Friday, January 30, 2009


You are way to funny!! I do not know who votes what in the poll to the right hand side of the screen...and I promise I do NOT!!! So vote away!!

Side note: Not that it matters but I am NOT NOT NOT that judgemental...

If you want to join me...

in Blog stalking I think you should start out with this one...then you can move on to this one and then when you are done there you can go to this one ...keep this one it is good...

So , I am sure many of you will have your eyes open to the big world of blogging!! One click and you can be instantly humored or instantly mad at someones opinion. Whatever it may be...have fun!!


My Friends...

I can't get enough of my friends!! They are so stinkin talented!! Yesterday I was boycotting facebook..for 24 hours..I decided to update my blog..after 2 hours of trying to get a cool signature I found myself calling my friend Jenn to help me...She is so talented and has launched her own business ( click here to View it )for people like her best friend. She is amazing when it comes to cute and fun computer stuff.

Thanks Jenn for rescuing me and giving me a new blog header....I love it!!

P.S. How much do I owe you!?!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today I am sure my child will need therapy because of my lack of desire to play with her. She has watched 4 episodes of Olivia...not taking a break but only yelling at me from the living room to get her a cup, a sandwich, her doll and her blanky. So demanding...where does she get that from..must be my husbands side of the family..JOKING!! I love you all...

It is NOT that I don't want to play with her but I can only stand playing dolls for umm..about 7 minutes..but I push through creating 60 minutes worth of doll playing...Here is a doll conversation..

'oh, look her comes daddy from work"

"hi, daddy"

"can I have dinner?" gets to go to work and enjoy a 45 minute commute..I wake up to my children at eye level yelling at me to get up and get them something to eat..I wake up to my 1 year old trying to peek over our footboard yelling...moommmaaa..I don't move..praying for him to give up and go back to sleep...

Dad gets to smell the outside air..Dad only has to worry about buckling up himself dad can shower in quiet and take a 10 minute shower not one that consist of opening up the door 10 times in your 6minutes to see if your child has put the make-up all over her brother. Dad will get the comfy chair..the remote..the big piece of chicken and coffee made the next morning for him.

You get it...I do have to say for the most part dad has to make sure we are ALL taken care of...

We are the moms..we are the ones who worry if our kids will need therapy ( I assure I will be blamed for some part of dysfunction in their lives) the ones who for the majority stay home with the kids all day and spend more time then they want to admit looking for adult conversation through social networking sites..once again my addicting behavior is shinning through..

I am trying really hard to spend all day creating things to do...we are learning to spell her name. We are counting to 30. We are learning to recognize the alphabet. This my friends is why I sometimes secretly envy working moms who get to drop off their child at daycare. Daycare children get to learn so much everyday...structure and playing nicely together and they adapt better..however I do get to control what my children are subject to. flip-side..I am the role model all day everyday (SCARY!!)

Today I wished I could dress up in nice clothes and go into an office with people who really don't care about me..only ask me how I am doing to be nice. People that could care pressure to be that someones pressure....

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Hello my fellow blogger friends! I hope this week finds you all full with love. I am staying off facebook for the whole day so If you find that I have 101 blog postings it is only because I love this computer way to much. No seriously, facebook, myspace and blogging can take so much of my time. I find myself blog stalking, face staking and space stalking..
I do get my stuff done and often only popping in for a few minutes here or there but it is like therapy and a drug all rolled into one for me. I can't really carry on a conversation with a 1year old and 3 year old. I look around and I can only vacuum so many times or wipe the counter so many times. I guess what I am trying to say is I have no life!! My kids are my life and they are ALL taken care of. My computer addiction has not interfered with family..not yet...

So here is my weekly Thursday posting...Hope you enjoy!

I am thankful new red kitchen!! I am forever grateful to my mother in law (and Papa) for opening up their home to have a small family gathering for a celebration in honor of my last baby turning 1 !! I am thankful for my children. They are a blessing and some days when the burden seems to much I know that there a millions of families wanting children and I have been blessed with 3 children!! 2 with premature births and one that I had to be on bedrest with. My Olivia...10 days in the NICU..I am blessed by our father in heaven..I may not feel so blessed in between dirty diapers, snotty noses and attitudes but I KNOW I am...

I'm listening to...Olivia tattle on Carter...Carter screaming and Olivia telling me how to spell her name. Olivia is now so excited that the new show " Olivia" is on...

