Monday, August 31, 2009

Bathroom Picture

Here is just one picture..I am not all the way done with the the decorating...We still have to put up the towel racks and the wall art.


I have been busy...good busy. Productive. Feels good.

My heart is heavy for the families of the baby they found. He was not alive. I do not know how someone could leave a 10 week old baby in the woods. Prayers for everyone. The mom and dad. The grandparents and extended family. The many volunteers who spent hours up[on hours trying to find this baby.

Cleaned the closets. Totes to consignments store. Building up the funds for the day after Thanksgiving sales.

Shopped for Miss America's birthday. Gotta love Michael's!! 50% off all princess party favors! spent less then 15 dollars on her stuff. what a deal!

Planted mums in the front flower bed. Looks good.

Had the bathroom painted. Looks amazing! Pictures later. Waiting for it to dry a bit more.

Went to My niece's first birthday. Fun times.

School starts Wednesday for the boys. Miss America goes to preschool Wednesday. YIPEEE!! She is SOOOO ready. She will be 4. How did that happen?? I know so cliche.

Carter has his appointment at Children's on Thursday.

I am looking forward to being a table leader for the local MOPS ( mother's of Preschoolers) chapter. Have lots to do for that.

Well, I should go..I think they are killing each other outside over a bike...good times!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I need a personal trainer

someone to help me get started in the right direction. I don't want some random person who will notice my thighs or my butt in those UGLY work out pants. I want motivation to get up in the mornings. I don't want someone like me. You know that someone who lacks self discipline?? I think that there can only be one person in a work out team who lacks the motivation. The other always has to be motivated.

I can see it now if my best friend was my personal trainer....


ME; Hey I don't feel like walking. Long night with the kids

Her: okay, see you for coffee around 11.

Me: bye

Her: bye

Nope, I want the "get your rear out of bed, your not 18 can do this , NO more screwing around" trainer.

Think if I plead my case to Jillian Michaels she will move in ?? If not I think I am signing up for the Biggest Loser.


ever notice?

as you get older you do actually grow up? As I sit here I have so much to say. I try not to spout off my mouth ( I was known to do that before) to others when I FEEL they have done me wrong. I stew on it. I mull it over. I think about it until I get so MAD that I just cut them off.

Maybe what I wanted from others is not what I want now. Why do I keep people close even after they have hurt my feelings over and over over again?

Keeping them close is a either a sign of weakness or a sign of quality character. I am not sure what it is anymore...I just know that growing up has made me wiser but at the same time I think it has made me push over for rude, destructive, caddy relationships. Always afraid to rock the boat.

If you don't have boundaries then it turns to drama. I don't want drama. I just people's words to match their actions.

The older I get it really doesn't seem that hard.

People change and sometimes not for the better no matter how old we get.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Blogging seems to be a thing of the past right now. That's okay. Kinda a time filler on those dreary days. School is right around the corner for 3 of the 4 kids I KNOW I Will be busy and my planner will be filled up.

I am thankful for:

My Planner. I received the perfect planner from a friend about 5 years ago and now I can't imagine my life without it. Hold everything. Phone numbers, doodles, appointments, dinners, address's. My life. Need to order a new one for the upcoming year. If you need a planner BUY this one!!

Miss America wants to go to preschool.

I am listening to:

Miss America play with her Barbies. Funny stuff. You can only imagine. One of the Barbies is in a naughty spot while the other one is getting ready for the ball with the Grand Duke.

What's for Dinner??

I think we will do easy tonight...just like every night. I have no idea. I just got back from town so nothing has been planned.

I am looking forward to:

The few small hours of of time that I will have with just Carter while Liv is at school. I can't believe she will be in pre-school. This year is her year. Piano and dance here we come!! Get them nice and tired.

I am Missing:

Some of you will tell me to shut up but I am missing the newborn stage...meeting them for the first time. swaddling them and the smell of their tiny heads.

So what is your Thursday looking like?? Check out My friend Tiffani!

