Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Carter's appointment went great! 20 minutes in and out. I even had enough energy to stop by Costco and get dog food. It helps that Miss America is still at her aunts house. (Thanks a million Brandy & Joel..You have no idea what it means to give me "break")

Carter was a champ. He laid there very still in the beginning and when he got a fussy and wanted to get up I called his dad on my cell phone and he laid there jibbering and a jabbing. hi,hi, hi, hi, srf;osfihoierj' , hi, hi, hi, hi ...

HE loves the phone! Jeremy will give him his play phone ( looks just like a real Nextel) and then Jeremy will push his beep button his phone and Carter will flip open his own phone and start talking. He hangs up and they repeat the process a few hundred times.

The technician thought it all looked okay but we had to wait for the radiologist to review it and the complete report will be written up and given to our doctor. I am confident that Pyloric Stenosis is not the cause of his vomiting. We will see.

Thanks for all your prayers! I am Exhausted...should I say that only having one baby at home?