What's for dinner tonight....Pulled pork fajitas in the crock pot!! Of course it is in the crock pot!

What I'm looking forward to...Carter Turning one!! Disney Playhouse Live with Jenn and Kayleigh in Everett this weekend. date night with my husband. We have been so good doing this for the last month. Nothing fancy..just driving to town to do a return but we are together. I love that man!

What's happening this week....

Lots!! One birthday at the Jump Zone and one a Chuckee Cheese..all in the same day!
the painting of 2 more rooms. A baby shower...Busy busy week. Maybe I will mop my floors ,clean a bathroom ,do 30 loads of laundry...maybe!?! I will have do those things...I wish I could put that under the ' what I am looking forward to list'

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a JEWEL...

My dear friend Julie has a heart that has no boundaries. She is truly an amazing woman. She is full of God Beauty and grace. Forgives easily and loves when she feels like she can't. She recognizes her friends heart and carries the burden of others. She is a wonderful mom to 3 girls and a wonderful and patient wife. She cooks for others in need and often dropping off random goodies. She can fill your spirit as well as your tummy. She thinks of others more then herself and knows her treasures await her in heaven. She is kind. She is truly a wonderful listener. She will not judge you. She is always first to offer her time to anyone.

Julie knew that when It comes to painting I can't seem to pull it starts with finding the right color and then it starts with me NOT, I repeat NOT being a detailed oriented person. Painting is not only a fear of mine but a huge burden.

I have wanted a red "something' wall for over 7 years....she took it upon herself to give up HER TIME to come over and help a friend in need. It was not necessarily a 'need" but a desire. She knew me all to well that I would not have asked for help. She showed up and took care of me as she always does.

Once again...I can't thank you enough. I will pay it forward.

I love you Julie....You are one of a kind and my life is better because I know you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not me Monday's

This is my Miss America...where has time gone!!

Here it is Monday already!!

last week I had not one appointment on the book, now this week I have 6 appointments and next week 9 through out hte week! not to mention Carters 1st birthday and a trip to Disney Playhouse Live!

So what did I NOT do this last week....

I certainly did not let Carter play in the toilet as I was scrubbing the tub and the shower. I did not let Miss America have peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner at least 3 nights last week along with her fruits and vegi's...

I did NOT let Miss America have her way to many times this the point I did NOT create a little monster.

I did NOT look back when getting out of the van and see Miss America was not buckled and I did NOT hear ' good thing the cops not get me cuz I not buckled up mom"

what a week...Nothing is ever the same with children!! Happy Monday!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Princess Super Hero..

Here she is MISS AMERICA....

If you have ever read the Olivia books you will know that that book was written for her. She is always changing her clothes. Trying to find the right outfit. She found an American flag that was given out at our local lighted parade and she put it on her neck as a cape and called herself Miss America. Then she proceeded to call her friend Kayleigh to ask her if she was excited fro preschool and if her grandma could drive her over to play.

oh, my days are so much brighter since you joined our family.

This always makes me chuckle..

When you put your picture card in the computer to download your pictures and realize that your camera has been hijacked by a teenager trying to find the right picture for a certain social networking sight or some random picture of nothing.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was listening...

Some of know that I have anxiety so bad that I need medication on a daily basis to help me get through normal day to day things. I get overwhelmed with the simple thoughts of packing up the kids and leaving, cleaning for friends to come over, paying bills, shopping...It is not like panic attacks or crazy talking to yourself moments but it is real. It is something that I battle with on a daily basis.

As a child I grew up not ever processing anything. You learned quickly as you get older that everything is a process. To look one step ahead and and think through everything. I am learning that ability to think that we will get through each moment and it will be okay. It is okay to leave toys on the floor before you leave the house. It is okay that your bathroom mirrors are covered in soapy hand prints from your 3 year old who loves your "yummy smell" soap. It is okay that if someone comes by and your house is not perfect that it does not mean you are a failure. Deep inside of me I fear everything. Someday's it has over taken my ability to be a mom..not just an okay for the day mom but a mom who is so overcome with fear of not being good enough that she won't get up from bed. A mom who loves her children more then anything but some how thinks she will never raise them good enough.

