Sunday, June 21, 2009

One of the Biggest Blessing's

Is to be dad. We are so Lucky to have such a wonderful man in our life. He loves kids and is a father not only to our children but to the children who lack such an earthly gift. He is a hard worker , handing over his hard earned money to raise our family. Praying for them and with them. Helping them know that we have a heavenly father who wants the same protection, wisdom and strength to make the best decisions does for them
A man who works with the kids at church putting time and effort into all children. He is soft spoken, loving and always looking out for the best interest of the kids at all times. He has protected me and taken care of me never looking for something in return.

Everyday I make it a point to let him know that we never take him or the days he has with us for granted. Thank you seems so small compared to the big job he does for us.

Fishing and camping.
Boating and Fun

Getting your groove on. Teaching your children to have fun in all the do.

Acting like a goof ball and loving it.

Supporting our Children in all they do.

Being a provider and a protector to all children.

* I am going to start snapping pictures of jeremy today with the kids..I realized I only have old pictures....