Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easter 2011

I know it way past Easter ( just be happy your getting a blog post to read) but I really want my blog turned into a book ( all the misspellings and everything) for my kids...

I love how their little minds absorb everything about God....

Carter is all boy! Seriously..don't lick the eggs!

And this is why we don't let him babysit

We might just come home to this.............

Or this...........

But at least their smiling and they are safe if they are all duct taped up.

Matthew never seems to surprise me. Whatever he can do to torture them he WILL.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

April May & June

Seriously the days are running into each other..the months have gotten away. My break from blogging turned into a 3 month break.

Maybe it was needed.

Maybe I thought my phone would ring more , maybe I thought I would have more personal interaction. WRONG

I do know I wanted to live life for awhile taking a break from Facebook ( I only check it in the mornings) and blogging.

My kids are busy, whiny, needy and cute.

My recovery is alright. Still so much pain. Still alot of doctor appointment's and Physical therapy
I spend alot of time looking at the calender making sure I don't miss an appointment ( i have done that..imagine that) Arranging childcare...I have like 3 a week.

Matthew is a huge help however the hormones are invading his body full force still making him Alien boy. I mean who is this kid? This kid who can cry at anything but be so tough and independent all at the same time? Hand me a newborn please!

Olivia has to have over all the nieghbor hood kids. We have about 5 over everyday. It is fine till her bossy voice comes out and everyone must be sent home for re-grouping only to come back a few hours a later. She is so excited to go the mall and get her ears pierced. This will be before school starts and for her birthday. She keeps begging me to call her Grammy to take her.

Carter is just funny. He does crazy stuff! He has been riding with no training wheels for awhile and now is learning how to skid out and do jumps. he keeps up all day with the older kids. Saying things that are beyond his age and then not understanding why he is in trouble. He spits because he thinks its cool. Not so cool when it is directly meant for your sister, brother or mom.

In my 3 month blogging hiatus I have learned you can't please everyone...however I try daily to put myself aside and fill up others love banks. I wanted more time...well that has passed. I missed blogging. I can find a balance...Now that my kids sleep till 10...seriously put them in bed at 8 last night and they are still sleeping. I could go take a shower by myself( that would be a treat) but then I would wake the one up who is sleeping in my bed , and then I would have him and his 30 matchbox cars at my feet.

I have more to blog...stay tuned and not for 3 months. I am sure I lost some followers but those who love me and know me understand my need for a break!