Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

There is so much I could say...I am just a thankful person. I am thankful for all the people in my life and the ones who come along side of our kids and love them and support them in all they do. I try not to take any day for granted. Does that mean I am not crabby or self -centered sometimes? No, I still battle the crap. I still get depleted. I still run on empty but in the back of my mind I am always thankful. We are blessed with much more then most people , not because we are better then others or work harder then others being blessed has nothing to do with either of that. Our life could be worse and I don't take what we have for granted.

Listening To: Mickey Mouse and a kid yelling for a circle sandwich.

What's For Dinner: Left overs from the week...almost like a Buffet...well except we won't be having hundreds of people coming through the line.

Looking Forward To:

Fall is here. I am thinking of decorating today , however that will depend on if my mood changes or not. I am just a bit crabby today. I am feeling depleted. Empty. I figured if I blogged I would feel better but no...

I am Missing: about 30 hours of sleep this past week.

Quote of the week: " In a minute. I promise. I will get you what you need in a minute. "
This is me...all week..I feel like I just can't get it all pulled together.

~ What Are Your Friday Facts??? I would love to read about your week!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lazy Days with Rachael Ray

Yesterday was way to busy for me. I am hurting today. We ran errands, then dropped Liv off at school, headed to town, picked up Liv, headed home where I changed a diaper grabbed some Snacks for Matthew's first Football game ( they WON!) left early ( had one sad 13 year old) to go grab dinner , change into our leader shirts for our church group headed to church , came home loaded / unloaded the dishwasher, put grumpy kids to bed , fixed dinner ( for me) watched one show and crawled into bed.

Today I skipped MOPS, showered around 11, found a sitter, went to the store, headed home, forgot why I went to the store, put dinner in the crockpot, and that's about it. My back & legs are aching, the couch is my friend today.

I love Rachael Ray. I want her pots & pans set, her serving dishes and knife set.

I want to be like her.

I am making these. Inside out English Muffins!

The Brie & Apricot preserves is what I will be trying.

You can cook these on the griddle!! How sweet is that!

What fun!

Look What Lala Did...

She helped me with my make-up....

I almost forgot to thank her.

Here She is Miss America

Oh my Sweet Sue..I am so in love with you. You are the highlight of my day. You are my girl ( although Dad claims you as his) You are my life. I adore watching you grow up.

I was very nervous about having a girl. I was scared. I had no idea how to raise you ( not that I had any idea how to raise your brother but he was a boy) and I felt alone teaching you all the stuff girls should know.

I love watching you come out of my room dressed up in my clothes, I love watching your facial expressions as I put on my make-up and curl my hair. Your always one step behind me in EVERYTHING I do...Today you wanted to make the Sloppy Joes and I have to say you did a pretty good job.
Second year of preschool and you are a bit bored. You are dying to go to Kindergarten and can't figure out why you are not there but on the flip side you are not fond of the idea of leaving me all day.

Your very social...My eyes are not even open yet and you are asking for a play date. You bring me the phone everyday so I can call your friend(s).
You love shoes and anything that sparkles You are alot like your Grammy Karen. You tell me every week that she has more shoes and anklets then you do and when you get bigger your buying her house so you can have her closet.
You loved picking blackberries and talk about our 30 minute adventure every week. You love to boss around your brothers ( and your mom & dad) given the chance.
You my dear, keep me on my toes....
Happy 5th Birthday our Princess!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8th Grade

This is the first day of 6th Grade...oh, how he has grown....

First day of 8th grade..Last year in Middle School. Yes, I shed a tear.

I will Love you forever. I will Like you for always. As Long as I am Living my baby you'll be.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Picture Overload

Sooo...Matthew figured out a way to get my pictures to upload..not an easy way but a way...

Date Night

The Fair

Silly Kids...Snow boots and all

Pedicures with the family...My niece Jada

Miss America and her Cousins...

Annual Tractor Show the Grandpa

Everyone should Vote!

