Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ms. Crabby pants is not so much crabby...amazing what 8 hours of sleep can transform you in to! I am however slightly irritated with my house...I can't see a counter or the floor. I also hate looking at garbage set next to the garbage can. Seriously, You can't go through tthe extra 2 moves and put YOUR garbage in the bag!? Aww...the joys...Need I remind myself that I am the one who was thankful for these people I call me family!?

Have a great day!! I know I will...Better then yesterday!

Friday, November 28, 2008

When is it worth it!?

I am Ms. crabby pants right now...I mean like hurt everyone who comes into 12 inches of my breathing room...Or as I like to put it "my air"..I am trying so hard to be cheerful and kind and say all the right things with out acting as if the simple question my 12 year old asked me was not the end of this world or do I need to act like my 3year old.

I stood in line at our lovely wal-mart store for 2.5 hours last night but not before heading to the outlet mall for midnight madness shopping. Okay, so I I am never going there again...that is so not worth it...I say that every year but it is so not worth it. I think 3 hours of sleep is better then none.

Did I mention I hate walmart the day after Thanksgiving!? I did that 8 years ago and vowed I would never do it again! Whatever...I break my word all the time to my kids and myself. So why did I go!?? For my best friend...I know pat me on the back, give me a high five, hug me, kiss me...tell me I am the world's best girlfriend! I know that is not what your thinking however it was fun while it lasted! She really wanted the trampoline and I really didn't " need" anything. WRONG!! My husband tells me Thursday afternoon he really needs a navigation GPS thingy... I mean like needs it by MONDAY! can't go one more day without it. I understand he started a route truck driving job ( the job is WONDERFUL!) but acting like our 3 year old...I need I Yep, I had to get him this thingy and the 5.00 toys were hard to beat! I even got Carter John his birthday gift!

But really was it worth it!? Was it worth coming home to 4 kids...a baby who needs me and 3 year old who jumps on the bed every me a total of 3 hours sleep in 2 days!? I don't think being bum-rushed a the door by rude people who waited in their cars to till the door open just to rush in with all of NICE people who waited in line was worth it. I don't think the 25 minute check out line was worth it...

Here is what I do think will be Worth it...The memories of the whole night and the look on my children's faces Christmas morning. The happy husband who can find his way around and the bottom line in our holiday budget...yep, I have a budget and I am right in line with it!

So, Ms. crabby pants is going for more coffee before she goes " postal" HA!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday's Thread

A week in review

I'm thankful for....That we are together as a family today. Please read last post :)

I'm listening to.....
The Franklin themes song..the humming of my dishwasher ( I am THANKFUL for that appliance! Could you imagine not having one with 6 people eating and drinking all day!?

In the oven...
It will be sweet potatoes for the first Time...Going to my Mom Timmers for excited..she is an amazing hostess and cook.

What's for dinner tonight....way to many calories! The average Thanksgiving plate has 4,600 calories on it! OUCH!

What I'm looking forward to...Shopping and shopping with my best friend Jenn!

What's happening this week....

Nothing to exciting...Christmas lights are going up and a doctors appt! I swear every week I have an appointment!

I am missing...

The same boy scout shirt and the same 20.00 bucks!

What am I not missing... the 47 pounds I lost over the Last year!

What am I THANKFUL for this year?

Looking back on this last year with all my health problems and the daily struggle of life I have so much to be thankful for.

My husband who has chosen to let God be the center of his life. To lead him and walk beside him. His opportunity to enroll in Dream school through the church. His willingness to work 12 hour days. His willingness to take care of me through 17 weeks of bed rest and 2 surgeries. His willing spirit to be the man our heavenly father has called him to be. Oh, I am sooo Thankful for this man!

My sweet children...How the Lord has given these blessing to us!

Matthew, my son. I am so thankful he made the decision along with his dad to be baptised this last year. I am thankful he played football without one major medical emergency and that his team was undefeated and took home the trophy! I am thankful he loves his sister and brother. He is an amazing kid. He is polite to everyone he meets and is always willing to be helpful.

