Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Blog..but still funny!

Before I found this awesome blogging site ( Thanks Allison!) I blogged on my myspace page..here is a blog that I wanted to share.

So today was Wednesday ! I love Wednesday's because most of you all know that I love to find a Bargain and on Wednesday's Lynden's Finest Thrift shop opens up at 9am! So let me begin my day.......

Wake late...8:15! I set the alarm but forgot what day it was and couldn't figure out why I was to get up at 7 so I shut the alarm off. The next thing I know I am to pull off getting 2 kids and myself out the door in 30 mins! I run down stairs and wake Matthew then I realize that my only pair of Maternity pants are still in the Wash.........So I throw them in the dryer all while trying to sound upbeat and chipper to my darling son who still needs to eat, brush his teeth and hug his sister.

So I jet back upstairs and wake Liv ( who Loves to Sleep in the morning not at night) She does not want to get up nor does she want to get dressed. Only wants her dad who is in the shower and then as her brother comes to "rescue" her she screams for her mom and the chipper me turns to a a crabby me and tells Matthew to Hurry and knock it off........He gets me by saying...oh I am eating at school they are having cinnamon rolls ..Bye and before I could say a word he was out the door.

Jeremy who hears all the chaos and knows this is my Special day quickly pulls himself together, grabs Liv finishes dressing her. I grab the diaper bag after I throw her breakfast in there ( string cheese,Goldfishes and an orange) Healthily I must say.....and I don't forget the cup and binky and blanky and her baby! he is off the the van to buckle her in and I am right behind.. I love you Honey!

I kiss him goodbye and he goes to say something and I see my neighbor drive by ( another Wednesday morning groupie) I tell my husband I can't talk I have to go the neighbor is beating me! I go to back up and the other Neighbor passes me ( Yes 4 ladies on the block!) I am so frazzled that I will be the last one there and all the good stuff will be gone! So all the neighbors are now sitting at the light on Depot ( thank you Jesus) I can beat them to the door because I drive my van like a race car! We have to go the Long way around due to construction. As I am driving through the paper depot lot I reach back unbuckle Liv and tell her to be READY! I find a spot grab Liv and breathe a sigh of relief.......I am first....I think I am first!!!!! They have a whole new entrance! Yikes! I head to the new entrance only to see my Neighbor standing there. oh, well I am second and that is good. I am second with wet Maternity pants on.

I only found a few good deals not many but hey who can pass up a Dora ballerina dress for 1.29? So I go get my coffee and when I am pulling out I didn't see a car so I slammed on the brakes and Liv's baby went flying....I hear " DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT" 3 times perfectly......my reaction is to say where did you learn that? But I already knew........My bad habit now became hers. OUCH!

So off to pick up Jeremy's Grandma to go to Walmart.......The shopping trip was good well as good as it can be with a 2 year old who really thinks they made every Cinderellieee for her or the fact she screams for a half dead balloon tied to a rounder ( pulled it off so she quit crying) ....We proceed to check out and I then realize she is MISSING Her Shoe.....Grandma is waiting back is hurting, She is crying for fries, I now have to find a shoe

So off to find one brown slip on really cute little girls shoe in the whole entire Walmart...10 minutes later I finally ask a helper to put out a page on a missing size 8 brown slip on shoe for a little girl....So really loud and excited (this worker is way to friendly and eager to help me) She makes her announcement ( I think she had way to much Coffee!!!) I then go off to the cleaning dept to try there and as I was turning the corner this lady starts yelling and I mean yelling " I FOUND IT! I HAVE THE MISSING SHOE! I FOUND IT " Like 10 times so loud she could not Hear me try to claim it Quietly. I raised my hand and tried to get her attention but she had just acted like she had hit the jackpot in Vegas! I finally get the lost shoe from her and she hugs me...I was a bit taken aback but hey we found the shoe.....

Off to Costco.................I will make a long story short...I got into a fight with another mini van driving mom from Canada who was so impatient she made grandma jump out of the way and then hit my legs as she opened her door and I was so mad at her I just said " You saw we were here" and she said You saw I was waiting..........Since when is it okay to have no grace for a 90 year old women or a 2year old or a pregnant person? Crap Why can't we all just have Grace? Why are we in such a hurry? The confrontation made me feel crappy. I hate stuff like that.

Well, I forgot the diapers so looks like we are headed there again......................

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who doesn't Love Fall!?

I mean really...nothing is more profound then leaves changing color and falling from the tree. Here is post heavy on pictures of what we did today!


Finally...Pictures will upload!


Go Matthew Go!!

