Thursday, July 31, 2008

Backyardigians....Here we come!

That's right!!! We are going to meet them LIVE October 25th!! A very Special Date with Jenn & Kayleigh....Tickets are still on Sale!!


Having my mom here for the last week has been a huge blessing...She loves to feed babies and has reminded me for the last 3 months that if I gave Carter rice cereal he would sleep longer...I declined her many request...However thinking about how much she loves to feed them I would get some for her. He didn't really seem to be starving and many times 8oz was to much for him...with the other 2 I didn't give it till about 8 months...and no they didn't starve!

So as you can tell by the pictures he LOVED it...I think he enjoyed my mom holding him more...You need to hold him because he will grab the spoon and wipe his face leaving cereal all over...

He started to suck his thumb again...he alternates back in forth between right & Left thumb...When he was born I had to quickly and very often replace thumb for binky...I had a problem uploading his thumb sucking picture.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Don't we all like to feel like a super hero at some point in our lives? I mean even if we are 3 and have mom tie to the bath towel to look like a cape and transform us into our own super hero...As we get older we try not be a super hero...Saving the world one fist at a time but we try to donate when we can and give from our hearts. Other times it is just who we are that makes us a super hero to others....we make jokes about being super women when we know for a fact that we have taken to much on our plate and some how we need to keep going and then we secretly wish we where that superhero.

I saw this picture on my friend Allison's Blog and It reminds me of my husband...even at 7:30 this morning I got up and did a few back stretches and then proceeded to make a pot of Coffee..He looks at me and said " you do not have to do this just be super women" I know...But it is who I am...I enjoy taking care of others and myself...( Note: MYSELF has to be included) My inspiration for this blog came from many Things..The husband...the hectic life we lead and how even when I am down life goes on and things get done....

Of course I wish I could but on those tiny little panties and glitter bra with a super cool headband and conquer the world but I can't so here I am in my Yoga pants and tank ready to take on what ever Carter throws up on me and what ever Olivia may throw down the toilet. My Mom is coming today I think she is the real superwomen...She has to pull off what I do in a day and take care of me...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 3

Well here it is...Day 3 of my recovery. Nope I am not bored yet...I did get my kids back last night from their Gramies. Nothing much ever stops in our house. The washer or Dryer, TV or the pitterpatter of feet or the many visitors we get everyday. However All was quiet yesterday. Can you imagine!?? No phone was ringing..( Did you all forget about me!???) No door bells ringing. Just my mom and Carter here. Well until about 4 pm.....

I was up for a few minutes and then went to bed for 5 hours...Know I am not sure if that is technically called a nap but it felt good!! I mean so darn good I think I am going to try and repeat it today. I was on bed rest for 15 weeks but that just sucked because I really felt good and felt like I should be do something. I remember when I was younger okay Like 19 with a baby and so IMMATURE! the housework and organization waited for another day..week...month.....Now I must tackle every chore everyday till I am on the verge on complete exhaustion. Then I guess it takes a back surgery to remind me once again I am not supermom and this house will survive without me always trying to be in control. In control!?? No, not me...

Around 4 pm Matthew & Olivia came home and that's when it started....They fought and fought like an old married couple on a road trip with no map. I mean seriously! One is 11 and one is 2...Give me a break. Quit fighting you two!! I knew right away that the emotions of finally seeing me where extremely overwhelming to them. Matthew worries and always wants to take care of me and Olivia cried everyday and night for her mom. So I finally sent Matthew off by himself to my moms for a bit of XBOX and having my mom baby him and Had Jeremy take the little ones on a few errands.

I am doing good. The recovery is a bit slow but I am NOT pushing it. I have asked for help more and as much as it pains me I have tried to get the kids to " go away" I really feel that if I stay focused on this then they will reap the benefits a year from now. If I push it I could end up right back here and I know that would crush me.