Olivia, I am still thankful after spending 10 days in the neonatal that she is here with us and is healthy. She may change her clothes 5 times a day and get into my jewelry and make-up but with out her my life would not be the same.

Carter...I am thankful he did not make appearance any earlier then he had to. I am thankful he was not born on the Hannagen road. He is my baby! I am thankful to be his mom and that after his choking experience he is here with us!

Mikey...what a blessing to get to be with him in this stage of his life. He is the world's best " uncle" according to Olivia and given his age I can see why!

I am thankful for the local paramedics who work crazy shifts and they are always ready to be on call when you need them!
I am thankful for all my friends who have helped along the way of this last year. from buying and wrapping Christmas gifts last year to coming over to hold the baby while I showered. From the friends who brought meals during each surgery or crisis we have faced. From the friends who have graciously bought clothes for my children and have loved them the way God loves us.

Most of all I am thankful for my family from my parents to my in-laws. Each one of them is special to me. They continue to take care of us and teach us. They love my children unconditionally and are always only a phone call away.

What are you really thankful for this year!?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Family Fun!

Dancing and dinner for Jeremy's Aunt Karen's 60th birthday. It was so much fun celebrating with everyone! Definitely worth the drive to Sumner!

Have you ever tried to put 6 people in a 100 square foot hotel room!? We tried and the only thing that could get me through the night was thinking that we are creating memories for these kids. It was tight and very chaotic. We set up carter's playpen and had Olivia sleep with us but by the end of the night she ended up on the floor. We where lucky we brought blankets from home, for her cozy bed on the floor between the 2 beds.

Olivia thought it was so cool that we could watch TV from the beds. Mikey and Matthew didn't seem to mind sharing a bed. dad and mom where thankful Olivia didn't really want to share with us our double bed.

We went to the Space needle and walked around the Seattle center. Olivia had a breakdown right when we where leaving. She tried to ride a ride but they had to stop it for her because she hated it! I hate height so I closed my eyes to the top of the needle and would not go on the observation deck. Everyone else had a wonderful time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mikey's Big Day

Mikey had surgery on Wednesday to repair his knee. We spent 9 hours a the hospital. He did remarkably well...even going to school the next day. They had to shave his leg for the surgery. I laughed and teased him. He didn't think it was funny. However, I am still his sister so I do reserve the right to poke fun at him when I want. It was a big day for him. He has never been " knocked out" before and couldn't believe that the doctor just carried on a conversation with him and then he was just warning no nothing.

Olivia Sue

Miss Olivia weighs 31 pounds and is 35 inches long. She wasn't happy about her flu shot. She didn't cry but did her scowl :) She does run the show around here and we are working on her attitude. She loves her princes outfits and her shoes. She is changing her clothes way to many times a day coming up with off the wall outfits.
We love having a girl in the house even if she has her hands on her hips waving her little finger telling us what we are doing wrong.

Carter John...

Carter had his 8 month check up Wednesday. He weighs 21 pounds and is 29 inches long. He has no teeth. Pulls himself on everything and walks around furniture. He likes all kinds of food. He is still learning to sleep through the night it is about 6 hours and then he will go back for another 3. He hates when you leave a room and will cry for you to come back. He can say ot-oh , Ma-uuu ( Matthew) and Dada..he plays patty cake and loves to dance ( Shakes hard back & forth). He received his 4 shots today! No pictures on that...

Thursday's day late

A week in review better late then never!

I'm thankful for....Our heavenly father...that we can have hope and faith in something. I am thankful for Carter John. I am thankful for my mother in law who brought us dinner this week. My Mom who watched the kids 10 hours so I could sit at the hospital with Mikey. I am thankful to Jeremy's Grandma Rosalie for bring dinner on the spur of the moment! I am always thankful for my husband and children.

I'm listening to...Dora the explorer..Carter banging "big' can't choke on them blocks.

In the oven...
Still nothing...keep looking but you will not find anything baking in there!

What's for dinner tonight....Yippee! I did plan ahead...sausage Potato soup! Yummy!

What I'm looking forward to...We are going out of town this weekend for a family birthday party. Jeremy being home. A clean house before I leave!