Final score for the Lynden youth Superbowl...20-0 with Lynden Blue winning and undefeated for the 2008 season!

I am so proud!! Matthew was a dedicated team player...Practice 2 times a week and games every Saturday. What an exciting game to watch..Lynden Blue played Lynden Green so I bet you can all imagine how many people where at the field to watch the exciting game.

I never have understood football but I have to tell you once your a football mom you will be a football mom forever!

Love you Mattismo!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Coconut Lime Designs

My best friend of all most 20 years Jennifer has launched her very own digital card company, Coconut Lime Designs! She is working full time yet has the desire to be home with her little girl. You won't be disappointed in the quality or the design. Ordering the perfect card only take a few emails and Viola...You can pick them up at your local Costco store no matter where you live!

You can create your very own holiday card that can contain any thoughts, scripture or colors and fonts you want! Last year I could not get a " great family" photo she was able to take 3 different pictures and customize the perfect card. You can view it under Holiday cards on her website!

You can check out her new website by clicking the link under my " what I read to avoid cleaning" on my blog.

Sometimes I will search other digital sights such as Shutterfly to get inspiration. You may have a sight that you love to use but are looking for something more personal.

Anyways...Here is shout out to Ms. Jenn...Jenn, you are so talented and I am excited for you! You will one day be home with Kayleigh and enjoy everyday! I know this will take off and you will be SOOO busy. Hopefully not to busy to still come over in your pajamas for coffee! I love you!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sometimes I wonder how I get so busy..I mean really does a SAHM really have that much to do where she can't nurture relationships? I wonder this out loud because I know we are so busy...Busy doing what!!??

I have to schedule free days into my calender so I feel relaxed and then POOF they are full of something...Sometimes I wish I could browse the store for the perfect gift for a friend or redecorate and have the time to make countless trips to the hardware store.

Don't get me wrong..I do have down time in between being busy but I am a people person. I enjoy people I enjoy having people over...what I struggle with is finding time for projects. Maybe It is the perfectionist in me. If I can't finish a room in an afternoon why start? Does anyone else struggle with this or do I just need to buck up and start a project!? I some times think I need a team of people to accomplish a decorating tasks..I am challenged in this area..Seriously..I Will call my best Friend in the middle of purchasing a picture for the wall and feel so overwhelmed on where it should go that I walk out empty handed. This may explain the 25 items in my closet that are screaming for me to hang them up!! before they are considered vintage. :)

I am a risk taker by nature so why do I pick out a color of paint and hang onto it in my wallet for 6 months!? Aww...Why!?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Da Mikey Go

I was 16 when he was born....he was 3 and already an uncle by age 4 a brother in law... He is my little brother...Da Mikey...what an amazing child of God..what a true joy to have around our home and in the lives of my children.

Mikey made the decision to let the our Lord be his guide and savior on Sunday. tonight made the public declaration to confess his love for Jesus by getting baptized by Pastor Barb and Jeremy. I am so Happy for him!!! Here is a young man that has had a rough, rocky ,and sometimes very unfair life and yet he has hope for the future by trusting our Lord for direction and hope.

We are so in love with you Mikey! We are so PROUD of you! Go Da Mikey GO!

Side Note: Ever since he was a baby we would say " Go Da Mikey Go!

Jump Around fun Zone

Olivia was invited to a birthday party at Jump Around Fun Zone in Bellingham...If you have not been it was alot of fun and very laid back. The birthday room was great! It holds lots of people and you can bring inoutside food...such as Little Ceasers Pizza, chips, cakes so that was a bonus! Next rainy day grab you stack of bills to pay or your favorite magazine , favorite coffee and pull up a table!

It is worth the 6 bucks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A few weeks ago over morning coffee my dear friend was talking about how she hates cooking dinner and it's a daunting task. Her husband is only home a few days a month and really appreciated a home cooked meal...really who doesn't!!??

He had made a comment to her that really got me thinking and I just wanted to share with all you wives and moms out there...I am sure you all do a wonderful job between laundry and chauffeuring the kids around of presenting a hot delicous meal to the table but for those of you who struggle with cooking or just are to overwhelmed...I leave you with this to inspire you....

He put it this way...you don't ask me everyday to go to work, why is it I have to ask for dinner?

I have now decided that even if it scrambled eggs and toast dinner will be served.

Lynden Blue

Lynden Blue has not lost a single game this season...taking them to the LYS Superbowl!! They played Nooksack Saturday and won 31-0. This Saturday Lynden Blue will play Lynden Green for the championship title! This will make for an interesting game since both teams are from Lynden. Go Lynden BLUE!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Family Fun

After Church we decided to go to the pumpkin patch...Lots of fun! Liv had a no nap breakdown right before we where to load up on the wagon to the patch. She cried for me to take her home so she could take a nap. Yep, that's what we did. So next time I will definetly plan better and give a nap BEFORE we venture off.. the older kids weren't to happy but we will go back.

