Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning gift giving...

When Jeremy and I started dating he was really into the gift giving...he has always been cheap and very, very, very practical. You know like if the gift can serve to purposes then he should but it.

Matthew's first Birthday we go the mall to get him a gift. We get to Target I head to the toy department ,he tells me he is going to see what he can find at Sears fro Matthew. I should have known that when we had to pull up through merchandise pick-up before leaving that my he had purchased something for himself..sure enough a brand new computer....12 years ago those things where EXPENSIVE! and Jeremy told me that he needed a smart son, nothing like starting him out early.

Christmas...Matthew and I get a 6 disc surround sound home theater contraption. After 12 years Matthew does have the speakers and receiver in his room.

Jeremy likes practical gift. If they do not serve a need then he won't buy them. He is very simple. We don't spend anything on Valentines day and on our birthday's we are content with hanging out with family. Christmas, I for the most part buy my own gifts a wrap them. Does this mean he loves me any less? I don't think so..Sometime I wish he would surprise me....and I am not talking about the time he bought me a necklace and I though it was real gold till it turned my neck green!! I was way to naive...another reason I would never want to repeat my 20's.

So Why am I blogging about gift giving? Well, I am trying really hard to teach my son how to give GOOD Practical gifts. Gifts from the heart that can be made or purchased. To really understand the recipient of the gift.

So Last night...Matthew comes to me to tell me that he has thought long and hard over what to get for me and he thinks my own room with an espresso maker would be a good thing...I did hug him and tell him that he was very thoughtful in his ideas...he really knows me and I love that.

Now, I told him I would settle for a decorated room and a mocha.

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I got a string of garlic once from my first husband (along with many other weird things). Not sure what he was trying to tell me with that. Its no wonder it never worked out. ;)