What's happening this week....Thanksgiving and I get to make the sweet potatoes for the first time! YIKES! Black Friday! Shopping at 4am..fighting lines and being with my friends!

I am missing...Matthew's boy scout shirt...20.00 bucks and about 30 hours of sleep this week. I am not really missing anyone although I would like to see my out of town family/cousins!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


could have been the worst day of my life......

I was in the kitchen when I heard Carter John choking on something. I could see him leaned up against the tv stand. I went over to him and put my fingers in his mouth to pull out whatever it was. I could not get it. I tried again..thinking it was a barbie shoe. Carter started turning blue..then purple. I grabbed him and tried the Heimlich maneuver. It wasn't working. he wasn't breathing.He was unconscious. He didn't even have tears. he looked a me like mom save me. I couldn't! I was trying! I dialed 911 and all I could say was my baby is not me...Lord, don't take my baby! Please! The dispatcher was trying to talk to me and I told her I was trying again..I finally got it. I got that stupid,stupid NICKLE out of his little throat. He struggled to breathe again. The paramedics came and checked him out. His oxygen level was back to 96%.
Today, I was so scared. Today I almost witnessed a mother's worst nightmare. Losing her baby. It wasn't like choking on a was horrible.
Today turned out to be the best day of my life in 32 years. I held all my babies. savoring there laughs and their smiles. Looking at them and thanking God that they are all here. Thank you Lord for your Divine intervention. Thank you.

Black widows and Grapes...

I was just watching the news and it was sharing about black widows found in grapes...I had to share our story about our black widow...

About 6 months prior I had watched the news about black widows in Costco grapes. I would cringe every time I would buy grapes and pick the container after thorough inspection.

Matthew had been home from school with the chicken pox and he had asked for grapes. He put some in a bowl and 10 minutes later he had screamed that there was a spider in his grapes. I knew right away it was a black widow! He had flung his hand and the spider had landed back in the bowl. I quickly grabbed a cup and stored out friend in the cup...wrapped in 6 big Ziploc baggies and placed outside. I quickly researched the spider and found it was indeed a black widow. I waited for Jeremy to come home from work ( he was working nights) and I met him at the back door to show him this " surprise"

I went to Costco the next day with the spider...the refunded my money and simply told me that it is very common and if I buy bananas look for a tarantula spider!

The news report tonight once again confirmed that this is very common. EWE!

Monday, November 17, 2008

One more..

I need to share just one more thing today...I am sure I have bored you all to death...but what else can I do when I am laid up on the couch?

Here is a video of Olivia and her best friend...just click Here and watch my girl in action! Thanks Jenn for doing that!

Never to forget...

Many times my mom had told me to make sure I write down the funny stuff that Matthew would say...and of course I thought that I being the supermom who was madly in love that little boy would remember everything word for word...well, because I am not supermom I have forgotten a few " funny" things and maybe a few embarrassing things..

So the main reason I blog is to to keep my sanity now that I have my own bunch of crazies ( they are MY crazies!) living with me. I enjoy blogging even if none of my posts ever get comments. The second reason is to try and record our everyday lives. I am the lady who purchased over 500.00 worth of " stamp,scrap and crap stuff and SOLD it all. So, if my children move out and NEVER get a photo album of themselves and their baby books are filled only to 3 months, they will always have this blog to read. You might take offense to some of the "funny " stuff my children have said...but my friends this is for them not you...

I went to the bedroom last night and it smelled like throw up from last week! I mean it was sick..I gagged and my eyes where watering! what could that horrible smell be!? After I started to sniff every nook and cranny of the room I found her backpack! That was the smelly culprit...a Strawberry shortcake cup with Milk had been hidden in a pocket for about a month! YUK! I put the bag outside and had Jeremy open up the cup ( This my folks is one of the reasons I married this man!)and dump it out so I could soak it. Olivia noticed her bag and said...

Oh, man...the boys put my bag outside! I am taking it in! EWWW! what is that smell!? I know mom, the boys farted on it! the stinky boys farted on it! gross boys!

