Tuesday, June 30, 2009

keys and nerves

My nerves are shot. Maybe because I lost my keys or should I say carter did but I did let him play with them just so I could have my 30 minute morning computer time with out him screaming for me. I take full responsibility. Blah.

Lets just say this is not the first time. One time Matthew lost them in the sandbox for 2 years and the remote still worked when we found them during our move. One time I was late for work looking for my keys then had to call in for missing keys. I was a waitress then. I felt so bad. I remember begging Matthew to tell me where he put them. Finally 7 hours later and much prayer and tears I found them in the Heater register. But this my folks is my 3rd kid. I should know better, sigh.

When I bought my van Hinton's made me 6 sets. Enough said.

I have so much to do this week. Miss America is staying with her cousin for a few days. Every time I think I can get something done ( okay paint her room) I am to busy. Sucks.
It is very quiet here with out her. I do love it around bedtime when I can put Carter in his Crib. I do get sad when I know someone else is tucking her in. I do love that part. Only the first 2 times after that I turn into a raging lunatic trying to scare her back into bed 3,874 times.

Carter my sweet baby ( and he knows it) goes in for his Ultrasound. I am scared for him, I have never had to take a baby in for anything. Miss America was sick when she was born staying 10 days in the NICU but she was a newborn and I was full of postpartum (depression, ha!) so I could cry right along side of her when they would do all the crazy nurse stuff. Now, I am not so sure the technicians want to see me bawling my eyes out like a big -overgrown -maybe should be on Valium-mom. Ya think??

My nerves are shot. My house is quiet, Carter is in his own room and in the crib. House is quiet and yes, as I type this I keep waiting for the pitter patter of feet wanting to know where her sheepy and snowman took off to and if I can get my flash light and look under her bed for them.

Prayers for Carter, please.
and mom and the keys.

Monday, June 29, 2009

What are you going to do??

Random blog reader I ran into...

What are you going to do when you get a job?


What do you mean?

Random blog reader

You know..with your blog. I mean you do spend way to much time blogging.


really? I don't work. Having 4 kids is EASY that's why people will charge me 1000.00 a month to care for them.

Okay so I just smiled..I had to much to say. Like I really hope you don't read this post and if you do Have a great day at your JOB I am sure it pays you more then mine and that my sir makes you better then me.

beach bay

Lazy Sunday..nothing planned and we decided to take the kids to Birch Bay " Beach bay " as Olivia would call it. It was so peaceful and a fun way to spend the day. They where able to see the crabs some little ones some big ones and some dead ones. Olivia wasn't fond of the smell or the crabs. She wasn't sure if she should dig or not due to the fact it was smelly. She opted to collect seashells in her bucket.
Matthew had a blast digging and creating a sand castle. I wish we had more time to hang out but Carter and Olivia only needed the hour to get their fill of " Beach Bay' Balancing on the rock
Matthew ventured off to the ocean and collected a fish for dad to see

Look at my seashells dad!

I am tired...

Share the chips Liv! Olivia politely repeated to him " only one Carter '

I think I found a good place to dig..not to smelly or dirty.

Dead stinking crab...YUK!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

..and the bombs bursting in air..

I love 4th of July! It always reminds me that we live in such a wonderful place. A land of freedom. There was a high price to pay for us to have the freedom we have. I am grateful to be able to celebrate with family and friends.

A small town about 15 minute from where we live does an AWESOME fireworks show the weekend before the 4th. We gather at my grandpas to enjoy the fireworks display. It is perfect. We have yummy food and the best view. We camp over the 4th and where we camp we are not allowed fireworks so this gives my kids a chance to enjoy both family and fireworks.

We ventured down to the ball park where there was train rides and goodies for the kids. dad had to go for Carters sake. What a great dad!

She wasn't quite sure if the sparkler thing was really for her. She did get used to it and didn't want to share.

Oops...I doubled a picture. I don't think his mouth shut at all. He loved it!

I adore the story on how the Star Spangle Banner came to be!

Thanks Regal!

