Tuesday, December 30, 2008

and one more party....

We had the Vrieling Christmas party Saturday...It was the first time meeting Santa for Carter...He only stayed on the lap long enough to take the picture...a great time was had by all!

No Longer Annoyed

with these Pesky key cards!! You know the ones you get from every store? the ones that bank your points or save you money? I love my key cards!! They really do work when you LOST your keys or when your son loses your keys while sledding at dark down at least 7 streets in town and 2 parking lots!

Thank you to the NICEST person in the whole world who picked up my keys went to Blockbuster and had then scan my card to see who the belonged to...and thank you to blockbuster who called me to inform that my keys where safe and ready to be back home...

I have had those keys for almost 10 years!! I was sad to think that I would have to track down a new remote...do they even still make them for a vintage 'mini" van!?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Blogaversary to ME!

In the blogging world you get to celebrate your blogaversary!! 1 year for me!! Stay tuned for the BIG giveaway!! Coming soon when I can clean the counter to take a picture...oh, and find the camera.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Everyone will laugh

Mom Timmer got Jer a beard trimmer for Christmas and on a whim he decided to shave his Goatee into a fu-mung-Chou (sp!!) it is mustache with long sides...kinda dorky looking...but it grows so fast by next week he will have his goatee back...good thing because he is a leader at church group and I think he will scare the Little kids..

Olivia took one look and blurted out " hey Dad, everyone will look at you and laugh!"

I think she is right...NEVER underestimate a 3 year old!

Thing you will hear in our house

I don't want to smell your fingers..Mikey to Matthew

I am making a sign that says..no more timeouts.. Olivia to mom

I am not going to buy you are barbie because you just bit my finger ..Matthew to Olivia

I just smacked him...Olivia to mom about Carter

smell this mom...MATTHEW THAT IS GROSS!! mom/Matthew

I am running for President of this house..Olivia to all

I not like Christmas, I not like Santa I like Jesus sleeping on the hay..Olivia

Do not tape your eyes shut...mom to Olivia

Do not turn the shower on with Carter in there..mom to Olivia

If you make a mes one more time I will call Santa...I can do it mommy for you..mom/Olivia

Olivia, if you bite Matthew one more time I will bite you...But, dad..Mikey needs to be spanked he ate chips downstairs!! Dad/Olivia

Do NOT bury your sister in the snow with the snow shovel!! mom to Matthew

There is a ton more but you get the idea...It is a wonderful life....

Christmas Pictures....

I am not a planner..nope, I can't plan a darn thing and if I do there is always a "mistake" or a detail over looked..This year I decided to buy cute Christmas pajamas for the kids..that way when we all got up and gathered as a loving, non-grumpy early morning risers we would be sporting cute clothes...I made sure I had batteries for the camera and was super excited to show off our morning with you.

You will notice that there is not going to be any pictures of the " Walton's " Christmas...Olivia decided the pajamas I got her where not as cool as the ones my mom got her and carter had puked all over his non-Christmas pajamas that morning and during the chaos I misplaced his Christmas ones ( I found them folded nicely by his stocking Christmas Morning!) so he was in different ones then originally planned.

I know you are thinking that I should of put pictures up here because you don't really care what my family looks like...but trust me they are for our photo album and not to be shared with the blogging world. They are memories to be reminisced by us maybe 20 years down the road...

So, yes we had a GREAT Christmas..celebrating Jesus birthday...and being together all day for the last few days...SNOW GO AWAY!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I'm thankful for...Jesus...How he dies on the cross for us....His grace and mercy are new each morning..

I'm listening to...The washer spinning out of control...maybe I should check on it..or maybe not.

In the oven...

green Bean casserole and hash brown bake! YUMMY

What's for dinner tonight....Ham at my moms!! and all the fixings!

What I'm looking forward to...Tomorrow morning..Carter's first Christmas..Olivia's big eyes and her never ending talking about how it is Jesus birthday and on her birthday she wants a pink Christmas tree. Matthew and Mikey and the simple joys of teaching our children why we celebrate.