So where am I going with this!?! Oh, yes...Yesterday i loaded up both go get a much need mocha and McDonald's drive-thru for Liv...When I was in the coffee line I heard God speak to my the coffee behind you..I argued with him..what? I have very little money and this is splurge for me..what if she buys a 6.00 drink!?! He nudged me again...if I can take care of sparrows I can take care of you..So I pulled up to the counter..Told the lady i was going to buy the ladies drink behind me ( Really cool because what she ordered is on the computer) So I get my drink and the barista told me the lady had a free drink card and would I like to buy the car behind it a coffee? Nope, I need to buy the lady behind me a coffee..tell her to pay it forward..

My strength to leave the get them ready and loaded ( this being the hardest for me because of my daily chronic pain) came from our heavenly really did and I couldn't have done anything different then obey what he asked of me.

and yes..not that it matters but she did have a 6.00 drink :)So Pay it forward it is AWESOME!!!

It is EASY...

to follow my blog..instead of clicking on here umpteen million times a day to see if I have posted another crazy thing about our crazy family just click " follow this blog" under I will be the leader you be the follower...I just want EVERYONE to know that I follow our Follow me because I am following him!! Its easy...If you need more help just email me!


what am I doing awake at 12:48 am!?! Well . since you asked me...I will tell you that I got a call tonight around 8 from my neighbor asking me to go check on his wife...she seemed really sick and in rough shape on the phone ( he is California) So I went over and she was in bed not looking so hot. I grabbed her 6 year old son and packed his bag and had him go to my house for for some serious wii action with the boys. I then returned to the neighbor's house and waited for her older daughter to arrive so she could take her to the hospital..When Carlie arrived home we then realized we should call 911 and so we did..the went ahead a transported her to the hospital. W waited in the ER waiting room for about 3 hours..She is still there testing so I can home and now waiting for the call to go back and get her.....

So Life in the ER on a Friday night is so entertaining...Not funny hahaha someone is hurt but " Real" life happens there. A young girl came in visibly upset her other friend had alcohol poisoning and was brought in by medics..then when the young girl ( about 18) was told she had to wait in the waiting room she started sobbing at which point "crazy" man who really liked girls or women sat down and talked with her...within MINUTES!!! I mean like SECONDS!! She had managed to share her phone numbers, last name , address, who she lived with ( her roommates) and where she worked..I was blown away!!! Do we not teach our children this stuff!? How many times do you think oh, my child would never do that...well, my friends someones child did it tonight and it was scary. As we were leaving I told the front staff ( like they could really do anything about a young beautiful girl sharing her PERSONAL info with a crazy man) to make sure they kept an eye on her...

Then I got to meet a man who served in IRAQ...what a moment..THANK YOU for serving for US!

The guy next to us shared his personal story...from being abused to having 9 month sober but don't worry..he would never kill himself..he is happy the doctors have him on about 5 different drugs to keep him pain free and happy!!

So here I am decompressing...thinking how everyone has a story. I have a story. a pretty rough life story. I am no one to judge...not anyone. We are created out of environments we were raised in. Your story will always begin at home.

I will blog later on my travel back into time at taco bell...stay tuned it was fun!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I know the picture has nothing to do with the post..but I can't believe how big she is getting!! I just enrolled her into preschool!

I'm thankful for...the sun that is shining and payday..need I say more? Oh, and my kiddos are still sleeping

I'm listening to...a pair of overalls going round and round in the dryer

In the oven...will be hashbrown bake..yummy

What's for dinner tonight....steak in the crockpot..with lots of yummy sauce and vegis.

What I'm looking forward to...the boys cleaning up my yard after school and maybe getting caught up on the laundry pile.

What's happening this week....

nothing much...Have a bout 5 appointments on the calender and Carters party on the 31st..then we are going to Disney playhouse with Jenn and Kayleigh..Olivia will love it!

I am missing...if you still are wondering about the Boy scout shirt..Have NOT found that stinking thing yet!! I am missing warm sun...but I will not complain :)

If you want to just copy & Paste this post and tell us about your week!! Look forward to reading it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I want to help clarify, don't get me wrong I am glad some of you have mentioned the fact that I don't post many pictures of Matthew. That shows me you love him and care about how he fits into this family. So I thank you for that. I just want you all to know that Matthew being the ONLY child for 9 years got the best of me everyday. He got all the high fives, all the hugs, all the laughter and so much more. Matthew had his pictures done at birth, 5 weeks, 3 months,6months,9 months, 1year , 18 months and every year since then...Carter has had his done 2 times.