Just because they are 12 does not mean they do not say off the wall is Matthew's week...

He comes flying up the stairs yelling...MOM!! MOM!!! I got it! I got it..I am so happy..

Son, what did you get? Calm down!

MY first 4 armpit hairs! They finally came! Look! FEEL!

That's have been waiting for them for 5 years...

Hey Mom? when do you think my voice will change?

And one more...Friday he informs me has his first girlfriend..I simply ask if he feels he is old enough for this. He gives me that " oh, don't be so dumb look"

Today he walks in and tells me has broken up with this girl. Why,I asked? She was already dating Ben and girls are weird anyways.

Not Me Monday's....

Not Me Monday is a weekly meme started by McMama from the blog My charming Kids.It is in celebration of our mama mistakes and how we live through them... click on the link above to read more "not me Mondays" Here we go my first "Not Me Monday"

Nope I did not skip bath for the 2 babies 2 days in a row...opting to use baby wipes...

Nope I did not stay in my pajamas 2 whole days this week...freshening up at 5 for my darling husband.

Nope I did not waste one whole day (Tuesday) on the computer while letting the 15 year old who was home from school do ALL the chores including cleaning the gutters.

Nope I did not cook top ramen for dinner.

Nope I did not screen my calls everyday of the week opting to talk to my friends.

Nope I did not yell at my children once this week....

I can't wait to hear all about your " not me's "

Sunday, November 16, 2008

One of my many trips...

and falls...No seriously, I woke up happy to start the day as a family! we had a wonderful breakfast and where heading out the door to church. I had my purse and diaper bag in hand as I proceeded down the last step my leg gave out and WHOOP! I fell on the cement. I could feel the sound if pain and at that point I swear I could taste the pain! I layed there and cried...sobbing. I knew if I had not broken my ankle then my leg. It hurt so bad..pain shooting up my leg and to my toes! As I looked up there is my sweet girl Olivia telling me that I would be okay, just wait for daddy he can fix anything! Not wanting to ruin her thoughts I kept mine to myself...

I finally got up and crawled up the 3 stairs to the porch..holding my leg and telling them to go to church. Carter was screaming in the background , dog was pouncing all over me and Olivia was talking a million miles a minute. I could not gather my thoughts...Should I go to the ER? Should I give it till morning? Would the pain settle down!? The chaos around me was out of control and that my folks led me to the ER...Yes, I needed to go there but more then anything at the exact moment I need a "Break"...I called my mom ( good thing she lives 3 blocks away!) to come and watch the kids for us. Within 10 minutes she was there.

On our way to the ER I had Jer stop a the store to get me a drink...nope, not a Mikes hard ice-tea ( I really wanted a drink!) but a boring plain pop. We arrived and got checked in and 3 hours later we were in the room waiting for x-rays. During our little " date" we had the privilege of sharing a room with a few, don't get me wrong..I love everyone! We did talk to these people but you could tell they were there for drugs. It was kinda sad and not very funny a few times.It was sad to think they lived everyday of their lives to get drugs and more drugs. I could see how their story was changing and how story after story was bigger then the next. Over hearing them talk about their precious baby boy brought tears to my eyes. My heart was heavy, the thought of Christmas coming and how cold it will be for this child when he is drug from one house to the next so these people could score dope. I listened as they talked about the babysitter he was with was not good and they did not trust her to care for him. How when they got home they would be at Walmart buying him something. Oh, my heart was breaking and some how my ankle was not important anymore. It hurt and it was throbbing but not they way my heart was breaking. I could not help but ponder why Jesus had put me in the room...I began to ask him what he was wanting me to learn. What kind of Divine plan did he have? I could only go back to we are with him 6 months he has become one of us and how he loves it here. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to share in his moments, all the little moments that will lead up to the incrediable story of his life.

The doctor came in and told me that the x-ray was boring...I more then likely messed up all the ligaments in the ankle and may require a follow up with a specialist Doctor. But for now it is swollen, purple and green and hurts!

I was on the phone tonight with a friend and she had made a joke about how Jeremy and I find our dates in the hospital..I couldn't help but think over the last year I had been there over 5 times and 4 have required a stay.

