in the front yard. I planted 10 mums in the front and bought a few more Fall decorations (at 2nd chance of course) for the house.

My son turns 13 this week. Hokey Pete...I think I am going to cry just thinking of that.

My birthday is coming and costumes for Halloween are just about finished. Looking for the perfect costume for Miss America. Maybe a sash that reads Miss America.

Matthew's football game is this week.

I have been here before...Fall means No sun and no sun means blah days. I don't really think I want to be here. I think I want to move to the sun. My body hurts my kids use my bed as a trampoline, my dogs tries to come in the house, the bathroom has become the source of who can unroll the toilet paper the fastest, the very organized toy totes now look like Toys "R" us has thrown up in my living room, I want to watch TV because if I hear the theme song to Arthur one more time today ,I might hurt someone.

Tomorrow I will start a cleaning schedule and I meal plan. I am also looking at recipes to do batch cooking. I need to plan my month so the Blah's don't over take my life.

Fall only looks good inside my house....and in Vermont.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Only on Picture day

Do you stay up till 1:00 am after a nice date with your husband. Only on picture day does your 4 year old get up at 4am asking if it is time to wear her tights and see her Grammy Karen. Only on picture day does your sweet baby boy wake up at 5:30 am crying for 2 hours " that it hurts" and throws up 3 times ( not just once like normal) Only on picture day do you get 3 hours of sleep.

WHY does this happen to me? How am I going to get a everyone in happy mode??? It will start with me by taking shots of vodka in the shower.

Only on Picture day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am bit "off" today...not like in I quit taking my mediation but just off...out of sorts. I think that the pain in my legs is catching up to my busy life. I can't seem to concentrate on projects. Often feeling like a "mommy failure" I know it just me. I am trying not to feel sorry for myself. I just want to go away....with my DH of course.
I heard a thing yesterday that couples should use the 36 x 6 method for a healthy Marriage. Go away every 6 weeks for 36 hours. I think that is a wonderful plan! We might have to implement that.

I'm thankful for: My vacuum cleaner...I love this "tool" I bought a Kirby and last year I found an amazing deal on a Dyson. Aww...Simple things

What's for dinner tonight:

Crock pot is loaded!

Missing: My DH...He is working alot...Not complaining...Just missing him

What I need:

A GOOD massage, a personal shopper, and a pedicure...Yes, I am a bit selfish this week.

Sorry it such a short post...I am having Bunko here tomorrow...Fall decorations are out..floors to be mopped and bathroom to be cleaned oh, and I do have 4 kids.

What does your Thursday bring???

Comment me so I can read your Thursday Post!!

oh...and did you VOTE???? Show me...I mean my kids the LOVE

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Costco

Dear Costco,

I am a firm believer in shopping at stores with concrete floors. I enjoy your deals and can feed my family, clothe my family and buy unnecessary items totaling at least 200.00 or more each shopping trip.

I don't mind pushing my 2 seater cart ( who ever invented the 2 seater carts should get inventor of the decade award) weighing 200 hundred pounds through each isle. I am the mom who purchases 8 gallons of milk, 1 case of wipes , 1 case of diapers, 1 heavy laundry soap among other heavy items along with 80 pounds of children.

If I flat tire another customer it is because you ( Costco) choose to put out your free sample carts in the stupidest places. Do you really need 4 tables in one isle??? Why is it you must make enough samples for people to jokingly eat lunch for free when shopping at your store? Have you not seen the cart traffic jam your creating? I mean really for 1.50 you can stand in the longest line ever and order a famous Costco polish dog and a drink.

Let's talk about your parking lot....Why can't you buy the restaurant knock it down and build a shuttle tram to get you to the front door?? I mean seriously, the engineer who designed your store needs to re-think the flow of traffic. What about creating a job that would entail having a traffic flagger to keep people from getting hit, cars flipping off other cars, and other road rage attitudes.

Why do you open at 10? Why not 8am? Why are you about the only retail store in America with such odd hours? Ever think your losing Money due to the fact people hate your parking lot? Hours and people breathing other people space.

And people...seriously, we can NOT leave the store till they draw a smiley face on your receipt so why all the huffing and puffing behind me??? I can't go any faster unless you want me to blow by them and get chased out to my van.

