Monday, June 29, 2009

beach bay

Lazy Sunday..nothing planned and we decided to take the kids to Birch Bay " Beach bay " as Olivia would call it. It was so peaceful and a fun way to spend the day. They where able to see the crabs some little ones some big ones and some dead ones. Olivia wasn't fond of the smell or the crabs. She wasn't sure if she should dig or not due to the fact it was smelly. She opted to collect seashells in her bucket.
Matthew had a blast digging and creating a sand castle. I wish we had more time to hang out but Carter and Olivia only needed the hour to get their fill of " Beach Bay' Balancing on the rock
Matthew ventured off to the ocean and collected a fish for dad to see

Look at my seashells dad!

I am tired...

Share the chips Liv! Olivia politely repeated to him " only one Carter '

I think I found a good place to dig..not to smelly or dirty.

Dead stinking crab...YUK!

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Ahhh, Memories of Beach Bay, that is what my sisters would call it when we were little. I'm sure I said it too. I'm glad the weather was nice for you family outing. I love Carter's hair! I still have not cut Lance's either.


Great pics! My kids love to go there, whenever we can get away for a morning or afternoon.

THANKS for the WONDERFUL treat you delivered to our doorstep today!!!