Monday, August 24, 2009

we did it!

No more binkies!! One snazzy Barbie bike and the binky is a thing of the past. THANK YOU Binky Fairy! You Rock!

Sleep..its a good thing

Yesterday I was trying to be productive. I started with the closets. Mine. Yuk. When Your husband loses 140 pounds and still wants to hang onto some of his clothes it can make for a very interesting debate. Seriously honey? Really? You want to keep that?

Then around noon I feel it. The sense of complete tiredness takes over. I ignore the kitchen, the 5 laundry piles around the house,the chip bag that spilled all over and the toys that are NOT in their right hole and go lay down. I tell my WONDERFUL husband it will be for few minutes. 5:16 pm I wake up. Can you believe it?? I must have been tired. 10:45 guess who is back in bed and asleep solid till 8am??? Yes, me. I was tired.

Here is to a productive day!! No excuses unless I use the sleep hangover as one.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sponge Bob....

Look who got to meet Spongebob!!
My batteries died in my camera so here is the only pictures we got of our local fair..they had fun. So much fun they are still sleeping at 10:00 am.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I am thankful for:

Many things. Many,many things. I have one thing that is sticking in my mind right now. I had a Friend call me last week and ask me if there was something wrong between us. I was taken aback because it never even crossed my mind that there would be anything wrong between us. It has been on my heart all week. I got to thinking that maybe I am dropping the ball on being a good friend. It also got me thinking that I can't be that busy that my friends & family would ever feel that way. I am thankful that she called me. That she put herself out like that and called me. It was a reminder that I am NOT that busy.

I am listening to:

NOTHING! Kids are still sleeping!

What's for Dinner??

I am thinking my family wants me to start cooking again....real meals. So I will see what we have....I have Taco soup frozen so I might pull that out. I bet Matthew will be so excited! NOT! :)

I am looking forward to:

Olivia's first day at preschool. Matthew's first day as a 7th grader! I still remember 7th grade. I was able to wear make-up and I bought all my school clothes that year. I also remember lockers and different classes.
Ordering Liv's Birthday cards from this awesome company
Planning a paintball birthday party for Matthew. Fun times!!

I am Missing:

The days where you could sweep your floors and your children didn't navigate to the pile. When you mopped the floors they stayed clean for a few days. When you Windex the slider it was a once a week chore. But I day I will be writing how much I miss my kiddos.

What does Your Thursday bring??? Love to hear it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay so my 3 year old still has her binky. Boo me all you want. She has one and at this point I am happy its only a binky a not a thumb. She would suck her thumb till she was 16 I know she would.

Matthew had a binky till he was just about 4 (same age as Liv) and his papa offered to get him a bunny if he threw away his binky's and sure enough 3 days later..Winnie the pooh binky was thrown away and set out to the curb ,or so he thought. I grabbed it out of the garbage and hid it for that Just-in-case-we-need-it-having-major-issues-moment. We never did. Next day Papa comes over sporting a new bunny he (Matthew) proudly named Cow&Chicken.

Here is what Bribes we had for Miss America

1) Binky Fairy will bring you a new bike. One that can hold your baby and barbies and has pom-poms on the handle bars.

2) I will let you get a pedicure and have a red flower on your toe.

3) You can get a big girl bed paint your room and put up polka dots

4) I will make you a new tutu and buy you a new Easter dress.

5) A new barbie?


Dad will take you to the fair and ride the Ferris wheel with you....

One night down with NO binky! Yippeeee!!

Who's your momma???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun Family & Rain

Since when does it rain in Eastern Washington for 2.5 days??? When a family decided to take a "Christmas" Vacation for 4 days. It was definitely a family memory for all of us. The sun finally came through Saturday afternoon and on Sunday when it was time to pack up and leave. We got as much boating in as we could.

Every year for at least the last 5 years my in-laws get everyone a family trip for Christmas. This year it was a trip to Lake Osoyoos. They rented a house on the lake.