The returns are a whole different story. I love the return policy but I have witnessed a couple returning an expensive play set due the fact they lost their home and they could not fit the play yard in a storage unit. WTH?? I asked to purchase it and I was told no , they had to throw it away. I have heard of people waiting for 4 years to return items and then purchase new and continue the cycle, making up lame excuses on why they are returning the items. Wrong. Just wrong.

I will see you next payday.....Valium and a Quad mocha ready to brave your store.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We all think our kids are the cutest. I know we all do. we love the chubby cheeks, squishy hands, funny personalities....

Today..I did find that my kids are pretty darn cute. Cute enough to enter the GAP casting call for 2009.

Here is what I need from you.....

PLEASE, I beg of you...okay, not begging yet but vote for them each day. Winning is based on 2 being fan votes and the other by Gap. I am striving for the fan votes. I know you all just LOVE me...Hey if your vote is the winning vote I will buy you some super cute clothes.....Promise. ( with my GAP gift card)

Most of you log into facebook everyday so I know you can vote everyday!

Here is Miss America's Link........ Click Here to Vote for her

Vote for Carter John by click here ( number 4 is my FAV!)

yeah..I might just be on Toddlers and Tiaras next.

Monday, September 21, 2009

When you count on something...

and you it doesn't pull though the way you had planned it can be defeating. What is more defeating is when it is your child that suffers. Carters Upper GI didn't work out so well today. We arrived on time to the procedure. It took 45 minutes to be brought back to the room and another 10 to be changed and put on the table with 6 Velcro straps around his body to hold him still. when dealing with a HUNGRY 20 month old you only have a small window of time before he gets scared , confused and worried. Once he was strapped the doctor could not find her apron....Long story short we could not get him to drink the chalky mix no matter how many puppet shows we did or songs I sang.

I did fine through out the process but when I realized that we would no answers to his medical problems I cried. I am over it. So over it.

feeling defeated.

They may need to knock him out...put a camera down his throat. I will keep you updated.

Here are some posts to fill you in....He can't keep solids is undigested even after 36 hours and he will vomit most days. I have him on milk all day and we do give him food. He is always hungry. Poor guy. He knows when he will throw up and will run to the sink or toilet although he misses quite a bit of the time. We have ruled out Celiac and food allergies and Pyloric stynosis.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts...
Here are some links to previous posts that will give you updates on his condition.
Click on them.

last visit



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Thursday...aww..the day I am to blog a recap of my life. I am so over this busy thing. I am so over waking up at 6:30 to leave the house by 8:30. I am so over the lack of sleep. I need a redo day at least 3 times this week. A good fight with your husband can make you want to redo the entire week.

It amazes me how people can stay married for fifty years...That is just amazing. I think we should renew our vows every year. This marriage stuff is hard work. Worth everything but I am going to make sure my kids know how hard it can be.

I'm thankful for: You know this is normally an easy one. I have been struggling with being grateful the last few weeks. I am thankful for my home. Every month, everyday, every year we pay to live here and like many Americans it takes up a big chunk of change. I am Thankful for our home. Someone asked me the other day if It is easy to buy a house because my in-laws are Realtors...ummmm No...Nice thought and some days I wish but No.

MOPS...what a fun moms was our first meeting. I was a table leader and holy moly I had lots of girls at my table. We had to name our table and we came up " The real Housewives of Whatcom County" if you know our group then you know it fits us!! I finally got to meet my blogging friend Tiffani!! She spotted me and came over to my table! It was great!

I'm listening to: The 10 o'clock bedtime.

What's for dinner tonight: we had Pizza...Miss America picked pizza and bread sticks as her birthday dinner...Birthday dinners...I love this idea..I didn't realize that my MIL has been doing this for her kids since they where young. Jeremy informed me he picked lasagna every year...
Matthew placed an order for a famous casserole that once again comes from my mother in law along with butter and rolls ( she always has good butter and rolls) and then my birthday is next..wonder what I will choose...

Missing: Nothing...I gave up on that Darn Boy Scout shirt...Okay, I am missing something....sleep and 5 more pounds...

I am adding a new one......

What I need:
A Planner for my Planner....

Now, off to eat 2 cupcakes, maybe 3....Large glass of milk and see if I can find that 5 pounds again...

what does your Thursday's bring???