Matthew got me all to himself. He did not have to share my time nor my energy. Having a large age gap between my children has it advantages and HUGE disadvantages. Many of you will comment that oh, I bet it is so nice that he helps you. Well it is nice but I don't expect him to always help. I expect him to be a child. He has plenty of years to grow up.

There is something we run into quite a bit with our family...activities. Matthew is to old for Jump around fun zone and Carter is to small to go sledding at Mt. Baker. Matthew gets alot more one on one time with mom or dad because one is always home with the other children. We treat Matthew as the only child and will continue to do so. It works for us and for him.

So, yes my dear friends I could keep going on about how I much Matthew gets or got from us as parents. I just want to leave you with this...they didn't have blog sites 12 years ago so you could all see him growing up..but I assure ALL of you...we dote on him all the time never ever letting him feel forgotten in between diapers and time-outs.

Sit on a Tack..

Olivia received a CD player for Christmas. I bought her a few Cd's at the dollar store and one was a bible song Cd...well here is what I heard this morning...

" I have Jesus in my heart...if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack!"

WOW!! That's a bit harsh coming from a sweet singing 8 year old girls voice...


Carter wasn't sure what he should drink with dinner..Pepsi or chocolate syrup...I swear this is what happens when you try to cook dinner..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Any ideas...

for Valentines day? It is on a Saturday..I am wanting to make reservations somewhere but then I thought of having couples come over to fondue!! Looking for party ideas..maybe that include children!? Cheap but Fun!


Here are a few rambling thoughts for you all...I have had really nothing to blog about. I know I have die hards who check my blog daily so this post is for you...

Why must I always be in pain!? I am serious, has the Lord looked past the fact I have 4 kids to tend to and a wonderful husband who needs my support and fishes and dogs that need to get fed?

The last few days have been hard..I have been unable to walk much or sit for a period of time with out hurting..but this is not my intention to sit around whining about my pain looking for all of you to feel sorry for me..okay, maybe a few of you can feel sorry for me. Like feel sorry for me take my 3 year old for a that kind a feel sorry for you.

But I went to the doctor in December before Christmas and He wanted to do some diagnostic testing on my L-4 and L-5...well because the pain is getting worse I called and asked why I had not heard back from the diagnostics doctor...well, they got the referral on Jan. 2nd and it can take up to 30-45 days to call you..

Okay, this is when I am about to lose it...Take me seriously people!! Please that's all I ask of you. Take me serious, and good thing I don't have to wait in line for medical care and I have medical care..good care just a tad slow for those in pain :)

On to a lighter note...Carter will be one soon and I have done ZERO..Zilch planning for this special occasion. It will be a priority this has to be..coming from the mom who has huge parties for all her other kids...I Love birthdays..for everyone...we all get excited when a new baby arrives in the world..and I believe that excitement should be shown everyday but even more so on your I will get planning!!

Next, I have 3 nieces birthdays 2 on the 8th and one on the 10th , Mikeys and my sister in laws on the 17th...Mikey will be 16!! Another party to plan.

Who doesn't love the sun!? what a blessing..cold but bright! went by the car wash yesterday and from the looks of the lines in EVERY bay EVERYONE had the same idea.
I did go the garage thinking maybe I could tackle a a small project in there...NOPE..I shut the door and prepared myself mentally for Spring. When I am selling everything!!

Adventure club helpers needed!!! Hey moms and dads when you bring your kid to adventure club PLEASE come in ad sign up to help..They GIVE you a cool t-shirt!! They have Lil k for 3-5 year old and childcare for babies if you are leading. It is so much fun and rewarding to see the kids learn about the Lord. It is not hard and you don't have to be a scholar in the Bible to help..So come on in and get started!!!

No school tomorrow!?! Why couldn't we make up a snow-flooding day? Just a thought...

Here is the best laugh out loud sight in the world!! CLICK HERE to laugh

Thursday, January 15, 2009

All dressed Up

and ready for his first formal dance...I am bit late blogging be 15 again and going to your first formal dance..I loved that part of high school!! It is hard for me to grasp I am raising 4 kids and I am seems just like yesterday we where making plans on what to wear and where to eat and how we where going to have a party afterwards.. I can say that now but I never did tell Mikey..