Miss America and I ventured off to her very first movie at the mall last week. She loves going to the mall and because she loves going to the mall, asking me every week I tell her that there was a fire in the mall and they had to close it down (yes, I am that mom) just so she would quit asking. I do not take my kids to the mall very often. Carter has been maybe 2 times and Olivia maybe 5 in her whole life.

I choose not to take them for many reasons 1) Miss America needs EVERYTHING 2) I like me time 3) I am not a big shopper so I like to get in and get out. 4) there will be lots of years for me and her to shop.
Olivia was excited to see the movie and because it was free I thought it would be perfect time to enjoy her first movie. My mom came over to watch Carter so we could go and enjoy the morning. My mom is Awesome! She babysits quite a bit and it really helps me balance out time for each kid. Thanks mom.
Regal has offered free movies for the summer. Tuesday-Thursday 10am. 2 different movies, changing each week. This week It was the Vegi Tales movie. I could have snuck in pop and candy, pizza and popcorn in my mongo purse but I decided that I would order popcorn 1) Olivia LOVES popcorn 2) I want to support Regal Cinemas for their generosity.
Liv did really good at first. I am going to rant a bit here. Due to the fact it was a kids movie and it was free many parents brought babies or little ones who where just ot little for the movie. This led to climbing over seats, running down the isle, crying, talking and alot of commotion. I was trying to teach Olivia "Movie Rules" but it wasn't working. She wanted to play like everyone else and I wasn't going to allow it. So I told her if she wanted to play we would have to leave. Sure enough we left. Bummer, I was into the movie!
She is looking forward to "The Tale of Despereaux" and "Madagascar 2"

Thanks Regal!! Click here to see what Movies are playing all summer long

Bellingham Bay Fun

Peek a Boo I see you...
What you thinking?
I love her!
All by himself!
In Memory of all the fishermen lost at Sea.

Super teachers

Yep, that's what we are. Teaching them all the fine things in life. Like ice-cream eaten with french fries is a balanced meal. Dirty feet at 12 am is not a big deal,we can wash them tomorrow get to bed now..we kepted you out way to late but it was FUN! Food in your hair? Brush what you can throw the rest in a pony tail and let's get the show on the road. Pack your own bag. If you forgot something you will learn that trying to stay warm with shorts on your arms is not the best plan. Sleeping on the couch in the summer and on weekends only means that you must get moving earlier when 2 Little alarm clocks come out rearing to go. Good Morning Matthew!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting to know my readers

I know people read my blog and never comment. I have no idea if they really care or if they are just bored and stumble across it and then end up knowing my family or if they really just think we are that interesting! Today I had a girl who was about 3 years younger then me in school , lives in the same town and her brother was in my grade talk to me about my blog.

After the movie I wanted to check out Old Navy. It has been about 5 months since I had been there last. Huge 5 Dollar sale going on! Swimsuits, shorts and summer stuff 5 BUCKS! only till Sunday so you better get in there! Anyways I went to check out and the girl smiled at me and comment on how she loved my blog and follows our family stories and had great compliments to say. I really didn't know how to respond. I was Lovin the fact she complimented me but it felt a bit strange. I jokingly made a comment that I should turn my blog to private and she asked me not to. What a sweetheart!

Now, I know most of you don't comment and that is fine. I suck at leaving comments to. But I am going to ask you to leave a comment and if you want tell me your favorite thing I write about That would awesome! Maybe I will randomly do a surprise giveaway!!

If you don't have a blogger name...please remember to sign your comment :) Once you sign up to comment you can follow the blog and it will email you every time I post.

* Thanks for your kind words today!! You know who you are :)

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Since I missed last weeks I am sure you are expecting a huge post. I am not sure if I can pull a long wordy one off considering my kids have been going strong since 6am. My kids never do anything at 6am but yesterday they fell asleep in the living room at 6:20pm. I kinda knew what was in store for me. Did that make me go to bed any earlier ? Nope, I caught up on TV all night long. Stupid. I really should have went to bed at 9. Oh, well

I am thankful for:

Free movies at the cinema. I am taking Olivia to her first movie!! A wonderful friend coming over to paint. An awesome sister in law who offered to take Miss America for a few days.

