Friday, June 5, 2009


Thank you everyone for your kind words and loving emails regarding the earlier post on kids. I know how lucky I am to have kids. I know they are such a blessing. Are there days that I wonder how we will pay for school clothes bikes, college and day to day needs and the wants? of course but I know my kids are taken care of and all I can do is train them to be Law obeying, respectful and wonderful spouses. That's our job and we would never place the burden of raising the kids on anyone else. We will sacrifice and put one foot in front of the other just like the rest of America.

Heather made a good point that most of the time many people don't mean to be rude when commenting on the kids they could be in awe of the fact we do raise 4 at his time. I agree whole heartily. I remember when I would see moms with 2-3 kids and think WOW! She is amazing I don't know if I could that (only having Matthew at the time) and I would be sure to add that. I would be sure to tell them I think they are wonderful. I have a wonderful blogging friend Laurel she is the mom to 13, yes, 13 kiddos...they are amazing children and I think she is an amazing mom.

Thanks again!

*** The picture is a random one off of google..I loved it :)

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