A fun afternoon

At Jump around Fun Zone...I had been wanting to go for awhile and when the kids finally woke up I decided to take them. It was so much fun for everyone!! The place was busy! I love how you can bring your own food and your laptop ( I didn't) to do whatever you want..Carter had fun playing in the baby area while Olivia spent a ton of her time begging me for money to play the air hockey game..I had to encourage her to go "jump" she finally got past her intimidation of the other kids and played till she was asking to go home!! Well worth the 6.00!

I Will Let

You figure out the story behind this....

the toilet was very clean...nobody was harmed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unable to

Make dinner and parent at the same time..what can a women do!?! Grab the camera and let it be...

Just a few of my

Of my favorite things and friends!!

I had the privilege of hosting a wonderful " Favorite things party" with my girlfriends Friday night. About 4 years ago our MOPS group had done a similar thing and last year my dear friend Cher had hosted a favorite things party. It is a lot like Oprah's favorite thing show where she will give everyone in the audience her favorite things.

MANY of you have asked me how to host your own start with your guest list ( we had 11 girls) and then give them at least 2 months notice for the party..we did this because we have a 10.00 gift value per guest and they can split it up over the course of a few months. Strive for a FINAL headcount within 3 weeks of the party date. This is the important part. Sometimes finding 10 of the same thing can be a bit challenging, I just picked up 10 of my favorite thing Saturday for the next party. ( hoping for one this summer!)

The night night of the can do whatever you want..we had dessert fondue and lots of other yummy food along with wine. You could do a sit down dinner.
Amber had made everyone take home totes for their goodies..but you can have each guest bring their own basket. We did not set a rule for for wrapping your gift but many of us did or had great packaging..It is up to the guest.

After a few games we drew names ( thanks Julie for the inspiration of the bookmarks!) then we each took our turn presented our favorite thing and why it is our favorite thing. Somewhere cleaning products, somewhere homemade, but most was a girly fun stuff , like Victoria secret lip gloss and body spray!!

We had so much fun!! Some of the girls have never been while others attended the same kind a party last year. Here is a few of our goodies...

Real Simple Magazine ( can you believe that 2 of brought this magazine!)
Nail polish remover
spa hair treatment
Baileys ( YuMMO!)
Wall hanging
toothpaste ( Awesome!!)
Make-up tote
Bath & Body works lotion and soap
Scrapbook kit
Victoria secrets lip gloss, bath gel and body spray
Magic Eraser
Nail dremmel Tool kit

and so much more!!!

As you can see it was better then Christmas for some of us!! I think what my favorite part was was sharing with everyone else what I love..It does not have to be hard...I know some people do a gift card favorite thing..they bring 10.00 gift card from their favorite store along with the product they love. The guest can explain why it is their favorite and each guest can leave with a gift card and the product is then given away through a drawing.

No matter what you decide..It is so much fun and worth everything!! It does not have to be thrown in any particular month..we are looking at doing one this summer and maybe including a weekend getaway with it!! YIPPEEE!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday with Tiffiny

I'm thankful for...the snow that has melted, the rain that has stopped and how weather can be fierce and relentless incredible beautiful!

I'm listening to...The hum of the dishwasher...Olivia cutting her coupons for when she goes shopping.

In the oven...a few pots and pans...nothing in them.

What's for dinner first attempt at Mexican food..I made Chinese in the crockpot Monday and it ROCKED!!! Easy & Cheap! who doesn't love the crock pot!?!

What I'm looking forward to...A girls party here...tomorrow night. An Oprah spin off of our favorite things. each girl is to bring their favorite thing for each guest and share why they love it! Last year I could not attended the one Cher had thrown because I was on bedrest but I did participate and got some AMAZING things!! There will be 11 of us! WHOOP-Hoo!!

What's happening this week....

Nothing to really write about..blogging, bill paying, 1st Birthday planning, shopping with Great-grandma fun stuff!!

Can you believe it has been almost one year!!!

I am missing...if you still are wondering about the Boy scout shirt..Have NOT found that stinking thing yet!! But I have taken 5 bags of donations to the new drop off boxes in maybe after I get through each room I will find it!! Man, My house is really not that dirty...just stuff!

If you want to just copy & Paste this post and tell us about your week!! Look forward to reading it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He likes

the snow...he finally go to go out in it!! I hadn't brought him out yet..but I knew I should at least for a second..