I am listening to:

Jeremy doing paperwork, Carter watching Mickey Mouse, Olivia talking randomly and Mikey coming up the stairs.

I am looking forward to:

Sumas Days Fireworks with the kids. Olivia is going to love watching them and my grandparents have the perfect place to see them. Lets hope the weather is nice.

I am Missing;

I don't even want to tell you. But because this is the story of my life..I will. I bought 25 bucks worth of seed to plant and I lost the whole bag. Have no idea where I put it. I also put my cell phone charger in a place where I was destin to remember and no such luck. I think my family is playing tricks on me. It all started with the missing Boy Scout shirt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I went to the zoo today

I felt Like I went to the zoo today. Locked in a doctors room for over an hour with a 16 month old is the zoo. He had to open the doors and close the doors escaping many times. I had to find him numerous times all while trying to read Olivia a book. I blew up latex gloves and proceeded with my own puppet chick show. Carter found the nurses station and want to sit with the nurse who was WONDERFUL with him , letting him sit with her while she worked.

I ended up bringing both kids in today. Olivia complains about her pee-pee hurting. The urine sample has found an abnormality, they will be sending it out for further testing. They think Carter might have Pyloric stenosis and will be going in next week for an ultrasound.

They both got shots and when your arms are full of kids and they are in pain and scared it can just break your heart. I think next time I will only do one kid at a time. I don't care if I am there 3 times in a week. It would be alot easier then trying to control my monkeys.

Upon further reading. surgery would be the only way to cure Pyloric stenosis. Plese pray for Carter that he will not have to endure such a thing.

When an infant is diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, either through physical examination, ultrasound, or barium swallow, the baby will be admitted to the hospital and prepared for surgery. Any dehydration or electrolyte problems in the blood will be corrected with intravenous (IV) fluids, usually within 24 hours.
A surgical procedure called pyloromyotomy, which involves cutting through the thickened muscles of the pylorus, is performed to relieve the obstruction from pyloric stenosis. The pylorus is examined through a very small incision, and the muscles that are overgrown and thickened are spread. Nothing is cut out — the stitches are under the skin and there are no stitches or clips to remove.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fill in the blank

To the Jon & Kate plus Eight show...

Jon & ______ plus eight

Kate & _______ plus eight

I couldn't help but cry for them last night. I mean really??? If you say your kids always first and Blah blah blah then GET HELP!! Not one word of "help" like in a THERAPY was ever brought up. I can't believe just because things are "bad" for one year and you file for divorce after 10 years and 8 kids later???

New sports car, big fat earrings, A fancy West Coast Chopper and hair plugs scream " NEW GIRLFRIEND mid-life crisis, I have no direction in life.

And then Kate. trying to be the strong one. The one who holds it all together the one who will control it and call it. The one who said last night that it was a new chapter. Said she didn't want to be statistic. THE QUIT THE SHOW!!!!!! Focus on God and then your husband. If you guys really care about your children then you would have tried harder. After you TRIED HARD AND HARDER then carry on.

ratings SUCK!

What do you find in June?

Yes, a ten striped June Bug in your house. GROSS! YUKKY! BLAH!!!!!
This nasty thing is Huge! Like a 3 inches and fat and gross. Sorry to all you insect lovers but I am NOT a fan of insects.

My research indicates that this is the Ten-Lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata). Apparently, it lays its eggs at the base of conifers, where the larva (grub) lives for 3 to 4 years, eating the roots of the tree. Then it emerges as an adult, mates and returns to the soil to lay eggs. The adults feed on the foliage of conifers

Monday, June 22, 2009

You can't control change.

Life...happens so fast. I found a post today that I forgot about. Amazing how you can look back and think how fast the year went. I will Miss Everything about my life, the way it is right now. Change is always coming. change that you can't control. 4 more years and I will have another driver in the house. YIKES!

