Friday, June 12, 2009

Wicked Step-Sisters

Last night Olivia really wanted a story. I had already read her 3 books. Matthew wouldn't go to bed so I made him read Olivia a story. Such a punishment. I could hear him reading her Cinderella. He was doing very good until he got to the part where the mean step sisters ripped her necklace and her dress off before she went to the ball. Matthew's version was not right according to Miss America....

It went something like this

Cinderella came down stairs with her gown and necklace on. The mean step-sisters ripped her clothes off. punched her in the face, Pulled her hair, Drug her around and around until she was covered in blood.

Olivia was telling Matthew that it was not the right story and that is not how it goes. She proceed to tell Matthew that he did not know how to read and if they really put that in the story it would not be age appropriate ( wonder where she hears that!) I only let it go on for a brief moment before I told him to knock it off.

"Yeah Matt Knock it off Mom said so!"

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