What's happening this week....

I will be enjoying all my family!!
Bills are paid, food in the fridge and heat is on!

I am missing...Nothing...I seem to have it all right here..well except that darn Boy Scout shirt!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours...May your day and night Be filled with our saviors LoVe!!

...I just wanted to share that this year I have really learned to SIMPLIFY...I am sure most of you have seen the word or have a picture of it on your wall..but it wasn't till last year that I was on bed rest and unable to go to town not once that Christmas was going to be okay. The laughter that filled our home making homemade goodies was more precious then presents...So I carried it to this year..no panic and everything I have can't possibly fit under some tree..

Little miss sunshine...

Snow Fun

Matthew being the all boy he is decided to take Olivia's Barbie car on joy ride in the snow. He made a video calling it " Barbies gone wild" but I need him here to show me how to post it..He took Olivia on a walk to play in the snow...


after much consideration and rule setting we allowed Matthew to join a networking sight. He attempts to find the right profile picture...


Carter has a double ear infection, asthma and is cutting his 2 top teeth...life here has not been easy. Anything I Can do to buy a few minutes of time to clean or do something productive I will take it...Matthew had a sucker and he was watching Carter in the tub for me..Matthew told me to come in and see this...Carter was not about to give up the sucker that Matthew let him "taste"...would you give up a chocolate Mrs. See's sucker!?

Crafty Cabin fever...

What do you do when you have been in the house for 8 days!?! make messes, stay in your cozy clothes, eat, cook, laundry, and crafts!!

I love the Dollar Tree store for the simple reason I can plunk down 10 bucks and have a ton of activities for Olivia that involve no glue and no scissors...I am not the crafty kind if girl...nope not me...so when I saw that you can actually get a princess crown (3pack) I was so happy!! Olivia thought I was the best mom in the world and that is all that matters!

Montanna ( my niece) was here spending the night with us for a few days and even she got into the fun!

Her poses are getting more sophisticated everyday...she really believes she is RoCKsTaR!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pickles and Colds...

Carter LOVES pickle! He also has not been feeling well...so we pulled out his baby car seat, buckled him in and had him sleep next to us...he slept better but not solid and didn't seem to mind being strapped in. It was better then him trying to sleep laying down.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Take me some where warm....

I think we all want to be somewhere warm...Here is a picture of us back in October at the beach in California...that was the trip with no kiddos...AWW...I want to go back!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I'm thankful for...My hard working husband who does not complain about working in this weather. Who bundles up in 3 layers to deliver goods to farms. Who is always thinking if us everyday. He is one of the most unselfish guys I know. Thanks Baby!!

I'm listening to...Little bear and Carter attacking Olivia on the ground.

In the oven...

Maybe just maybe cupcakes!!

What's for dinner tonight....Soup...not sure what kind but I am perfecting all kinds of soups!! YuMMy!

What I'm looking forward to...Finishing up shopping...Have only went once..Yikes! finding a sitter for the kids seems to be impossible and I am picky so that combination is not good.

What's happening this week....

Here is to another week of this!!

I need to finish shopping and wrapping , yelling at my kids to pick-up, vegging out on the couch to the season finale of Biggest Loser, washing laundry, scrubbing toilets, removing permanent marker from something., windexing the bathroom mirror after some little princess has to kiss it with her chap stick on...cleaning out my van, washing the dog, mopping my floors, paying bills, going to the grocery store at least 2 times, pouting because nobody cleans up after themselves, telling every single person who live with me I am going on strike, fighting with my little ones to go to bed...wheeww...I am sure I could go on but i know you get the idea!

celebrating the birth of Jesus!!

I am missing...This week would have to be Cher...after 10 years and many talks along with ups and downs...I wish she would move back but I support you Cher!!