I LOVE this idea and hope to one day pass on the tradition to my children. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Carter enjoying a fun swing ride.

Aunt Brandy & Carter

Father & Son....After the ride they started to wrestle and both ended up off the tube.
Grammy & Miss America


Learning to drive just like daddy.

I think he was hungry

Papa contemplating his next move...take your time is still raining outside.

Mikey not liking his game

Even with the pour down of rain we had fun. On the way home we stopped in Winthrop for lunch and ice-cream. The kids did GREAT on the ride there and the way back. I was impressed!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost in the Chaos...

Do you every feel lost in the Chaos?? Like you have lost control?? Your plans and Ideas some how never seem to be implemented? Do all moms not just moms to 4 kids feel this? How do you find the time to devote to each kid? How do you make each one feel valued and special?


When Your girlfriend calls collect...

Do not answer it. Don't you even dare. I mean come on you really need to talk for 57 minutes one night in the tune of 147.54 and 11 different times in the course of 4 days??? for a GRAND total of 336.00??? I am going to hurt you. There goes your back to school anything....You need a pen?? get one form the bank! You need a shirt? Put it on Law-a-way!

I came home from a 4 day trip to a pile of mail. I separate everything...Coupons to be cut and filed to go into my coupon organizer (this is MY favorite part of the mail!) then I weed out the junk and then I stack the bills to be ignored till I have a few minutes to read over them. Last night I quickly opened them peeked at them...600.00 in Medical bills (after insurance!) I wasn't feeling very happy to have insurance...then the phone bill.....My stomach was turning...the tears wheled up in my eyes...I am sure a 6 hour drive with 2 kids had nothing to do with the fact I was plain worn out and EMOTIONAL!!

I stewed on it. I called one very teenage boy and calmly and nicely explained the bill to him. OUCH! He said he was sorry, very sorry and he would pay for it. I know he will. I have 2 paychecks in my purse that are his. He told me he felt bad. I told him not to feel bad...just figure out a way to pay it within the next 15 days....

I feel for him...Life lesson learned. The hard work you have done all summer gone on one Collect call from MEXICO!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Hello!! I am alive...I promised myself that I would finally do Thursday with Tiffiny. It has been a month since the last one. I am heading off to the lake today so I have a million things to pull together but since I know Grandma reads this and is wondering how the heck we are doing I gave myself a few minutes to get it done.

I am thankful for:

A summer where I am NOT pregnant or in the hospital with recovering from a surgery. Many of you know that I have had multiple surgeries and 17 weeks of bed rest with Carter's pregnancy. That sure can take a toll on ones family. My flower beds look good this year and even though I may have a 4th surgery pending (we find out by the middle of September) I am SOOO THANKFUL for this summer.
Carter has an appointment next month a Children's Hospital and by the power of prayer his throwing up has actually been on the decline. So I hope it is nothing to serious.

I am listening to:

The hum of the dishwasher, Matthew & Olivia actually loving each other.

I am looking forward to:

Our local Fair! Everyone gets so excited around here. Time with my all my in-laws, you all know how much I adore these people. I am going to a Def Leppard and Poison concert so pursuing an 80's outfit is going to be fun. Liv's Birthday party and Matthew turing 13!! Holy Moly my BABY is goign to be a teenager. (wiping tears)

I am Missing;

The routine of Fall. I am NOT complaining I love the sun and felt completely lost on the first day of rain last week. Kids all over the House no wonder why I go crazy in the winter.

Have a great week!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekends of Fun!

We had 3 weekends back to back of FUN...we had lots of friends come and stay with us at our home away from home. Hours of pool time and playing tuckered the kids out.....
Sportin nothing but a diaper Everyday!

Posing when she wants to

Avoiding the Camera

Really avoiding the camera

Kayleigh's pose

Miss America had fun learning to go underwater, hang out on a floatie and use water rings.

Here is Bud and his brothers playing. Stefanie a WONDERFUL friend of ours came to stay the weekend...she has 3 boys and they are darling!!

