Friday, June 12, 2009

Forgery at its finest

Matthew told me yesterday that kids are forging there parents signature on Many forms at school. He told me that they get a paper in band that must be signed by parents in order to count the minutes of practice. he told me that one kid is on 1000 minutes club and he never brings his instrument home. I told Matthew that I have never seen the paper...thinking he may have forged my name. He told me that he just shoves in his back pack and never turns it in. I asked if he has ever forged my name. He looked at me like I was an alien and then said" Mom, I wouldn't even know how to spell your name"

....Mikey came home the other day with a local gym membership that had another kids name on it...when asked about it he said that another kid was selling them at school for 2 bucks. WHAT??? Yeah, you can by a membership for the gym so you can go swimming. He got in trouble and I told him he better not buy another one...he goes " I should of just bought a Monster drink instead.. I knew it!"

Really...this is my life.

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