Here is what my best fried sent me..

I'm glad that your foot isn't broken! Not that it's any consolation when you are hurting but at least it's only a few weeks recovery instead of months. We wouldn't have been very fast on Black Friday with you in a cast! :)

You have to love her...always thinking ahead!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Look what I made!

Olivia still is posting her Christmas desires on the fridge..ripping up whole magazines so Santa can see what she wants. We have ran out of magnets for her to hang all her wants.

As I was taking the picture I realized that the magnet I had used to hang up Carter's picture had read " Look what I Made" I thought...Yep, I made him alright and for 17 weeks I could not get out of bed so he could be perfect!


Here is how I found Carter John yesterday morning...He is such a stinker...I tried to lay him down for a morning nap. He was not going for it. I let him cry for 10 minutes because I knew he was tired from not sleeping at all the night before. I proceeded to get him up , put him in his jumper so I could sweep the floors for the second time that morning. I had just finished sweeping up the pile and walked into the living room where I found him...asleep. Good thing he stayed asleep as I carried him to bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday's Thread

A week in review

I'm thankful for....Filling Up the " MINI" Van for under 50.00!! YIPPPEEE..My yard is mowed and the leaves are raked. The gutters are clean! My fridge is full and my wonderful husband who is working 2 jobs!

I'm listening to...The fish tank and little bear...the small inside voice who is telling me to go start dinner..I don't want to!

In the oven...
NOTHING!! I said I don't want to ...

What's for dinner tonight....Seriously!? Maybe bacon, eggs and pancakes. Okay, after I typed that I am thinking that's whats for dinner.

What I'm looking forward to...Sleeping in! Jeremy's alarm (that's me!)gets us up at 6 am! Kids have pictures Saturday..not looking forward to the picture taking but the after results! Lipstick Jungle! LOVE THAT SHOW!!

What's happening this week....Mikey has Surgery...I have appointments..Other then that notta.

I am missing...Matthew's Boy Scout shirt for 1 month! I am not wanting to purchase new one! I am still missing it after searching all day Tuesday in every drawer and every box..I also lost 20.00 bucks! OUCH! I swear I put it in my pocket. I think I missing my personal assistant!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At Home America

At Home America is a wonderful company who has amazing house decor and more! I Love their stuff and have been able to decorate the house over the last few years from having a home party (FREE STUFF!) or going to shows! My girlfriend just got 200.00 in free product! They offer a hassle free return policy so if you do get something you don't like or is the wrong size or can get your money back. They are having an a huge sale up to 80% off!

If I was thinking about going back to work I would definitely be a representative for this company! It offers flexible hours so you can still be home with your kids!

If your thinking of decorating or re-decorating and want to cut costs I think this is the way to go! You can click on the link above and it will take you to a representative!

Here is my the name and number of my representative.

Kristin Beard
At Home America
(360) 371-4030 (360) 223-3352
shop online with me anytime!

I could not resist...

Who doesn't love Maxine!?

Veterans day

Veterans day is not just a day that your life is put on hold because the post office and banks are closed. It is not just a day off of school. It is a day that we Honor the men and women who have fought for our country. The men and women who graciously signed up to fight for our rights and freedom. Our rights to travel, vote, wear what we want and they have fought to help other countries in need. No matter if you are Democrat or Republican or an Independent you have that right because men and women have fought for it!

We live in an amazing country no matter how messed up things are right now. So as you continue your day PLEASE stop and remember the solider who is fighting or the soldier who has lost their life serving for this great country..The United States Of America!


After church on Sunday I went home to put on my pajamas..after a long night on Saturday I was tired! Jenn and I had signed up for a class at Treasury of Memories to make different Christmas crafts..yes, I need a class and step by step instructions along with a friend to help me!

Jenn came over after I had planned to do nothing all day with a big bag of cookie making stuff for the girls. I had to have 2 more cups of coffee before I could get into it..I know, I am a bad mommy for not wanting to make cookies..I was tired!!

