Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Since I missed last weeks I am sure you are expecting a huge post. I am not sure if I can pull a long wordy one off considering my kids have been going strong since 6am. My kids never do anything at 6am but yesterday they fell asleep in the living room at 6:20pm. I kinda knew what was in store for me. Did that make me go to bed any earlier ? Nope, I caught up on TV all night long. Stupid. I really should have went to bed at 9. Oh, well

I am thankful for:

Free movies at the cinema. I am taking Olivia to her first movie!! A wonderful friend coming over to paint. An awesome sister in law who offered to take Miss America for a few days.

I am listening to:

Jeremy doing paperwork, Carter watching Mickey Mouse, Olivia talking randomly and Mikey coming up the stairs.

I am looking forward to:

Sumas Days Fireworks with the kids. Olivia is going to love watching them and my grandparents have the perfect place to see them. Lets hope the weather is nice.

I am Missing;

I don't even want to tell you. But because this is the story of my life..I will. I bought 25 bucks worth of seed to plant and I lost the whole bag. Have no idea where I put it. I also put my cell phone charger in a place where I was destin to remember and no such luck. I think my family is playing tricks on me. It all started with the missing Boy Scout shirt.

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