8 months

My Sweet Carter turned 8 months old on the 3rd ( I know...LATE) and because I am not crafty with anything scrapbook I print these out and file them in their baby books. It may not qualify me as memory maker of the year but I know that they will love the randomness of our lives one day.

Carter..You are so loving! You still have no teeth and just learned to crawl..You have learned that dad will bring you to bed with us on the first peep. You are eating solids 2 times a day and with every bite of fruit you make a sour a face and blink your eyes. It is comical to watch! You do not like crackers. You love your sippy cup.

Your arms go flying when you see anyone of us and will do a fake cry when we walk out of the room. I can't believe you will be turning 1 soon...We love you John!


So after not having a workng oven for 5 months the first thing I baked was cupcakes! We had Kayleigh over to play so I had the girls " help" It was fun to watch both of them lick the beaters fo the first time!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heavy on words

Okay, okay enough already...I know that I have not updated this blog since my vacation. There is a number of reasons for that...I FORGOT my camera at home and I am the mom of 4 kids who are just plain busy! So, Yes I have been a bad blogger.

So I will start with a run down of my trip....

Telling Liv that I was leaving on an airplane just did not work...she cried and cried because she wanted to go with her Papa and her cousin Jada to California ( we had been there in March) so I quickly changed the story...I told that I am going to go to the hospital and they are going to fix mommy again. Eyes wide she was okay with it and told me to have fun and she will be waiting when I get back. I know this may sound cruel to some of you but over the last 3 years I have had 4 surgeries. So at this point she was okay and could wrap her little mind around it.

Next, I had to make sure everything was ready for the other kids, Carter was leaving the nest to stay with a good friend and Mikey was staying with another family friend.

We left for the airport with even enough time to stop for a mocha. At this point it could not get any better!! A 2 hour trip to the airport with no kids in the truck was a vacation. The only whining was coming from me for the next 4 days!

Breezing our way through the airport. No huge car seats no over sized carry ons full of food, toys or colors. Just me ,my purse and a few gossip magazines. This time the Vrieling Family did not have 13 security containers or 5 pairs of shoes to take off..as I looked over I saw a large family ( of 5! ha ha) trying to navigate their way through security. I really did feel for them but a smile had descended upon my face a sign of pure relief that at this point in time I was KID FREE!! Whoo-Hoo!

We both slept on the plane, ordered a drink , took a nap and prepared to land in Sunny California! When we landed we walked calmly to the baggage claim with no kids in tow crying to go potty or get a drink. We smiled at each other as we got to the baggage area as to say...this is going to be fun and relaxing but we do miss our kids...what!! I was not thinking that! He might have been but I was smiling because I was not screaming at Olivia to stay off the baggage carousel or telling Matthew to quit pulling his sisters hair.

We made it to our destination and was greeted by Jeremy's wonderful cousins! I really need to share about just how close this family is. These cousins are still so close even though they are in their 30's. We see his California family more then we see mine who live in the big town of Ferndale. It is just amazing. The love they have for each other it such a blessing to all!

After having dinner with the California Family we left on Friday afternoon for Hollywood. We checked in at the hotel and then went to Saddle Ranch Bar for lunch. This is place where reality TV stars hang out...we did not know this at the time we just liked the prices and the atmosphere. We ate lunch then went back to the hotel. We met up with more family and then went back to Saddle ranch for dinner and drinks. The place was crowded...there had to have been 1500 people there. We found a table outside. When we where seated I noticed that Keisha from Big Brother 10 was sitting next to me. I Love big Brother and have watched all the seasons so of course I was star struck! At her table was Steven from Big Brother and the CBS producer for the show. We talked for most of the night. She even slipped and fell right next to Jeremy who had to lift her up. We did not see anymore famous people. Our hotel was next to the The Sky Bar and Johnny Depp Viper room but no big stars to report of. I don't think I would really notice anyone even if they did walk right me.

