Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now what am I going to do?

Okay, so I am fat.

I have battled my weight for years. I think I was born a size 10 and then added a size every year after that.

I have seen the stares. I have felt the discrimination but I was VERY VERY aware of my weight.

Now that I have lost 93 pounds over the last 2 years and am only 43 away from my goal I have heard more unfriendly comments now then ever before.

I have seen it with my husband who is down over 150 pounds.

Guys will come up to him and instead of saying you look great or I didn't recognize you ( these are both fine to say) they say things like " Oh Man you are skinny, I guess now I need to get smaller then you" " Dude, your like the thin one now"

I am sure they don't mean anything by it and are happy to see Jeremy's transformation but things like that hurt. People are basically saying that

* you are to be the fat one our whole life

* you are not worthy of being smaller then me

I get this one...

Your going to be skinner then me now what am I going to do?

I have gotten this from 2 or 3 different people and I want to say....

Well You can go on a diet.

You can keep your mouth shut.

Say I look me up.

I have never been one to let myself get so insecure about how I look. Yes, there are things that I don't like or wish I could change but I still put on a swimsuit , I still try to look good everyday.

I always wondered how people could get so insecure or overly sensitive to others around them trying to lose weight and make a lifestyle change. If you are that insecure and feel like your life is over because we are changing our life PLEASE don't say anything at all....

Can't you just be proud of them?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Free ME from the FREEBIES...

I have an obsession for free things lately. I have no idea why. I have signed up for over 25 free samples of random Shit stuff.

I have been following FREEBIES4MOMS on Facecrack. Love her coupons and I have purchased things I normally buy for 25 cents or I have gotten stuff Free. She has the best photobook deals and coupons for free things.. It really is a great site.

Yesterday I got a brand new Men's razor. Sweet. Your Jealous.


You want one. I know you do.

You want to look like the guy/gal on the box tipping a damn tea-top in your nose.

This is a Tad bit funny...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It can't be over

Since Friday morning the boys loaded up Papa's tractor and went down south to our property. The place needed a bit of sprucing up. They cleaned flower beds, hauled away junk and put down a new coat of gravel.

I bet it will look great.

Friday night Jeremy called me to tell me he had a great time at dinner with the boys. He was able to sit for over an hour and enjoy the meal. Carter was wonderful. Never throwing a fit or causing a scene. I was a bit Jealous.

Saturday Miss America & I stayed in our pajamas till around 4. nice. I had all these big plans to get stuff done. Start on a project, clean rooms, sort through the kids clothes and go through cupboards. Nope. Cleaned one room and did 4 loads of laundry. I was in bed by 10 every night.

I woke up at 10 today. Miss America woke me up at 9. I fell back asleep until she she started shaking me yelling " MOM YOUR SNORING" I wanted to tell her that when a person is snoring you NEVER EVER wake them up. But, in case there was ever an emergency I wouldn't want her to not wake me up. Plus she had a good sleep last night and was rearing to go.

I am not.

I am still in my pajamas.

I am not wanting this weekend to be over.

I am looking at my calendar thinking when would Jeremy be available to take all of them for the weekend.

I needed this. I really did.

I talked to Jeremy last night and I was laughing because having one small kid feels like such a break , a huge break.

Then it dawned on me...Olivia was Carter's age when I brought Carter home from the hospital.

And I wonder why I jump the crazy train everyday....

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Facts

I have not blog Friday Facts for awhile , over a month actually. I figured I should really start going at it again.

I am feeling somewhat better. I still have help that comes 2 days a week , helps with laundry, and other chores along with babysitting so I can get some things accomplished. This week has been my busiest by far. I am overwhelmed. Tired. Crabby. Hurting.

So I am going to finish today off with a cleaning marathon ( I have help coming) and then I swear I am laying in bed yelling at my kids to get me this & that , bossing my husband around and relaxing.

Thankful For:

Finding a great deal on tickets to California . I am also thankful for my mother in law who answered her phone at least 12 times to help me with the whole booking process ( no joke ) I was so nervous. I did not plan on going to Disneyland. I don't even know that we could afford to go when the times comes to fly out , but hey we are leaving on a Jet Plane. I don't spend that kinda money and especially on a whim. I was thankful I booked it. I had like 7 friends who booked flights.

Listening To:

Miss America change her outfit for the 3rd time all while picking on Carter , Making him scream.

What's For Dinner:

I have no idea. None.

Looking Forward To:

Doing nothing tomorrow.

Quote of the week:

"MOM!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!! MOM!!!! "

What are your Friday Facts?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taco Bell 2.00 deals

What do you do when your 13 year comes out of the dentist office higher then a kite and drooling all over himself?

