Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is how I define the best of besties...

1. Someone who will always be there for you at the drop of a hat.
2. Someone you can count on to keep your thoughts, worries and gossip to themselves.
3. Someone who will watch your children when you are in a last minute bind.
4. Someone who jokes with you (and knows what to joke about) when they know you need cheering up.
5. Someone who will always have your back, like when you start something with a certain gal that cut in line right before the doors opened on Black Friday after you had been waiting in line for over an hour.
6. Someone who gives you the keys to her kingdom and knows that you will not screw it up... by this I mean the password to her blog. ;)
7. Someone who knows exactly what coffee drink you want depending on which coffee joint she is stopping at.
8. Someone who knew you at a lesser time in your life and still loves you regardless.
9. Someone who will drop everything to come over and help setup for a not-so-fun get together and sweeps your floor right before people start walking in the door because she knows that you would have major anxiety if it had crumbs.
10. Someone who forgives your faults (like not calling as often as I should) and still thinks you are the best of besties too!

Thanks for being the best of my besties Tiff! Hope you like your new blog makover. ;)

With Love, Jenn