You can read the post by clicking here.

Aww...I am way to emotional in the mornings. :)

An Inspiration

8o years older then Matthew and still one of the biggest inspirations in his life and in our life. every year they go the local tractor show and every year they look forward to the next year.

Grandpa is man who you just love. He is one of the kindest men you can ever meet. He has been married for almost 70 years to the love of his life. He has 5 children and adores each one of them. He LOVES his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He looks forward to each visit and each call.

He is just AWESOME! A true inspiration to my husband and my son. We love you grandpa, Happy Father's day to you!

You only get one Papa

When asked why they love their papa Here is the response I got

1) He can fix anything
2) he is always working on stuff
3) he eats the cookies I bring to him at his office
4) he builds good stuff
5) he gives me candy and pop
6) he lets me ride on his boat and tractor
7) he lets me sit on his lap with Molly
8) he pays me for mowing his lawn

Happy Father's day Papa!

He lets me drive the Boat
Fixes my broken stuff

Has 4 wonderful sons!

He has fun!

and yes, papa does have some pretty cool toys!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One of the Biggest Blessing's

Is to be dad. We are so Lucky to have such a wonderful man in our life. He loves kids and is a father not only to our children but to the children who lack such an earthly gift. He is a hard worker , handing over his hard earned money to raise our family. Praying for them and with them. Helping them know that we have a heavenly father who wants the same protection, wisdom and strength to make the best decisions does for them
A man who works with the kids at church putting time and effort into all children. He is soft spoken, loving and always looking out for the best interest of the kids at all times. He has protected me and taken care of me never looking for something in return.

Everyday I make it a point to let him know that we never take him or the days he has with us for granted. Thank you seems so small compared to the big job he does for us.

Fishing and camping.
Boating and Fun

Getting your groove on. Teaching your children to have fun in all the do.

Acting like a goof ball and loving it.

Supporting our Children in all they do.

Being a provider and a protector to all children.

* I am going to start snapping pictures of jeremy today with the kids..I realized I only have old pictures....

Friday, June 19, 2009


Olivia: Mom!! I am itching all over! I can't stop. I need "somebing"

Mom: Maybe you have the chickenpox?

Olivia: Wadda you say???

Mom: Nothing Olivia.

Olivia: I do think I have roosterpox!!!
She has about 7 bumps..it is not the roosterpox

Picture courtesy of Roxsey...Thanks Brooke!


My " Jake" yes, that is what we call him. One of many nicknames ..Carter John, John and baby Johnathon and C.J.V.

I love you. My heart is filled with love for you and all your curls. You and Susan Michelle AKA Olivia are best buds. You Love your siblings and are always keeping up with them. You are daring and already a risk taker. Life is so much better with you in it (even if you still share our room!) I ask you tonight to say a prayer for Carter. We will be taking him into the doctor next week for some tests. He has a hard time digesting food. He will vomit about 3-4 times a week. It is a projectile vomit. We thought at first it was nothing. Now that it has continued for about 3 months and progressing we are having him checked out. Here are the things we kept thinking it might be.
1) he gets to full
2) he gags himself on purpose
3) He cries to hard and the end result is throw up.

Now we are concerned it might be more then that. He is pretty much on a liquid diet. Milk bottles all day. I thought I could have him off the bottle by now but it won't happen. The poor kid needs to eat something. Thanks for your prayers.


Don't they look YUMMO??? Already down a jar! The Boys won't let me share. Because of that we will be making a Batch of raspberry next month.

Our Helpers!

It is a process...but WORTH IT!

Isn't he a doll!?? Thanks Michelle for Opening up your home every year and making it SOO much fun!

The Jars before we started! Lots of work cut out for us 3 rockstars!

Missed it...

Yes, I missed Thursday's with Tiffiny. I have a back procedure today that puts me out for at least 24 hours. No walking, no lifting no nothing. I wish I could say I could Nap but no such luck with my kiddos. They need me in their sight.

So, I Will be back with lots to say!