Monday, December 31, 2007

Team Vrieling Christmas

Jesus Has Blessed us with a " Team" We are waiting patiently for our Newest teammate! Teams have cheerleaders,coaches, waterboys, and many other various roles. Figuring out the team is what Family is!
Matthew really needed a Matt Hasselback Jersey...You know because his name is Matt. too. His teacher is big fan and the school does spirit Friday's.....He ended up with a blue for home games and a white for Away games. Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii was a big sellout all over. He really wanted it. His gramie went on Fred Meyers Sight and signed up to get an email when they would be in stock. She was going on Vacation and decided that she would spend the extra money on one through Ebay. Her Ebay Guitar Hero arrived on Friday and Fred Meyer's Guitar Hero Arrived the next day!! We listed the back on Ebay. If you have never played You really need to come over....
I can see why it was such a hit!

Olivia is a bit dramatic....Kinda like her Dad!??? Okay....Her mom

Olivia really understood Presents this year. We had really struggled over what to do with buying for the kids. I could not shop this year and we seemed to not really be in the recieving spirit but more in the giving Spirit. God had really placed it on our hearts to just love on family and friends and be thankful. I was so Thankful for friends and family who went out of their way to make Matthew & Olivia's Christmas warm and loving.

We had a great time as a family staying late in the kitchen making goodies and taking drives to see lights. We had realized that we are a team and the Vrieling's would be together thru thick and thin. Being unable to take on alot of the burden of anything this last 3 months I have witnessed the man I fell in love take such an active role in parenting and leadership and I felt so secure knowing he had in all under control. I am so pround of Matthew and the way he has stepped up to help our " team".

We thank all of you for your kindness and love you have poured out on us. We thank you for Prayers. Most of all we are Thankful that Jesus has built Character in us to be humble and patient.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Benefits of Bedrest

Bedrest is a funny thing.......You enjoy the first few DAYS of it and then it becomes extremly boring and lonley. I was trying to think of the Benefits of bedrest to put a positve spin on my gloomy additude and I came up with a few positives.

1) Grocery Store......I enjoy shopping however the little humdrum trips for milk and produce were not my favorite! Thanks Jeremy for running to Safeway many times!

2) Laundry.......A load here and there is nice but to have someone actually fold it for you...Priceless

3) Cooking.........I have been so blessed by the many meals that have been brought over! It has saved the day many times and brought us together during such a difficult time. Jeremy has tested many recipes and is even startingto bake! I think this vrieling Family found a new cook!

4) My Kids! I have read more and played board games more than I ever have. My bed has turned into Olivia's Play yard! We have her dolls , Binkies, Blanky and dress up shoes everywhere!

5) My friends & family............We couldn't ask for a better support team. Our "support team" calls us every other day check in and to see if we need anything. They send emails and cards. You all brighten my pity party!

Olivia is ready to help Jermey bake!
Brother is helping her...........or is she helping brother?
There he is!!! What a great guy!
A Special treat for all friends and family......
One more time Brother.............

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Parties & Plays

We have been Very Blessed to have tons of family here and friends. We had lots of family parties and it is always so nice to reconnect and build relationships.

Matthew played Joseph at the Sunrise Awana Program. He was very excited to play such an important part.

Olivia is really starting to understand Presents!! She couldn't hardly contain herself if you couldn't tell by her expression!

Matthew such a charmer and growing up way to fast! Video Games or Board games he loves games

Christmas & Pregnancy Blessings

Okay so I have made it to the 33 week mark! However I am getting so uncomfortable the last 3 nights....I really do think it is Gods way of preparing you for your baby...I am going to give you the play by play of my darling pregnancy Yesterday..............
Wake up at 7am ...nobody else is awake but I wake up in a PANIC that I don't even have a boy recieving blanket or socks!! I have not shaved my legs..what if I go into labor today? Is everything ready for me to be gone for a few days or a few weeks? Will the baby be able to come home? Should I start looking for someone to sanatize everything? What about my Bathrooms? what if a guest comes over and notices my darling little boy missed the toliet!!!??? Christmas...Yikes I have nothing wrapped and I and I think I need like 2 more things for my kids and what about Jeremy? I don't have a swing or baby shampoo and How can I lotion him up with out the Pink lotion? What about diapers do I have them? The mental list went on an on and My Mental state was about to break...
I get up and shower then I lay on the couch, because what else can I do? I am so hungry!! So I go to the cupboard and pull out the Chicken & Biskit crackers and eat a few and realize that I don't want the cracker but I want the salt! So I proceed to lick all the salt off the crackers and put them in a cup...the next thing I know the new box is gone and I have a pile of crackers next to me!! I think are you kidding me!?? I then go to the fridge for pickles dipped in djion mustard!! No it doesn't stop...I want tomato soup and then fried almond chicken with sweet & Sour sauce!!??? The craving demons came on strong and I could not ignore them!
So as I waddle my self to the bathtub to shave my legs I am so tired with the first leg I forgo the second! who cares right? If a nurse dare says something I think I willl lose my mind. I then go to bed at 12:30 and like clock work...1:36am and 3:27 am and 5:15 am and 7:19am I am getting up to go pee....and evertime asking God to Please Please not have my baby on the schedule!!
I finally lay there and dream about what I can eat next becasue I am starving! Good thing the Craving demon has come close to the end of this pregnancy I am up 14 pounds..well that was last week Hopefully the desire for food ends soon!
Its part of the miracle ...................
Merry Christmas