All About me!

My Name is Olivia Vr.

I am 4 years old.

My favorite color is purple and pink

My favorite food is apples, bananas and mac&cheese

My Not favorite food is raisins

My favorite vacation place is Silver Lake and McDonald's

Things that make me happy my brother Matthew he makes funny faces and I laugh

Things that make me Sad when dad goes to work

On my Birthday I like Jumpy castles,cupcakes,Pizza and Bread sticks.

This what she did today when she was in the MOPS preschool class. I love her.

In Miss America fashion

Last Night I had the boys blow up some princess balloons to put in Miss America's room for her birthday. We went down stairs to get them after everyone was asleep and we could not find them.
Jeremy woke up Mikey who said he did not know where the balloons went and he told Matthew that if he hid them and we woke him up looking for them he was going to punch Matthew. So after Mikey we made our way to Matthew. We woke him up by flipping on the light ( we where going to yell" fire" but that wouldn't be smart) and shaking him ( no not shaken teenager syndrome) We asked him where he put them and the only thing he could say was " you know in the thing that turns for 80 minutes? What?It was so comical! He was SOOO tired. I was like the dryer?? he didn't answer. Yes we found 8 balloons in the dryer.

This morning Miss America woke up a bit grumpy. She came out of her room around 6:30 ( very early for her) I was in the living room and I wished her Happy Birthday. She looked at me...and said "NO wishing her anything" I asked her if she saw her Balloons....her response?? YES! but I not like them in the morning. Maybe another morning just not today...
Me: Well Okay then. Life is rough for you but you need to talk nice and have a good heart.

Miss America: Not today.

Me: why Honey?

Miss America: I am just sad. I am not liking today and if I pray for a better day it better happen.

Me: okay.

Miss America: I love you mom.
and just like that her mood changed. What will PMS do to her?? Do we dare find out?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You know what I love??

the fact he is wearing a shirt I bought Matthew 10 years ago! and his cute face.

Found some time

Kids are in bed and I am just about ready to start mopping. I want to finish before the Season Finale of Big Brother starts. Yes, I am a die hard Big Brother fan. I would so go in the Big Brother House! I think a Big Brother of just Moms would make for a juicy season. You know the season of "my kids cuter then yours?? and I lost all my baby weight before you" drama. Yes, I would go on it. Maybe I should Email CBS with the idea.

Carter has his appointment on Monday. I am actually excited to get to the bottom of this. Last night sent me over the edge. Cleaning up puke at 2am and showering a 1 year old is not fun. I feel so bad for him everyday. I am VERY patient with him and cleaning up after him but last night after it was all done I crawled into bed and cried. I cried till I could not cry anymore. I was asking God on top of everything with my health why is this happening?? I think the combination of my news last week from the doctor , informing me that I need a 4th surgery and Carter health. One 3 year old wanting to do arts and crafts and baking everyday, 12 year old who wants and needs me ( I am SOO THANKFUL for this) and a 16 year old you must keep on track and a DH (dear husband) who works 2 jobs and wants me as his "happy, nothings wrong, I have it handled" wife. I awoke this morning with a renewed spirit and strength to preserve. It is what it is. :)

Jeremy's house calls ( fixing Grandfather clocks) have been keeping him busy! This is a such a BLESSING! I miss him but building a business to one day support us or retire is rewarding. I have to say there are only 3 people in the county who repair clocks and watches and many of them are older. I get a kick out of the customers who call and when they hear we have kids always Chuckle because they think he is an "older gentleman" not a 35 year old with 7 years experience.

Miss America turns 4 on Thursday. That is whole different post. Princess and parties!

Matthew is doing good is school. Better then last year and is Excited for his first football game next week. He is working hard. His grades are excellent and socially all is so far so good. He informed me today that he saving for truck. 3 more years till he drives

Mikey is looking for work and is doing very WELL in school. He received a B on his math test today. That my friends is HUGE!

So here it is the story of my life, I am thankful I found the time.

Head start

Who doesn't want to be just like big brother when your 1 years old and he is 12??

Friday, September 11, 2009


Everyday we are blessed to be living in America.


