Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who's watching the Kid!???

A friend the other day stopped by for a visit and she asked me how it was with 3 kids....A loaded question because I love having them however it is busy and challenging for the most part. She looked at me and summed it by stating " it's like getting ready for camping/a trip everytime you leave the house! BINGO!!! Yes, that is what its like. You know when you set a time to leave and somehow it gets pushed back by an hour or 2 or 3 or when your leaving on a trip you are up the whole night before packing or doing laundry or finishing up the last minute details.
We had a birthday Party to attend and Jeremy was at work so I planned it perfectly ( note: Nothing is PLANNED PERFECTLY!) to have everyone ready including myself and the baby fed just in time to have Jeremy come home and pick us up. Well, I am sure you know that didn't happen. I walked into the bedroom and Olivia decided to take up fingerpainting. She learned it a school ( That's what she tell's me) It's cute like her...that's Olivia's new saying about anything! So once again instead of yelling and crying or laughing and crying I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of her newest accomplishment. I think the camera and this blog serve as a stress reliever because I know that you will all get a kick out of this.

Most of it came up. We will need to clean the carpets and paint an Area in the hallway. I am wondering what she will do next. I keep thinking that having her be 4 and Carter 2 what kind of trouble they will get into......YIKES!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the baby

Time...Sometimes I wish I could stop it and other times I wish I could fast forward. He is almost 3 weeks old. He is the baby and I enjoy cuddling him all the time. I have a new fondness for the "Baby" of the family and how a mom can be more overprotective or not wanting the baby to leave the nest.....For right now I don't want him to grow at all...I want him to be swaddled all the time and in my arms forever. We all know that it won't happen and that we all grow up and become Independent and start families of our own. I just pray that All my kids will always need thier Mom & Dad. There is no better feeling.

He likes his brother & Sister. He likes his swing and bath time. He doesn't care much for sleeping more then 5 hours at a time and by himself :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunday Skating

My Niece Had her birthday party at the Lynden Skating Rink and it was a lot of fun! Olivia had her first skating experince while Matthew showed off his skating skills. Olivia had her skates on about 20 minutes total but over all she learned the Hokey Pokey song and asks EVERYDAY if she can go to Jada's birthday.

She had more fun listening to the music and watching Brother skate. It was alot of fun and created memories. Matthew won the numbers game but he didn't do so hot at the limbo............
Sorry about the double picture...It won't come off :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Little Glow Worm

Carter John had Jaundice and had to sleep in the billibed....Matthew & Olivia both had Juandice so I was not surprised when he had it too. You put him in the billi blanket that velcros to the bed. He really didn't like it to much and had a hard time sleeping at night.

If you look closely there is an outline of where the baby is to looks like hard arcylic but it was soft and comfy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aww So Pretty......

Olivia loves to play dress up and she just started to take interest in my make-up. The other night we were in the living room and she comes running to us yelling " Look I am cute like Carter " My first reaction to seeing my mascara on her face was to start scolding....However it quickly turned to Laughter and I had to praise her for her almost perfection eyes & lips for being 2 years old with no mirror. Then she got her first introduction to Eye make-up remover.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Carter John

Our Newest family Member Arrived on Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 3rd at 8:51 pm. He made a very quick entry. I started to have hard contractions around 3:30 pm. I didn't think much of them and considering we had been to the hospital on Friday & Saturday I felt like if we went in again they would send me home and say it was nothing. Around 6 I called Jeremy ( He was at A superbowl Party) and told him to come home that I was having a hard time taking care of Olivia. He came home around 7pm and I thought I should take a shower and change over laundry. Then they got worse. We loaded up Olivia and picked up my mom. We arrived at the Hosptial at 8:08pm. As we are checking in the receptionist is asking me for the number of the lady who does my hair. I was trying to be nice but thinking are you SERIOUS!???? The nurse came to get me and I pleaded with her to order the epidual and she said I was not an admit yet but would check me.....Yep, at a 6.....the get me into a room ,try to get an IV as I am still pleading for Drugs but no such luck........water Broke....11 mins later he was here.

Good thing we didn't wait for the water to break then head in to the hospital.

7 pounds 8oz 21 inches long

He has been a lot of fun. Olivia loves him very much and the little mommy in her is coming out. Matthew is very Helpful and Is very Proud. Matthew is very popular among the girl classmates right now and Is loving every minute of his new found role!