The Girls had so much fun and even wore their matching " bakering" outfits as Olivia would say.Olivia loves to wear bakering aprons everyday to help me in the kitchen.

The cookies turned out good...when we let them decorate the cookies each girl went through 3 bottles of sprinkles for 3 cookies! YIKES! The sprinkles where 2 inches thick but Olivia is certain that Santa will like them in exchange for her presents. This Christmas will be very interesting..she is already consumed with presents...looks like I will be reading the story of Christmas to her starting NOW so she can somehow understand the real meaning behind the season.

Olivia is constantly changing her outfits..the Christmas dress was bought at the consignment store only because she wanted to put it on right then and there...she has worn it everyday since!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have to tell you all about a FUNNY new sight poking fun at crafts gone wrong! If you have nothing better to laundry, motherhood , dishes or any other daunting tasks I urge you to waste your time surfing Craftastrophe . You will not only laugh out loud but this sight alone will make you smile all day.

I am sooo not a crafty kinda a girl and can very easily understand how a simple project turns into a nightmare product you can sell.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Recent News

Nope..we are not having another baby! :)

Jeremy has a NEW job with Delaval Company out of Lynden. He will be the driver/sales Representative for Skagit County area. It seems to be a wonderful company with excellent benefits and the opportunity to grow with the company. He will be home every night working no weekends ans holidays off! YIPPEEEE !He has never had this with any other company he has worked for.

After much prayer we decided that we will keep the watch & clock repair store going. We have a ton of inventory right now that we had purchased for the upcoming year. We have 14K gold jewelry (watches,rings,necklaces,earrings and MUCH more!) for the Christmas season. We also have a ton of new stock Montana Silver. I guess you can call us a jewelry store too..

Anyways, we will be open Wednesday-Saturday. Jeremy will be working on repairs at night and on Saturdays. We have hired someone to be there during the day. If you need a repair or a battery we will still be open!

We are so thankful for this new opportunity!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Thread

Here is neat thing I found on another blog...I will try every Thursday to post. Please people I have 6 people, 1 dog, 7 fish living in my house so don't hold me to it!

A week in review

I'm thankful for....My husband, My friends, my in-laws, my mom babysitting for every appointment so I can recover quickly!

I'm listening to...Olivia talking NON-STOP about everything, mailing a letter to Demi's mom, Amber leaving a cup, Dad at the neighbors, telling me Christmas is coming and she wants new panties, not with flowers but she's having a picnic...her bum smells like strawberries..she needs her cup and Carter is not going to hear her yelling..all in matter of 3 minutes!

In the oven...
I made potatoes for dinner tonight...maybe candy bread tomorrow ( Don't hold your breath you will die!)

What's for dinner tonight....Terayaki chicken, potatoes, Cesar salad

What I'm looking forward to...Friday..ahving a goodbye dinner for a friend, looking forward to dinner with no kids but not saying goodbye, Saturday with Jenn...going to Treasury of memories class. Play date with Jeremy's cousins and a Big doctors appointment

What's happening this week....I am cleaning and preparing to finally paint the small kids room, 2 massage appointments and 3 Physical therapy appointments

I am loving fall! I am not looking forward to Jeremy working all weekend. I have had a busy week and it felt good to have schedule but not wanting to repeat it!

I am missing...Matthew's Boy Scout shirt for 1 month! I am not wanting to purchase new one! My cousin Edee...sometimes I just need her! The California Cousins and the Sun there!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dress Up Fun!

Every Halloween we start with a visit to Great Grandpa & Grandma..the kids love to visit them and we are so blessed to have them here and in our lives.

Mikey was a "Chick Magnet" Matthew was the Whoopee cushion , Olivia was a princess ( of course) and carter was a Smarties candy.

we went to the word of life church for the spectacular Trunk or Treat! I have to say I was skeptical at first due to the large amount of people ( 2000 people!) but IT ROCKED!! It was organized, fast and in control! The best part is the kids seeing other kids dressed up. If you did not go this year...I highly recommend you go next year!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Pictures

Here are some pictures of the trip...Great times!

Keisha & Steven where on Big Brother 10...