So what are my big plans today!??? For starters I had Jeremy got all the stuff for BLT sandwiches. YUM! Then I think I will crawl in bed and sleep and sleep and dream about the beach..okay maybe I Will dream about all the laundry being done and the floors vacuumed. Hey it's a dream and Its my dream...Till next time.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well I am home...Things are hurting and I am groggy but everything seems to be working...When the doctor got in there it was worse then he thought. He had to remove parts of the disc and scrap around the nerve. He was hoping not to remove the disc but it was really bad. I knew it was just do the fact that I was on so much pain medication just to do do daily things.
I woke up crying for my babies and my husband. I don't wake up very good :) But after about 3 hours we made it home. I am really looking forward to a good recovery. I have been good at doing nothing. Thanks everyone who has taken my babies and called.

Jermey took this picture from his cell phone. I am happy he decided on this one :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here are few pictures of my Liv...She decided to put her panties on her head and call herself one-eyed peanut underwear....She is a very busy girl who lifts my spirits everyday! We are a nickname family...I call her Susan or Olivia Sue...Many times people think that is her middle name! I have no idea why Susan but she laughs every time and even answers! I love you my Olivia Sue! Here she is looking for me outside....This was about 6 months ago

One-eyed peanut underwear girl!

I think that is my lamp shade!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Chin Up Shoulders Back!

So after so many busy days the reality of the fact I am having back surgery for the second time hit me today. I have been in so much pain and even my strength to get through a day surprises me. I secretly wish that I had a cast on so it would remind me that I can't push it. It would also remind my family that I am at times unable to do certain things :)

I am looking forward to the day that I no longer wake up in excruciating pain and go to bed only to lay there and pray for this pain to be taken away. To live with the pain day in and day out only wears on the women I crave to be. I have had days that I have felt sorry for myself and try to get people to join my pity party...It a GREAT party if you every want to come so are my house cleaning parties!!

I am anxious to go under. I hate to be knocked out but it will be the best sleep of my year! I will need to be down for about 5 days. If the doctor needs to remove the disc then we are looking at 5 weeks! YUKKY!! He will now more when he gets in there on Thursday. He is not that optimistic that this will be the end of it but I don't want any more pain so I have been praying really hard that this works.

I am wrapping up all the last minute things...paying bills, cleaning bathrooms finishing all the laundry and preparing the kids. We are in for another long journey of physical therapy and limited fun for me. Strength always come from within and I now that when I feel depleted I listen for God to fill me up and to help me keep my chin up and shoulders back. Isn't that the way for a good life! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Power of the Praying Parent

I am reading a great book!! I would recommend you get a copy! I found this at the Second Chance store for .25 cents. It is wonderful for moms and dads!! Sometimes you don't have the energy to parent or are lost for what to do when they stumble through these pre-teen years or even when they give you a run for the money at 2 :) We as parents need to take a class every year around the birthday so we can be equipped for the next set of emotions.

I wish I could find a book on how to operate the toilet paper roll holder.

Summer Fun

Cultus Lake

We went on Monday with the Hurd Family to Cultus Lake waterslides!!! They are so AWESOME!!! Very kid friendly and you can bring in your own drinks and food. It is about 20 minutes away and we only waited at the border on the way home about 15 minutes!

Jeremy even ventured on the free fall and the other " scary" rides that I would never ever attempt! WAY TO GO!!

If you only go to the slides once a year it is worth your time to venture up to Cultus Lake. Birch bay is so yukky compared to them. Cultus has Way mo0re for the 2-3-4-5-6-7 year old age group. 5 Slides just for them and a play structure.

What a fun day and can't wait till next year!

Miss Olivia



I have way more pictures but I always have such a hard time with the uploading!! Maybe time for New computer!!???

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you Northwest!!

I love Northwest Cleaning !! They are Awesome! The rates are good and the job is done well. My floors were so YUK!! Between a newborn and the bedrest it was the last thing on my mind to be on top of every spill and grimy footprint. Northwest has cleaned my van carpets and we even brought our travel trailer there and they cleaned the carpets and we picked it up the next day.

