Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One big small one

Carter has his little 4 wheeler that he can operate on his own thanks to Auntie Jenn...and Olivia still needs her brothers help with her big one. They had so much fun chasing each other...and I had not so much fun saving Carter from all the flower beds and the street due to the fact he can't turn quite yet...soon I am sure considering he can know climb on the outside table and the trampoline and jump by himself and if you know Our trampoline it is the "junkoline" it is missing half the springs, no siding and it comes with its very own pool ladder...maybe I should name it the "not so safe making a trip to the ER very soon Junkoline"

Our LOVELY neighbor had to come down and ask is they where "real" because he said you can't have gas powered 4 wheelers in the city...What the Heck dude!!?? Leave me live like 2 blocks up the street. I am sure its the same neighbor who called the Police...

2 ...Stalker Comments:


Is Carter wearing PINK pants?

Your nosy neighbor should leave you guys alone. Looks like fun!


They're so cute! Anytime you want to join us the beach was great last night! I might even consider going back again tonight!