Monday, June 30, 2008

Who's listening?

I have not had my computer for 4 days...It was getting upgraded. I am so happy to be back into the blogging field and reading all my fellow blogger's blogs....

On Wednesday I was resting on the couch and Olivia had just gotten up from her nap. She was crabby and started saying not so nice things in a not so nice tone. So instead of putting her in a time out chair I started to fake cry and told her it really hurt my feelings and that when she talks like that to others it will make them sad. This carried on for 20 minutes with me crying and her saying "I sorry mommy"

The door bell rings and in no hurry to get the door, I step over blankets and about 3 feet of toys and gold fishes on the floor and still in my "House clothes" it is Officer Glunt.....

Officer " Hello Tiffiny" ( yep, knows me by first name)

Me "Hi"

Officer " we received a 911 hang up call from here"

Me " from here!!???

Officer ...Yep from here..Sounds of maybe fake crying? A baby crying and a maybe a tv?

Me:...Well, let me go check the phones...well it says line in use. nope not this phone. Not this one either. Let me check number 3.

Under all the toys and the blanket I pick up phone number 3...Sure enough 9112665739784-20894 was dialed from Olivia's little toes as she must have stepped on it when we where playing our "game"

He laughed and took my name.

I am so glad he did not hear anything else...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Water Park Fun

We went to Moses Lake for a family reunion. It was at the aquatic center. What a fun place! 8.00 gets you in and you can bring your own food. There was so much to do. It was worth the long drive. The weather could of been nicer in was warm but cloudy.

If you want to plan a family trip it would be worth it!

Cooking 101

Matthew has such a willing spirit when it comes to learning! I had set a goal to have Matthew learn to make a variety of healthy food this summer. We started by going to the green barn produce stand and getting a ton of stuff. We bought avacodos,mushrooms, lettuce ( not in a bag! ) radishes, peppers and so much more!

I really wanted to start eating better as a family and introducing foods I rarely eat to the kids. Olivia wasn't fond of the avocado's or the mushrooms. She did like green peppers. She also liked the Greek blend cheese I bought from Appel farms.

I showed Matthew how to peel and cut all the veg's. He was a great learner.

He also made orange Julius for everyone...We loved them! He is now going to start making more smoothies. I am so excited for the berries to be ready.
Next we are going to introduce "cooking & cleaning together "


I finally got a picture with Carter smiling! He smiles all the time however when you go take the darn picture his eyes get really big as the red flash light goes on.

He is getting really big but still as sweet as ever! He is so mellow and goes with the flow...Thank you Jesus for only giving me what I can handle!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation

Matthew has started his summer vacation. We start with big plans to have a very FUN and productive summer. However I made just a few rules (goals) for this year.. Many of you know that My parenting style with Matthew has been more about shaping him into a Man who loves the Lord and is a great Husband and father. I don't care what he chooses as career.

Matthew Will be learning to cook. For the last 2 months he was to cook on Thursday's...He learned how to make pancakes, grilled cheese and how to start and cook some stuff on the BBQ. He is also taking a cooking class this week.

I am also teaching him how to do laundry. I know He can hardly remember to get his clothes to the wash but to learn how to wash, dry,fold and PUT AWAY will be the challenge. I hope this makes him even a better husband.

Thanks to Allison ( a friend) I am even going to incorporate book reports. He will read 1 book a week ( that is the RULE!) he can read more if he likes and if he wants to earn 2.00 he can do a book report ( up to 5 a week) on each book he reads.And nope reading Cinderella to Olivia doesn't count. I hope this helps him keep motivated to read. He loves the library and we seem to go every week.

I am also on a mission to decorate ( back permitting) just the kids rooms. They got new bedding for Christmas and I think it is about time we break it open. So that will be exciting for me considering I am not good at that sort of thing.
We will also be taking advantage of Regals free movies. Olivia will love the Vegi Tales one! I kinda want to go see Nancy Drew. Matthew is also going to 2 different camps this year. It will be the first time he has went. I have already started to write him a letters. He is a Vacation Bible School this week.
I am always looking for creative ideas to help shape,mold and develop my kids. If you have any ideas please share them! Thanks Allison for your inspiring ideas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SLO Day Designs

Most of you know that I have a heart for Business and Moms...A friend of mine just started a business out of her home making baby items....She is the mom of 2 with the 3rd on the way! She is a very talented lady. I love these and I know she does quality work. If your looking for the perfect gift for the new mom or want your very own call her! Nothing is better then being able to stay home with your kids.

Sarah Ortiz 319.1900 or you can email her at

Weekend Randoms

This is how I found Olivia....She was to be sleeping and when I went in there to cover her up ( Like all moms do..) I found her with her rockstar headband and more toys on her bed then on her floor ( That never happens!) She is so much fun! We went camping over the weekend. Carter loves it and is very good. Olivia went to the store with her dad and came back sporting her new butterfly boots! Jeremy loves them because she can put them on herself.

