Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am thankful for:

I am sick of going to the when they called yesterday and told me my IUD looked okay...and it didn't have to be removed I was so Grateful. They told me to call if I had any problems and I quickly if I get pregnant? The nurse laughed but I was serious. I am okay with whatever God plans for us but I am sure he hears my hearts desires and if we had one more kid I would definitely have to buy that 15 passenger van. Speaking of pregnancy's...Jeremy's WONDERFUL cousin (one of many) had been trying for a few years to have a baby and she announced yesterday that they are having a baby!! Answer to prayers! We are so HAPPY for all of you guys.
Jeremy tackled 3 things off the to do list!! I am not thankful for the mess he left me but very thankful I have a functioning screen door, light covers and a new sprinkler! Thanks babe!

I am listening to: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..come inside it's fun inside....Olivia yelling at me for a new Max and Ruby Show.

I am looking forward to: Mikey races tonight at hannagen after taking the last year off. He is pumped! We are looking forward to coming together as a family to support him! You can never have enough cheerleaders! Go the Mikey Go!

What's for dinner Tonight: I made sausage potato soup last night so Left overs it will be!

Missing: Yesterday was my grandma's birthday...She passed away about 13 years ago. It is strange miss them and it never goes away. I know if she was here she would help me find my missing Boy Scout Shirt. Love you grandma.

What does your Thursday Bring?? Would love to hear it!

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