So those of you who know my obsession with carpets and vacuum cleaners then you know I am SOOOOO EXXXCCCIIITTTEEDDD!!! Cleaned just in time for my back surgery as I lay on the couch I wouldn't be to crabby with clean floors. :)

Running...Crash & Burn

You know how kids must run everywhere...Well she got her first big " OWWIEEE". There was blood and she did not like it one bit. I wouldn't either :) She was a trooper and got her band aids. Most of you now that she was potty trained with band aids. We would give her one every time she used the potty. Most days during the process she had up to 15 on her legs. Dora, princess, spongebob and Barbe were among her favorite. What ever works!

( Sorry the pictures are in reverse order)

5 months

Carter has turned 5 months old!! Just seems like yesterday that I was on bed rest for 15 weeks! He is still a very easy baby and goes with the flow. He is cuddly and already charming! He loves Matthew & Olivia. He has not started solids. He is learning to roll over. He loves his play mat and his walker car. Most of all he loves his Mommy & Daddy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sister & Brother Love....

Most of you know that when I was 16 Mikey was born. He has come to live with us this summer. I love having him around. Mikey and Matthew are only 3 years apart. We have had a lot of great times camping.

We have had the joy of bringing him to DisneyLand and Alcatraz along with camping.

Having a 15 year old in the house has really given me a great perspective on the teenage years. He has taught me slang words and soon will be teaching me how to text! I hope I am a good student :)

Welcome Home Mikey!! We Love You forever!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It has Happened after 5 months!

Carter Slept in his own bed last night for the very first time!! It worked out better then I had planned. Yesterday when he was napping in our room she had went in there and took a stamp and stamped his butt. I told her to get out and not to wake him up. She looks up at me and said " I was just singing the good morning song" well she was doing more then that. I picked him up and realized she had stamped his clothes with a smiley face Olivia the adventurous one.

I was a bit nervous when I put him to bed that she would crawl in there and bug him. It didn't happen instead they slept like champs and both woke up at 9:30am!!! It was Awesome! I finally got some solid sleep!

I am a bit sad that the bassinet will go away and maybe one day my grandchildren will use it. It was just another reminder that time goes by so fast. I am sad but not sad enough to put him back into our room! Soon Olivia will get her own room which she is So EXCITED about.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Strawberry Season!

I got to make my first batch of Strawberry Jam last week with Michelle. She was so very kind to include me in the whole process..well she rinsed and De-stemmed and strained the berries (Thanks Erika & Michelle) and I got to stir the sugar and add the certo and then pour! About 5 hours later we were all done. Hopefully I will have enough to last all year. I gave 3 away so far. I wish I had pictures of the actual process but I did find a few on the Internet.

Matthew is at camp this week. He has been so busy already this summer. I am having hard time keeping up with him. I now it is hard to imagine the house being quiet with a 2 year old and baby but it is. He brings such joy to our family. I am sure when he gets back he will be diving into the jam and wanting to make toast!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!

We had a great weekend with family. We stayed up at the Lake with our trailer. Olivia had a fun time with her cousins and was able to " drive" Papa's Boat. Carter didn't seem to mind the loud fireworks.

What Fun!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Faces of Bellingham....

Okay..Okay...I am done blogging for the day (right after this one!)

Here is a cool sight. It is faces of Bellingham people. Do you recognize anyone!????

Have fun!! I am still searching!

Summer Fun

Who doesn't love Summer? We have had friends over and have already went camping 4 times! Olivia loves the pool and I love the mess outside. Hope your having a great summer!

Kayleigh's ( a special friend) filling up her car.


Matthew just got back from camp! I sure mised him. The house was sure quiet with out him. He loved it. The weather was good and he kept very busy. I am not sure if I could handle 17 young (Stinky) boys in one bunkhouse. He didn't seem to mind it.

Olivia cried all day and all night for her "broder" We got really good at not mentioning his name in front of her. Everytime we did she started crying. I took her to pick him up and she was so happy. He went straight to the back seat and sat right next to her.