Own a home

have as many children as we want ( no, I am NOT preggo)

We can drive whatever care we chose

We can Vote

We can choose to fight for our country

We can stand up for what we believe

We can worship Jesus, our almighty perfect one

We have good quality health care (this I know!)

We can wear whatever we want ( note: kids showing boxers )

We can do or be anything we want

I teach my kids everyday that they need to be thankful and proud to be an American. Hats come off during national Anthems and prayer. Hand over heart even if nobody else chooses to do so.

They maybe to young to remember 9-11 but I will never forget.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mom CAN you??

stick out your tongue and lick your snot?


I can, wanna see?

Not really.

Please!! Matthew showed me how!

Gross Liv.

It's not gross cows can do it and God made cows so he made us do it.

God made toilet paper too.

He did not!

yes, he did.

Well, that's not fair!

Okay Liv.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

plan b

Take my blankie and pillow and go to his mom's.

I got the bug.

Vitamin C and lots of sleep.

Wait, sleep??? What is that?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

when your husband gets sick

Make a fresh pot of chicken soup.

Load up the medicine cabinet with Thera flu , NyQuil and any other drug on the market for crying grown men.

Have some compassion, even if you have 4 other kids to tend to.

Pack his bag.

send him to his mom's.

I know, I know...he left his mom and dad 17 years ago...but don't you think we should be able to drop him off and all his pharmaceuticals for a day or two???

Friday, September 4, 2009

forever a to-do list.

If you seen my to-do list you will know why I am sitting here on a perfectly sunny Friday afternoon avoiding the damn list. Yes, I just said a naughty word. Could have been worse but since I am writing this for the world to see I should keep it PG or at least PG-13.

Feeling a little out of sorts. Routine came and smacked me upside the head. I forgot how much I loved summer, although I was craving the back to school routine. I am a woman so I my emotions are going to be across the board. Happy that school starts. Sad summer is over. Happy that bedtime is 7pm again. Sad they wake up at 6:30am. Happy to make dinner again without sweating in the kitchen.

I signed 12 documents. Sent another 84.00 to the school for fee's. Yuk.

I think the schools need a system where we can deposit 30.00 a month every month and when they need something they can just take it from there.

How can children lose a reversible with their name on it...knowing full well it needs to be worn for 4 years. There's another 25.00. Jeremy made them pay for it. I don't blame him. But when they have no money who does it really come from??

Carter's testing has added a few more appointments to my planner. I am thankful he gets in right away. They are doing 10 test on his blood work. There are 3 major things they are checking for
Celiac Disease,liver issues and anemia He has an upper GI scheduled next week along with another blood draw today. He hates them. He told the nurse to "stop! Don't and NO!" Yesterday as he was sobbing. I was crying too....

4 dentist appointment, 3 doctor's appointments and 3 eye appointments. 2 birthday's to plan. Family pictures ( HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!) that is stressing me out.

A concert to attend! I am SOOO excited for this. and an overnight Bunko trip.

MOPS meeting start ( so thrilled!)

Adventure club ( for all you attending NCCTK we need help!)

Dream School (my first year, Jeremy's 2nd year)

Last night ALL kids in bed by and dad by 8:55......

and I still need a nap. Well, know that I have vented ,time to pull it together and get going! I believe a 20 ounce mocha mint is calling my name!

Have a great weekend!

urghh...I am big!

I am riding this. Period.
Don't look at me. Don't take my picture. I will keep throwing my helmet.

Seriously. I need to ride this.


I really want to ride this. I am big. I climb everything and do everything "big Boy style" Quit taking pictures of my fit and help me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

we managed

We managed to:
Cry once
get up at 6:30
pack a lunch
do hair
snap pictures
stand in line at my favorite thrift store by 9am
pick up a very happy girl

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I guess I wasn't ready

I thought I was ready for Miss America to be joining preschool.

I am not. Had myself a good cry. It hit me today as I did her hair. Baby stage is all over. I hate it. She must now go out there , into the big world of sharing , obeying and interaction.

Thought I was excited about her going. Until today.

It's only orientation.

What am I going to do tomorrow when she is there for 3 hours??

enjoy it ?

probably after another good cry.

just think I have one more to send off...

that will require a WHOLE box of kleenex. Not just one tucked into my bra.

here we go....