Kyle...What a handsome boy.

There is our Kayleigh....:)

Air Guitar anyone????

Hoping the sun stays around so we can enjoy more of our "home away from home"

Rooster pox make a comeback

Carter had a fever of 103 all day yesterday. I could not get it to break. I tried all day. Everything. Finally I called the doctor and she said to give him Motrin ( I was doing Tylenol) if the fever had not went down in an hour to go to ER.

He was so out of it, his heart rate was So fast and that scared me. His breathing looked labored and he was Lethargic. I hate the ER...the wait and sometimes when you go the child acts perfect after getting there. Not Carter...He threw up in the check in room and as he was doing that Security was called for some other nut jobs so we had to stay in the room. The carter cried for an hour. Not a cry it was a full blown scream. We made it to the back and he continued to scream. The nurse suggested One parent in the room at a time to allow a break. It was very overwhelming. I loved that nurse. He was able to get Carter seen right away. I am sure it had to do with the fact you could hear Carter screaming all the way into the waiting room.

carter had one bump on his arm and 2 weird looking spots on his left hand and right side. I would have never thought they where chicken pox but the doctor said they where. He has not gotten anymore and 2 are almost gone. Carter is the only of my children to get the vaccination.

Anyways, 2am on our way home. His heart rate had to go down and his temperature was remaining 102.7 . After more Tylenol and Motrin he got it down to 102.3 and we could go home. Today He is in full swing.
Me? Missing a family BBQ , where the rest of my family is....and very tired.


Do I dare write about whats on my mind? Lately and kinda like always I run into more and more people who say they read my blog and love it. Once in awhile I would like to run into a person who could just give me honest feedback. Like do I share to much information? Am I over the top? Do I sugar coat everything? But why do I care? I think it is the small town thing. The fear of something you say taken so out of context that your intentions on the post get turned around into something it was so NOT meant to be.

My famous friend Jenn has mentioned a few times that I don't post about Matthew very much. I do Love how protective she is of Matthew however Matthew does not like me blogging about him or taking his picture. I could have a blog only on Matthew..I promise. It would be something to the effect of "'tweens...raising an ALIEN" its SO true.

I think I am going to start a new blog one for my thoughts and one for my family. My thoughts can be depressing and my thoughts are real. Conversations I have in my head, can they really be written down with no fear?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

where to begin...

I am still here. I should have been entered into the physco ward due to the fact that I would have myself committed just to get a much needed break. I am not talking about the vacation where you get yourself and 5 others in your family packed to go out. The kind a break that they just show up and take you away.

I love my life. Seriously I do. Carter can quit teething any day. Olivia can learn to quit whining and Matthew can develop very soon into a man and not this teenage alien and Mikey can stay home once in awhile so I know he lives here.

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary last week. Not with a fancy dinner or even a movie. we celebrated by being together as a family. Not by choice..that's what happens when you have no sitter. We did talk about how fast 11 years went, the struggles we have faced and how we should celebrate everyday we are married. Marriage is hard and rewarding. There is no other place in the world that you can find all your cheerleaders in one place.

After much talk and prayer we have decided to send Matthew back to public school. We have talked about our action plan this year and how we will face each circumstance. After listening to Matthew and what he wanted...I knew that we could send him back AS long as he knew we would intervene alot more this year.

Olivia is getting ready for preschool. Some days she wants to go and other days she cries at the thought. I am not sure what to expect. With Miss America anything goes.

Carter has an appointment scheduled in September at Children's Hospital. I am a bit anxious of all the testing he might endure but I am THANKFUL we live in America and have some great doctors out there.

Mikey is just finishing up working in the berry fields. He has even won a few prizes for being a hard worker! He passed his summer school class and is enjoying being 16.

Life here is full and all though I have a TON of "funny" stories I wanted to give you faithful readers a quick boring update.

Now off to make a ton of lists of things to do just so I can lose them.