Saturday Morning we went downtown to see the Hollywood Stars. We decided to take a tour to see all the famous peoples houses. The tour was 2 hours and that did not give us enough time to be back in time for the wedding so we opted to take the 1 hour tour around town. It was my mom in law, aunt and Jeremy along with myself. When we started the tour I should have known that it was not going to take up to see the stars...our driver was CRAZY!! Everywhere he drove he would say look through the gates and you can see this..look way over there you can see the Church where Roy Rogers went to church for 3 years. Look over there and you can see the apartment where Julia Roberts lived in Pretty women. He was such a nut! Here's where it gets good. He proceeded to get on the FREEWAY in the TROLLEY! now keep in mind we are sitting on park benches with no sides on the trolley going down the freeway at 70 mph as he starts to tell us that we can see Capital records form the freeway! WHAT THE HECK!?? You are risking my life so I can see a large building from my seat!?? Scary! I looked over at Jeremy and told him if he dared tip the idiot I would be mad. After this I did not think it could go from bad to worse. He spent 25 minutes talking about Stucco houses. He was telling us that in California there was stucco houses on every street. All four sides to the houses where stucco. He then proceeded to sing " I am stuck on stucco and stucco is stuck on me" I was half irritated that Paid for this "Star Tour" and half laughing that I was not the only sucker who paid for this.

After that we went to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. What a stunning wedding that took place a the Wattles Mansion. It over looked the entire city. we had a wonderful meal and drinks. Of course after the wedding we went back to Saddle ranch where we shut down the place.

Sunday we checked out and went back to Kelly & David's ( Jeremy's cousins where we had been staying) to get ready to go to another cousins for dinner. On Monday we went to breakfast on the beach and played in the sand & water.

I started to miss the kids...I am happy to be home with the kids but I hate this weather here. The tree' are beautiful and as the seasons change I love it! It does not feel like fall in California.

They have pumpkin patches down there. They take put up huge tents in mall parking lots, throw sawdust down and put pumpkins all over...the kids get so excited! I wonder when they would think if they saw our pumpkin patches where pumpkins grow on vines!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leavin on a jet plane

Here's to 5 days without the kids..Here's to no diaper bags, diapers, bottles, no whining and tons of adult fun! Cheers!!

Here is our Hotel. On the Sunset Boulevard Strip in Hollywood.

Here is where the wedding will take place. Wattles Mansion in California.

We are soooo EXCITED for our first real vacation together without the kiddos in 7 years!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


If you know me you know that I love Halloween costumes and dress up clothes! I have always loved costumes..I think because my birthday is so close to Halloween. I love to decorate for Fall and save all the costumes from the kids plus more!! I guess you can say that it is my collection.

I had Jeremy pull out my Fall/Halloween totes Friday. Montanna (my niece) and Olivia had fun trying on the assortment of treasures.
My Pictures are not uploading for 2 days so I only have one for you...

Friday, October 3, 2008

12 years ago...

12 years ago we did not have fancy birth announcements, battery operated swings, slings, co-sleepers, wipe warmers, sleep sacks, space saver high chairs, or johnny jumpers on the ground!!

We did have a brand new birthing center where I delivered my first son...I was the first to deliver in room 16 and actually stay in the room for the duration. 12 years ago I had no idea the love I could feel for someone else. I had no idea that my wants and needs where to be put on the back burner as I some how stumbled through teething, shots, diaper rashes, bumps and falls.

I had no idea that Barney would contiously play over and over on the one and only TV. I had no idea that when I would crawl in bed at night that Jeremy and I would sing the silly songs to each other as they had been embedded in our minds.

12 years ago I fell in love with my first born. My easiest child by far. Slept through the night at 4 weeks old...always had such a sweet, laid back personality.

Happy Birthday Matthew, I will never forget the day you where born. The way you confirmed in my soul that we have a God a wonderful heavenly father who loves us no matter what.

You are still my buddy. I will never forget how you would sneak in my bed when dad was working out of town and tell me that you would leave when dad came home but I would find you sleeping in front of my door. I will never forget how worms and ants needed to be kept in the house not outside because you thought it was to cold. I will never forget how you made 88.00 on a pop stand that dad built you. I will never forget how you where always naked.

I am so excited and so proud of the Young man you are becoming. Making appropriate choices and always helping out the neighbors. I am sad that 12 years has gone by and I have 7 years left to have you here with us. I am half way done till you leave for college ( I know you are reading this!) and it sucks.

Matthew, Dad and I could not have asked for a more responsible and loving son. Happy 12th Birthday Frederico, Machias....my son.

Quick to Listen

My Uncle once told me that when your lips are moving you are not listening and when your thinking of what to say next you are not listening...I am so guilty of this. At times I live for the next moment..waiting anticipating but not feeling the moment not living the moment. As you watch the next 8 minutes make sure you have a Kleenex..you will need one.

I try to live by the these words " be kind to everyone for someone is fighting a harder battle then yourself"

Luke 23:34 Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing".

James 1:19-20 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. For man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.