Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I had to double check the calender and make sure it was Thursday...this week has flown by. The days did not drag on and on and on. Had a great week! I love the sun and this only makes me want to move to a warm sunny city. I really think that it could be in the cards for us someday to move from here to a sunny place! it is..Thursday's with ME! Aren't you SOO Lucky!??? Maybe you should go out and buy a lottery ticket...and if you WIN remember who gave you the LUCK! have a great weekend!

I am thankful for:

My Husband...who went from Missions trip to work mode to family mode ,all while fighting HUGE jet lag! I am thankful for these days that I get to be home with my kids. Yes, there are days I want to leave and never come back but I love being there primary caregiver. I love being able to be home when Matthew gets home from school. I am the one thing that is consistent in his hard days. The SUN!!! Oh, How I love thee...thank you Jesus for the wonderful weather!

I am listening to: The Hum of the fan...Kids are still sleeping. The sun wears them OUT! And the fact it has been so hot they don't go to bed till 10. Now only if I didn't have to get up and see hte older boys off or want to check my facecrack in peace.

I am looking forward to: DATE night!! Whoo-hoo! It has been SOOO long...Like about 2 months since we where by ourselves. This weekend Lynden is having a spring fair , parade and Demo Derby. Olivia is So excited to go on the rides. She can't wait to see the band in the parade. She has been practicing her clarinet just for this big day....Note: she does NOT have a clarinet..she would like one so a spatula hanging from her mouth works for now.

What's for dinner Tonight: well, another 90 degrees outside...maybe sandwiches,fruit and chips!

Missing: The days I could load up and head to the beach with out thinking twice about nap times or the chaos of chasing a 1 year old around. The days we could go crab hunting and visit the go-kart track. I am not complaining...I know it will come again. I am just missing it and I know Matthew is too..maybe in a few years when we go and enjoy it I will have found that Boy Scout Shirt!

Have a Snazzy weekend!! I would love to here about your week! Just copy this and add your name!

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The Kingsborough Queen

thanks for the inspiration. i had had no bloggable thoughts lately. i think i write every week that thursdays with tiffiny are my favorite! have an awesome weekend. missing you this week!!!