Matthew had a skating party on the last day of school. Olivia thought it was her birthday! She has her mind set on having a skating party so she can do the Hokey Pokey.
It was good except for a bunch of 5th & 6th grade stinky boys...

I couldn't resist.....

I found this picture of my Mom & Dad and me....I didn't have scanner so I snapped a picture of it...not bad. :)

We had a really busy weekend. I was going to my calendar and found we have no free weekend till after August 1st...Wheww. I am tired just thinking about that!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing man in the world! You are an awesome dad with more love in your heart then any man I know. You are kind , Loving, forgiving and most of all GOOD LOOKING! I love being your wife!

Thank you for working hard for what we have. Thank you for always wanting to spend time as a family. Thank you for putting us first. Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing us how to always strive for the best! Thanks for loving the Lord with all your heart. Thank You for being the Love of my Life!

We LOVE You!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So Last night I decided to pull Carters Bassinet into our bathroom so maybe he would stay asleep. He doesn't wake up crying or wanting to play he just acts very uncomfortable. Anyways, He is still sharing our room and I thought it might help. So I lay him down at 7pm and then Olivia at 8:30..I am ready for bed at 9 but Jeremy still wasn't home from Men's night so I stayed awake...The next thing I know it is 1 am...Are you kidding!?? I lay in bed and 1:35 Carter needs me...Then at 4:52 Olivia is crying and up for the day.
I should of known,,,,when I think it will be good it SUCKS! I am so tired and of course today is the day I have all my Bellingham appts. I will not get my nap but don't worry I have enough Mickey Mouse Club theme song in my head to keep me awake!
I have always been fascinated with the fact that moms lose 722 hours of sleep the first year...No wonder why we are an emotional mess.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dream Dads

I got this from a dear friend today....I had to share because more the 10 of these things is my husband. I love him with all my heart....# 18 is for you babe!

54 Things That Make You Our Dream Dad

Understands why you want to go away with a friend for a weekend (and is not petrified to be on his own with the kids, will not need to call on any grandparents for help, and will not refer to his time with the kids-this weekend or ever-as “babysitting,” “kid duty,” or “being locked in a Turkish prison”).

Puts together the 3,240-part Ikea Crib.

Doesn’t smell like Old Spice.

Can identify both Kit and Kirsten in an American Girl doll lineup.

Knows how to drive stick.

Does not go boxerless under his bathrobe after the children turn, say, 7 years old.

Gets in the pool with the kids-even when it’s 60 degrees and rainy.

Still looks good while doing so.

Is good with a nickname.

Reminds you, as your heart breaks over the thought of your son being the only one at the recital who didn’t have a parent there, that it’s a long game, this parenting thing, and one-or ten- screw-ups do not make you a bad mother.

Is not afraid to wipe an ass.

He’s the fun one.

Makes sure you-and not just the kids-are documented in the digital family archive (essential for guaranteeing future envy of your currently skinny, wrinkle-free self).

He can do the dark.

Knows there are few greater pleasures in life-after you’ve been home with the kids all day, unable to shower-than the evening cocktail.

Knows exactly how much gin and how much tonic.

Powers through a hangover to get up with the kids so you can sleep off your own (gin-and-tonic-induced) hangover.

Continues talking to you like a fully functioning, highly intelligent, independent human being, even when he comes home from work to find you weeping quietly into a bowl of strained peas, still dressed in your pajamas, caressing your breast pump, and asking to be reminded why you decided to have kids again.

Packs an enviably well edited weekend bag.

Never adds “for a mom” after “you look great.”

Never asks you, as you’re getting dressed, if you’ve “lost all the baby weight yet.”

Knows how to immediately bring the kids to heel.

Can build a sand castle-the drippy kind with high towers, flags, a moat, and seashell cornice.

Appreciates anything old-school.

Comes home from the weekly shop with the right brand of everything…and the perfect extras.

Knows how you like your steak (medium) and how you like theirs (well-done and cut into microscopic pieces).

Initiates date night (and does not count the Mariners game and six-pack as date night).

Never asks you, as the appetizers arrive on date night, “So, what’s your five-year plan?”

Does not have on his office bookmarks bar.

Responds, “Tied for first,” every time he’s asked by his children or wife whom he loves the most. Always.

Applies equal enthusiasm and verve to playing dolls and kicking a soccer ball.

Knows hot to install a car seat.

Strikes just the right balance between chivalrous and evolved, modern and classic.

Has achieved a measure of peace with the fact that his sex life will never be like it was, but knows that is not the same as it being over.