I would love to see what your Thursday's bring!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family & Cookies

Sunday we went to my Mom Timmers for a cookie making party! She has the perfect house for all of us to gather and does such a wonderful job of decorating her home to make us all feel welcome. She had made so many goodies prior to us arriving. We all brought cookies either made or to be made. We got to bring some home to our families. Mine are already gone! To feed this family I would need to go to about 5 cookie exchanges.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy Busy!!

We have been crazy busy..I know everyone is busy! I wish I could say I have been busy shopping, wrapping, making homemade gifts for my loved ones (yeah, right!) but you get the idea...Nope, none of that stuff! Crazy busy with family! Tis' the season for family!

My brother and sister threw a party for my mom in honor of her 50Th birthday! WoW! 50! My children better help me celebrate when I am 50! Only because I made it through raising them! I would also like to say that planning the party with 2 siblings was great! More hands...less work! reminds me why I have 3 kids.

We had a great dinner and a wonderful DJ Click here to book him for your next event! He was Awesome! He can do any event for you...weddings, birthdays, and parties!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy Moly.....

Must have been a slow news day...My blog got 521 hits in one day!!! Now that's worth A HOLY MOLY! People read this!?!

Not me....

Here is to the Not Me Monday's...

As a mom of many I try to cut corners anywhere I can...You know the type...the one who microwaves the babies bottle when it says not to..the one who does not change the diaper every 3 hours on the hour...you get the point. I am the mom who believes that mom's spit to wash the face is a great invention and me sucking the germs off the binky when it falls is okay. I am not perfect so that's why I love the Not Me Monday's mom click here to read her blog.

It was not me who used the TV as a babysitter for most of the week last week so I could get something done. It was not me who threatened Santa on Liv when she was Naughty. It was not me who put all the kids to bed at 6:45pm and told them they had to go to bed or it would not snow. It was not me who said screw it when carter would not sleep at 3am...went to the living room and put on Barney and surfed the Internet. It was not me who let the kids sleep with there blankies even though they where nasty gross with spilt milk and whatever else on them. It was not me who went in a night and covered their lips with chap stick.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


MOM!!...I need you...Mom...I need you!...I really thought it was an emergency! So upon the non-emergency visit I had to take the picture.

Nope, I did not take this picture to show her future friends, boyfriend, husband or in-laws. Nope, I did not take this picture for her wedding slide show...I took this picture because she was freaking out that she could not reach her cup on the counter. I wonder...will she be able to multi-task!?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Yippee Skippeee...I am doing the post on Thursday!! Whoo-hoo...okay, anyone else excited with me...It might be a boring weekly post to you but it is a huge accomplishment to me!

I'm thankful for...This computer..I mean really, It is like a slice of heaven every time I can sit down and re-group. Yes, I can spend way to much time on here but overall it is therapy when I feel Ike really calling it quits on this whole stay at home mommy thing..when I feel like saying Adios...runny noses, big messes, 6 loads of laundry daily but then I get on here and I can remember why I stay home..to watch them grow, learn, develop, smile, laugh, clap, sing and dance. You might asks how the computer helps...well, for 10 minutes here or there I can read, study learn different things to do with them. Other times I can catch up with friends and leave with the feeling as if I just had a play date! So with that the computer can be a addicitng and minutes turn to hours however Balance my friends!!

I'm listening to...the garbage truck driving by...it is quiet here right now...I like it!

In the oven...

I am saving my baking skills for this Sunday when I get to go my mom Timmers and bake with the girls..

What's for dinner tonight....Sausage something...I have to tell you that I bought 23 rolls of sausage last week!! amazing deal...2 Jimmy deans for 6.00..Buy 5 then take 5.00 off and then they had 1.00 off each roll coupons right above it...It was 10.00 off!! So we are learning that even spaghetti taste great with sausage! MMM..maybe biscuits and gravy for dinner!