You want to laugh and make fun of him. You want to say " you should have brushed your teeth better"

But you can't get a word in edge wise.

He is going on about how I was in the TV during the procedure telling him we can go to Taco Bell and get the 2.00 meal. I promised him a Pepsi with the meal.

I tried to explain to him that I was never in the TV and we don't have a Taco Bell in town.

We are in the van and he is going on and on and on about the 2.00 deal.

I tell him he can't eat for 5 hours.

BUT mom you said I could when I was getting my teeth fixed....You came on the TV and told me we are going there...

I had to try and tell him it wasn't real. I wasn't on TV and we are not going to Taco Bell.

He got all teary-eyed.

...I am sucker.

I brought him home a 2.00 meal after my doctors appointment.

Oh, How I wish I would have videoed that ride home.

Told you so

I really should start a blog series on " I told you so ' topics. You know the kinda post that totally makes you , the wife look like a winner.

Jeremy asked me if I had seen his phone, I hadn't. I told him to take mine ( mine is new fancy dancy keyboard , flip thing a ma bob) He takes mine and as he is walking out the door he asked me if I knew how to text on that phone.


It takes me 45 minutes to write a 3 liner text.

I ask why he needs it.

He needs to text Matthew.

I say call him, it is free.

Jeremy said he couldn't. He was given specific instructions not to call but to text him.


Alien boys only form of communication.

Now..where can I sign up for texting class?

If all my Friends wonder why I turned into a horrible speller ( worse then I am) during the 10 th text they have been getting from me...

I am practicing people!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Push Me Over

the cliff.


I have so many thoughts in my head. So many things on my to-list. My calendar is not empty. 2 doctors appointments this week. 3 events. Field trip. Meetings. Dentist appt.

Really. How does this happen?

I am not a 100% but maybe I am trying to convince myself I am by overbooking , over extending, making myself crazy.

Until I flip the calender to the next week I am optimistic.

I proceed to flip it and then BAM...

Just push me over.

I am a sucker

or a pushover.

I gave in.

Got alien boy a cellphone.

We had to take our store number move it to a cell phone.

I got Hubby's old number and gave the boy my phone.

we had to add texting. Yep,we had to. You would be super uncool if you didn't.

Now the boy can't mow the lawn without stopping to text. Unload the dishwasher without texting. Urghh.

Setting the ground rules right now.

Wait. He is not listening because he is texting.

I made him pay for 6 month of texting in advance.

There had to come some responsibility to owning a phone.

The bright side of all of this? He has not bugged his sister all afternoon.

Jeremy added texting to our phones. He then wanted to cancel it. Knowing we would never use it. I told him no, we are going to need to learn how so we can communicate with him.

It is happening. We are getting uncool. He is getting a life. It is going to be a long 15 years until he wants to hang out with us.

I am hating this.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

damn it

Oh, my sweet Carter where in the did you learn to say that word? Oh, what's that? From your hot.good Mama? Now why would she ever say such a word?

Oh that's right...

When you took off your diaper and crapped all over my floor or when you took a pen to my couch and what about when you put goldfishes in the light switch and what about when you put barbie clothes and hair bows in the fish tank and that was all in ONE day, I am confident you heard that word ALOT.

Maybe you heard it when your dad asks me for the 100th time where he put some , or when he leaves a huge mess in the clean kitchen at night so I can stumble my butt out of bed and look at his destruction.

You could have heard it when Matthew wouldn't stop picking on Miss America, or when Matthew decided that chewing gum belongs on the back of the chair and not in the garbage.

Oh, what about when I ask your brother a million times to pick up his dog's crap and he doesn't resulting in you stepping in it?

You had to have heard it when Miss America locked herself in the bathroom and I could not get her out. Or when she was in there decided my eyeshadow looked better on the floor in powder form.

You chanting the word "damn it" is a tad bit funny. Yes, I laugh and then feel really bad that I say such a thing. The bad feeling leaves pretty quickly because you and your siblings are on to some crazy plan on how to drive your mom crazy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our fishing Weekend..

We had a mini getaway with my in-laws at their Lake house. It was opening day for lake fishing. Liv had to have a different outfit each time she went fishing. She caught her first fish. She wasn't to fond of the actual catching of the fish but really liked sitting out on the dock with her dad. It was rainy and we lost power but managed to have some fun through it all.

It took Matthew all day to catch his fish but he finally did! He can't wait to go back!

Chalk Monsters

Chalk..the new body paint.

The girls had fun dressing up with the chalk..They really wanted the bath water to turn pink...imagine Liv's disappointment when it didn't :)