Makes sure your tolerance for Hannah Montana and the Annie soundtrack is offset by Gnarls Barkley, Radiohead, and Solomon Burke.

Unapologetically hangs his daughters rainbow and unicorn drawings in his office, and doesn’t care when his childless, clearly-no-eye-for-talent coworker gives him crap for it.

He runs the kitchen.

Accepts that your children have free will and that they may not want to grow up to be athletes or doctors or investment bankers.

Knows how to be in your corner (“How dare she say that!”) when you’re down (“You did nothing wrong!”) and wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life (“You are not a fraud!”)
Still likes to cop a feel.

He gets it done.

Appreciates why you sometimes (okay, almost always) have to spend the extra few dollars on a good pair of shoes, even for him.

Will set you straight (lovingly) when you start worrying about insane stuff, like VOC’s in the frame of your kid’s bed.

Does not take it (too) personally when his kids, for a time, like their mother more than him.

Does not gloat (too) overtly when his kids, for a time, like him more than their mother.

Understands fully, when you’re figuring out if it “makes sense” to go back to work after having kids, that there are some metrics (i.e., the emotional kind) that don’t show up on the balance sheet.

Doesn’t assume that your decision to stay home with the kids means that he gets to opt out of attending the parent-teacher conference, packing the book bag, replacing the diaper Genie cartridge, and participating in the general day-to-day operations of raising children.

Doesn’t assume that you’re the one who has to rearrange your workday when the babysitter calls in sick.

Pays the bills without your prompting.

Asks them “How was the gym?” on Mondays and Thursdays.

Valiantly removes his cuff links, rolls up his sleeves, and rescues Ariel from the disposal.

Pack lunches.

Recognizes that, while parenting is never for one second easy and often makes both of you tired and edgy and wistful for your prekid days, it’s the most rewarding most life-affirming thing you will ever do in your lives.

He understands subtext.

What She Says:
“I know, I hear the baby. I’m getting up.”

What She Means:
“I’m not actually getting up. I’m just dramatically propping myself up on my elbows and waiting for you to pre-empt my getting up with your getting up.”

What She Says:
“Have you seen my keys?”

What She Means:
“Get up and look for my keys, because if you don’t, I’ll be circling you on the couch, complaining about how my life is out of control, until I find them.”

What She Says:
“How was your day?”

What She Means:
“How was my day?”

What She Says:
“No. Really. I like the goatee.”

What She Means:
Take a guess.

What She Says:
“Could you please pass the salt?”

What She Means:
“My life is a prison! I’m over-whelmed and overworked! Why do I have to keep track of everything? Can’t anyone ever take care of me?!!”

What She Says:
“Jacob and Daniel are growing up so fast-can you believe this time last year, Daniel wasn’t even walking?”

What She Means:
“This is warning: The next conversation we have will be about me wanting another child. Prepare your argument now (and it better be good).”

What She Says:
“I can’t believe Dave interrupted you like that in the meeting. Were you able to report on your numbers overseas?”

What She Means:
“Fill out camp forms, get stain out of jacket before work tomorrow, call Lucy’s doctor about eczema, take pork out of freezer…”

What She Says:
“Do you want to order in tonight?”

What She Means:
“Run me a bath and bring me a bottle of Advil. Then take the kids out for pizza and don’t come back until Friday.”

Saturday, June 7, 2008


What a joy to have Edee and the girls come to visit!!! I can never get enough of them. I miss them everyday. Edee has always been my " bigger sister" She is an AWESOME woman who has taught me more then she will ever know.
Allison & Matthew.........
Savannah with Carter

Edee & Carter.......

A Litlte bit of Sun

Look what just a few hours of Sun can do.....

We planted our tomatoes...A bit late but thats okay. We would love to have a garden however we get very little sun in the back yard...we have been doing pots the last few years and it has worked out with the bell peppers, jalapeno and tomatoes this year we thought we would try cucumbers...we'll see..

And of course I have been trying to plant the bedding plants for about 3 weeks...since the last time the sun peaked out.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Finally!! Back Surgery has been approved....Thank you Jesus!!

The doctor broke his collar bone so we are still about 8 weeks out....There is end in sight to no more pain! Ahh...what a great day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have dreams of having a super clean organized home all the time. I crave order and a tidy yard. I have come to understand that they are just dreams and all though I do my best to stay 1 step ahead of everything I won't beable to unless I enlist Merry Maids to join my team.

Why do we crave things to be organized? Is it because it makes things go smoother or because magazines make it look so calm and inviting? Whatever the reason I have spent to much time focusing on being Martha......

Yes, I love things to have a "spot" but having 5 people in a home does not allow everything all the time bein it's home. I have come to love bins and baskets but I find that they are not really organized just hidden neatly.....

Here are some dream pictures.....Maybe some day