What I'm looking forward to...Matthew's first Tuba performance and Olivia will perform in her first Christmas program on Sunday. She has been wearing her Christmas dress since finding out about it..even sleeping in it. My moms 50Th birthday party and baking!! Mikey is going to his first big formal dance!!

What's happening this week....
I need to finish shopping and wrapping , yelling at my kids to pick-up, vegging out on the couch to the season finale of Biggest Loser, washing laundry, scrubbing toilets, removing permanent marker from something., windexing the bathroom mirror after some little princess has to kiss it with her chap stick on...cleaning out my van, washing the dog, mopping my floors, paying bills, going to the grocery store at least 2 times, pouting because nobody cleans up after themselves, telling every single person who live with me I am going on strike, fighting with my little ones to go to bed...wheeww...I am sure I could go on but i know you get the idea!

I am missing...Matthew when he was little...I seem to go back to the days when it was just him and all the funny things he did and said. He is growing up and yes, I can do with out the attitude I don't want him to grow-up...I miss him..

I would love to see what your Thursday's bring!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's okay to ask.....

I have so much to blog about!! Not enough time...I have a busy week and to many kids!!

However I have to share with you a story that made us laugh...

I ran into a high school friend and they had commented on out Christmas card..Then sheepishly asked who the older boy was... referring to my brother who moved in with us in July. I told her and she looked relieved. I started to think...then I asked her..did you think Jeremy had a kid we didn't know about!? She was so sweet...I didn't want to ask was her reply...So I got to thinking..How many people are wondering the same thing!?!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Christmas to you!?

Here is an amazing video for you to get inspired to not buy things you don't need...

You all have my love this holiday season...It may not come wrapped in fancy packaging but it comes from the heart...

Happy Holidays from our home to yours, always...

Maybe I should change it to Friday's Thread....

Considering I am one day late again this week with the Thursday Thread maybe I should just do it any day of the week! Maybe you don't really care if I do It at all...But here is to my faithful blog readers who visit my sight everyday in opes I can give them something to read...

I'm thankful for....The beautiful last 2 days with no rain...it gave us a chance to do a bit of yard clean up...I am thankful my icicle lights finally quit working
after 7 years so I could go and get my red & white bulb lights...I am thankful that we made it through the week with no calls to 911..I am thankful for Matthew's conference..He is such a good kid!!

I'm listening to...The backyardigians...Stomp..stomp..doing the Yeti stomp...all you moms should know that song!

In the oven...
If you guessed nothing...YOUR THE WINNER!!

What's for dinner tonight....We are going out for a Christmas Party...YUUMMOOO!!

What I'm looking forward to...The look on babies faces Christmas Morning...

What's happening this week....Olivia's 3 year pictures from Amber...finish up Shopping..just a few things left.

I am missing...Sleep...and my husband..He is working so much..14 hour days. I hate that he is gone all the time. I miss him. I miss his helping hands, his laughter and his big night time talks about our life....Oh, I miss him.

Love to hear baout your week...Just copy this and let us know how your week is going!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dancing With The Stars 2013

That's right my friends! Stay Tuned...for more Days of Our Lives!

Had this sent to me in an email..couldn't resist :)

Oh, Christmas Tree

For years I was the only girl in the house...Matthew was small and Jeremy was on the road alot so when it cam to the tree I would dress it up in all pink..pink garland, pink bows and crystals anything NOT manly...Then I decided to sell all that and do a kid friendly one...Gum drop garland and fun bulbs...this year I finally did what I wanted to do...I know it sounds kinda mean but I think the kids are going to get their own tree next year..one for them to decorate.

I found ornaments for .99 cents at True value!! SO CUTE!!!

Notice the baby gate..I did purchase only ornaments that can't be swallowed...however if I want my tree to stay in the upright position with the lights and ornaments in the same spot the baby gate is a must!

and I am sure you couldn't miss the little model in the picture...Her new thing is to pose for me..we have come a long way from open mouth & shut eyes!!