To much fun...equals an exhausted 4 year old


Scary Monster
Loves cruising the boat with her daddy....

My Not So Lucky Morning

Lucky Charms for breakfast, Does not make for a lucky day. Who was I kidding??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

He said a bad word

My little kids hate going to the nursery. We have had our number flash on the screen many times during church service. Arghh...and remember I told you my husband makes us sit towards the front? We have had a child with us 4 out of the last 9 times we attended service.

They act as if we never have taken them to "church school"

Really? How can you forget? We have been attending for 8 years!

Olivia still hangs on to me, evil eyes me as I run for the door.

I need this break! Don't they get it?

Don't they get I am women before I am a mom? Of course not. No Way.

We went to the first MOPS meeting of the year. This requires Carter to go to "Church School" and because we don't go but 2 times a month , he is not a fan of me bolting from the door. I can hear him screaming as I walk Liv to her class. He is sobbing. I think to myself he has to stay there, I am not missing this meeting, I am not getting a sitter ( as I have done the previous year due to not being able to load them or unload them) I am going to try and tune you out. He quit crying by the time I walked past his classroom door. Okay, I ran past the door in hopes he would NOT see me.

We had a great meeting. I don't get called away.

We arrive home and as we are getting out of the truck I ask Carter " how was church School?"

It Sucked!!

I try not to laugh as I process what he just blurted out.

Tattletale Olivia tells me Carter said a naughty word.

Followed by...

Aren't you going to spank his A**?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Access Allowed

Blogger has a new feature that will allow you to see who is reading your blog. It is a cool feature that will allow you to see how many hits you get a day, week, month and it even breaks it down to the hour. It will let you see where your visitors are coming from ( Canada, Thailand) and will let you see the keyword people use to search for your blog.

If I wanted to be rich off this I would blog about my husband and my life anonymously and care about how people find my blog, then I wouldn't care who found me but when you find that you have CREEPERS looking at your blog for S**ual stuff you tend to go a bit nuts and lock it down.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the response I got when I went private..I am sorry to all you readers out there. NOBODY was allowed access so PLEASE quit taking it so personal. I changed a few settings so now you should be able to read it without logging into a google account, but I would encourage you to set up a google account ( this is very easy) so if these setting's do not work, then you will be able to view the blog and comment on my post so I don't feel like I am being stalked I will send out an invite to your email address and then you will be able to read it. If you do not get an invite this means I don't like you then email me.

So whatcha going to do???

Set up a google account

Comment on the posts you love

and continue stalking me...

Mu ah!! xoxoxox

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Home Is Not for Show

Yep, that is what a good friend told me a few weeks back...that must have been because she seen me a WRECK because my counter was full of crap, toys strung from one end of the house to another, I am sure there was toys in the toilets, toilet paper wrapped around a baby doll, soap nicely dispensed all over the counter with soapy hand prints covering my bathroom mirror, or the fact every toy bin had been dumped out and was resting nicely into a large heap that I had to walk over to get to the dresser.

The shoe bin had been dumped out by the door , the dogs food was thrown all around, there was enough food under the counters for a complete 5 course meal...

Why would I freak out? I mean really?

As my good friend had mentioned, my house was not for show...a family actually lived here.

My response was a family of monkeys live least nobody was flinging poo

( not yet anyways)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Your Dreams...

Maybe it was the heartache I felt sending my "baby" to 8th grade today , maybe it was the emotions I feel knowing my princess will be 5 in few weeks or maybe it is the fact we still have an empty chair at the dinner table. Whatever it maybe , has had me dreaming of a baby the last few weeks. I wake up with joy in my heart and an automatic sense of chaoticness ( that could be because it is chaotic) as I stumble to the coffee pot. Does this feeling ever end? Do you really know your done having children? Yes, situations make it harder for us at this time in our life to justify having a baby and the fact my in-laws and best friend would think we are nutso...Maybe one day I can get another Lucy Sue. Until then...I will dream , and cherish the others chaotic blessings...